1065 - Summoning the Parent

Chapter 1065 Summoning the Parent


"How dare you insult me?" Ye Chongsheng cried out in rage and struggled with all his might.

He felt that all his blood had rushed into his head and that he was about to explode. No one had ever dared to step on him and hurl insults at him, so he felt himself going crazy. He frantically exerted his yuan qi and used a mysterious technique to activate the mysteries of the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]. Purple-golden light exploded with an ear-splitting roar of a True Dragon and a mighty force surged forth as he finally managed to free himself from Ye Qingyu's feet. 

"I'm going to kill you." Ye Chongsheng was on the brink of insanity. His eyes were bloodshot and he released a feral growl.

He activated the dragon saber and dragon sword of his [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] and they transformed into a purple-gold hurricane that charged toward Ye Qingyu. 


Ye Qingyu smashed out with his fist and easily sent him flying.


Ye Chongsheng crashed heavily against the pillar of the mourning hall with a loud bang. The ice formations above it flickered and cracks appeared on the pillar. If Ye Qingyu had not reinforced the pillar with his ice formations, it would have been smashed by the frightening force. 

"Trash will always remain trash," Ye Qingyu said coldly as he drew closer to Ye Chongsheng.

"Shut up! You're just a lowly being from a lower domain... Hahahaha, I can continue to battle you, haha. The [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] is an Emperor weapon, so as long as you can't break past my defenses, I'll be able to drain you of all your power," Ye Chongsheng growled angrily like a lunatic. He laughed maniacally and ferociously as he exerted his [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] to its maximum limit. Wisps of Emperor qi circulated in the midst of its purple splendor mist, as though multiple purple-gold dragons were swirling around him. 

He calmed down and changed his combat strategy. He decided that he would drain Ye Qingyu of all his yuan qi.

"Moron, when an Emperor weapon is controlled by someone like you, it is like a child trying to wield a knife. How powerful could it be then?" Ye Qingyu charged forward in a flash and used his dragon claws to tear apart the protective dragon qi that surrounded the armor. Then, he sent Ye Chongsheng flying with a kick. 

Boom! Boom Boom!

Countless fist prints rained down frantically on Ye Chongsheng like a violent tempest. 

Ye Qingyu constantly changed positions in the Void; it was as though dozens of Ye Qingyus had appeared at once. Fist prints appeared from various points in the Void and gave Ye Chongsheng a good beating while he was still sailing through the air. He was unable to crash to the ground, nor was he able to control his own body. He was like a stalk of grass that had been swept into a violent tempest—he was in a miserable state.

Ye Chongsheng was also a peak Great Saint expert and he was now extremely strong after his power received a boost from the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]. He could be considered the most terrifying person present amongst all the experts, but he was still not Ye Qingyu's match and was not even able to counter with an attack of his own. If it were not for the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], he would probably have been reduced to a pile of rotten flesh by this time. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

As the punches rained down on Ye Chongsheng, everyone in the mourning hall felt as though they were experiencing the same force.

Many experts of the foreign races had turned pale. 

This scene was far too terrifying.

No one could understand how a human from a lower domain—a barbarian who was from a new domain that fell so far behind the civilization of the martial way—could become so powerful in such a short period of time. Was he the reincarnation of an ancient martial Emperor? Each time they assumed they had already overestimated his strength and had already taken all precautions, Ye Qingyu would tear their misconceptions apart.

They had a feeling that Ye Qingyu would be able to increase his strength at any given moment as long as the situation called for it, regardless of who his opponent might be. 

All these experts of the foreign races were consumed with regret.

They should have heeded his earlier warning and left the mourning hall while they still had the chance to do so. 

They did not take him seriously back then, but now that the entire mourning hall was sealed in ice, it was like a jail cell. Mo Pi had put all his might behind his attack earlier but he was still unable to force the doors open. This meant that it wasn't practical to try to force the door open because they might also provoke Ye Qingyu and die an even earlier death. This Madman Ye was clearly trapping all of them here to beat them into submission, and he was not planning to let a single one of them off the hook. 


There was a tremendous crash.

Ye Chongsheng slammed heavily to the ground once again. 

He landed with such a tremendous crash that tremors shook the entire mourning hall.

