1067 – Who Are You?

Chapter 1067 – Who Are You?


Ye Qingyu did not say anything else.

He simply stood where he was, waiting patiently.

He did not allow the foreign race experts to leave.

This, in fact, was his plan from the start. By sending word to Ou Wuji and the Demon Race headquarters via Fang Bule and Green Rock, time and again emphasizing that he would surely come to the mourning hall on this day, he was hoping that Ou Wuji and the Demon Race headquarters would invite the experts from the headquarters of other large foreign races. This battle could thus serve to frighten these sinister schemers and get them to understand that the Human Race was not truly without a successor for Ren Puyang.

This kind of battle was only meaningful when various large races were gathered here.

He wanted nothing better than to bare his fangs in front of a huge crowd.

Time went by.

Everyone in the mourning hall was trembling with fear as they waited.

After half an hour or so, Tang Chong arrived in the mourning hall together with Lin Yutang.

The latter had been tortured a fair bit over the past couple of days. Nevertheless, as a martial expert, physical injuries were nothing much to him, and he thus remained in high spirits. Along the way, Tang Chong had told him about everything which took place in the mourning hall, causing him to be excited like never before.

“Lord...” He lost no time saluting Ye Qingyu.

Then, with reddened eyes, he went to pay respects to the coffined Ren Puyang before...

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