1065 - Summoning the Parent

Chapter 1065 Summoning the Parent


"How dare you insult me?" Ye Chongsheng cried out in rage and struggled with all his might.

He felt that all his blood had rushed into his head and that he was about to explode. No one had ever dared to step on him and hurl insults at him, so he felt himself going crazy. He frantically exerted his yuan qi and used a mysterious technique to activate the mysteries of the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]. Purple-golden light exploded with an ear-splitting roar of a True Dragon and a mighty force surged forth as he finally managed to free himself from Ye Qingyu's feet. 

"I'm going to kill you." Ye Chongsheng was on the brink of insanity. His eyes were bloodshot and he released a feral growl.

He activated the dragon saber and dragon sword of his [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] and they transformed into a purple-gold hurricane that charged toward Ye Qingyu. 


Ye Qingyu smashed out with his fist and easily sent him flying.


Ye Chongsheng crashed heavily against the pillar of the mourning hall with a loud bang. The ice formations above it flickered and cracks appeared on the pillar. If Ye Qingyu had not reinforced the pillar with his ice formations, it would have been smashed by the frightening force. 

"Trash will always remain trash," Ye Qingyu said coldly as he drew closer to Ye Chongsheng.

"Shut up! You're just a lowly being from a lower domain... Hahahaha, I can continue to battle you, haha. The [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] is an Emperor weapon, so as long as you can't break past my defenses, I'll be able to drain you of all your power," Ye Chongsheng growled angrily like a lunatic. He laughed maniacally and ferociously as he exerted his [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] to its maximum limit. Wisps of Emperor qi circulated in the midst of its purple splendor mist, as though multiple purple-gold dragons were swirling around him. 

He calmed down and changed his combat strategy. He decided that he would drain Ye Qingyu of all his yuan qi.

"Moron, when an Emperor weapon is controlled by someone like you, it is like a child trying to wield a knife. How powerful could it be then?" Ye Qingyu charged forward in a flash and used his dragon claws to tear apart the protective dragon qi that surrounded the armor. Then, he sent Ye Chongsheng flying with a kick. 

Boom! Boom Boom!

Countless fist prints rained down frantically on Ye Chongsheng like a violent tempest. 

Ye Qingyu constantly changed positions in the Void; it was as though dozens of Ye...

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