Ye Chongsheng slumped to the ground.

The [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] was covered in foot prints and fist prints, and each print had clearly dented his armor. They were several inches deep and the fist marks could clearly be seen; it was a ghastly sight. The divine relic, the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], was a shadow of its original structure and now resembled a piece of purple-gold scrap metal. 

Ye Chongsheng, who was enveloped within the armor, had probably turned into minced meat. 

Soon afterward, a powerful healing energy was released and purple qi swirled around it, the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] regained its original form.

"You... you can't kill me..." Ye Chongsheng's voice rang out from within the armor tauntingly. "Hehe, hahahaha, what can you do to me now?"

It did not matter if he was beaten into a pulp, as long as his spirit was unharmed, he could still heal himself instantly. 

Once a martial artist attained the Great Saint realm, their blood qi was so abundant that even if their physical bodies were smashed into pieces, they would be able to heal themselves with a single thought. Although the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] had been dented by Ye Qingyu's powerful force, it had the ability to block all mental energy. Therefore, it could protect his spirit from coming to harm. And as long as his spirit was not injured, his blood qi would remain abundant and it would be easy to restore his physical body. To a peak Great Saint expert like Ye Chongsheng, it was not difficult to restore his smashed body back to its original form. 

He was like a cockroach that just would not die.

Everyone was secretly astonished.

The supreme treasure of the Human Race, the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], truly lived up to its name. It was indeed full of wondrous abilities. 

Without this armor, Ye Chongsheng would have died countless times over.

But with this armor, Ye Chongsheng could not be killed. 

Even if Ye Qingyu were to constantly attack him for ten thousand years, he would not have been able to kill Ye Chongsheng. 

No matter what, Ye Chongsheng was now invincible.

"Haha, you shameless creature, didn't you say that you wanted to crush me?" Ye Qingyu said derisively. "You're now being beaten up like a dog and don't even dare to retaliate, like a tortoise curled up in its shell. Not just that, you're still making such arrogant statements. Do you exist in this world as a joke for others to laugh at? Do you dare to face me head-on without your armor?"

"Hahahaha, you can't do anything to me and I'm no fool either. There's no way I'd take this armor off and let myself be killed. Ye Qingyu, remember this. You've thoroughly infuriated me and I'll make sure that you regret this moment." Ye Chongsheng was incensed and said thoughtlessly, "Haha, I'm not going to come out of the armor. Try breaking past my defenses if you're so strong. You can call me all sorts of names right now. Hehe, your tongue might be sharp but you can't kill me. I'll kill you one day together with all your friends. No one in this world will be able to survive after insulting and infuriating me. I'll make you live in pain for the rest of your life and kill every single acquaintance of yours..." 

His words were extremely vicious and caused a shiver of fear to run down everyone's spines. 

Ye Qingyu laughed softly and looked at him with pity, "Is that so? Unfortunately, I won't give you the chance to carry out your threats."

Then, he reached into the Void. 

The [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] transformed into a thin dagger and appeared in his palm.

The thin dagger swirled with blood-colored splendor. It looked simple and plain, without any elaborate markings. It did not exude a powerful nor piercing aura, but for some reason, Ye Chongsheng's heart suddenly raced when he saw the blood-colored dagger in Ye Qingyu's hands. He felt an impending threat of death looming, to his disbelief. 

Ye Qingyu closed in on him with his dagger.

"Oh no..." Ye Chongsheng sensed danger and retreated. 

"I'm going to break your tortoise shell right now," Ye Qingyu said as he charged forward with his dagger.

"No... Stop him. Stop him right now." Ye Chongsheng was yelling in fright as he hastily retreated. 

The guards who had been sent flying earlier immediately exerted their [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor] frantically and charged at Ye Qingyu like moths to a flame.

"What a pity," Ye Qingyu said with a sigh. 

These Human Race experts were all peak Great Saints and they were relatively unknown and hardly ever made an appearance, so they were probably elite soldiers trained by some lost tribe. If they could be put to good use, they'd definitely be able to be a great help to the Human Race. It was a pity that they submitted to someone like Ye Chongsheng and were unable to distinguish right from wrong. Ye Qingyu had already shown them mercy earlier by not killing them all.

This time, he was not prepared to show them mercy any longer. 

He waved his blood-colored dagger. 


Peak Divine Emperor sword will appeared. 

A ray of silver light arced across the sky and it sliced everything that stood in its way in two. Those dozen or so guards clad in golden armor were also sliced in two as easily as though it was cutting through rotten wood. The [Yellow Sand Hundred Battle Golden Armor], which had incredible healing and defensive abilities, was torn as easily as a piece of thin paper, completely unable to defend against that sword light.

Sixteen powerful experts perished instantly.

"My god." 

"What kind of sword was that?"

"Oh my god..."

Astonished exclamations could be heard all throughout the mourning hall. 

Ou Wuji's and Wei Wubing's expressions immediately changed. 

How did Ye Qingyu come into possession of such a treasure?

Ou Wuji felt like he was about to explode. How could Ye Qingyu product one trump card after another each time? And how could he have such rich resources? 

Ye Qingyu's figure flashed, then he appeared in front of Ye Chongsheng.

"You… can't break past my divine armor. It'll be impossible for you to defeat me," Ye Chongsheng yelled angrily as he countered with an attack. The purple-gold dragon shadows swirled around him, looking extremely realistic, while his [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] gave off a series of divine dragon growls, as though it was truly about to turn into a purple divine dragon that chose its prey. This was his final desperate counter-attack. 

Ye Qingyu waved the blood-colored dagger in his hand.

"It's time to end this." 

The dagger faintly flickered with light-purple qi.

The [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] had absorbed the purple qi after Quasi-emperor Mushan perished at the Quasi-emperor battle in space, so this purple qi was genuine Quasi-emperor qi. When a small amount of it was released together with his peak Divine Emperor sword will and complemented by the sharpness of the [Blood Drinker Sword], it finally exploded with terrifying ferocity. And with a small hiss, the blood-colored dagger had pierced through the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor].


Ye Chongsheng finally let out a terrified shriek.

When the dagger pulled away, it was stained with blood. 

He was injured and a frightening force had invaded his body with the intent to kill his spirit.

"Do you think you'll be able to kill me this easily? You're underestimating the power of the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]," he growled as he exerted his mysterious technique. Then, the shadows of the divine dragons entered the armor and destroyed the unwanted force within his body. 

"Oh, really?" Ye Qingyu said as he continued to brandish his sword mercilessly.


 Another wound appeared.

The [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] had once again been pierced through. 

Blood splattered everywhere.

"Ah, I refuse to believe it… Impossible, I should still be able to heal myself," Ye Chongsheng roared as he was seized by terror. 

He soon realized to his horror that it was not a fluke. Although his opponent's blood-colored dagger was not an Emperor weapon, it could truly pierce through his armor to seriously injure him. It was unable to completely break open the armor at that moment but it could pierce through it. This was unlike the previous attacks that had rained down on the armor without causing real damage. But this time, Ye Qingyu could truly send a destructive force into his body by piercing through the armor.

He continued to mercilessly attack with his dagger. 

Each time the blood-colored dagger pierced through the armor, he would then exert a wisp of purple Emperor qi, so no one in the crowd was able to see it at all.

Quasi-emperor Mushan's purple Emperor qi was one of his trump cards. So he did not want to waste it on someone as useless as Ye Chongsheng because he was certain that the true puppet master behind the scene had yet to make his appearance.

"I'm going to go all out," Ye Chongsheng yelled. 

He could already feel the shadow of death creeping up on him. 

If he did not go all out, he would be drained of all his energy. 

He had already noticed that the restorative properties of the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] were gradually unable to eliminate the destructive force that invaded him with each stab of the blood-colored dagger.


An invincible divine splendor exploded from the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], and it suddenly transformed into a realistic purple divine dragon king that flew up and charged toward Ye Qingyu. This was its most powerful ability. 

Ye Chongsheng had completely lost his composure by this point. He had never been in such a miserable state in his entire life.

"A desperate and futile struggle." Ye Qingyu was determined to kill him. He slashed out with his blood-colored sword dagger and destroyed the dragon.

All of a sudden, a phantom shadow moved as fast as light and speedily retreated. Then, it instantly reappeared in front of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and reached out to grab Ren Xingyan, who was under the protection of the cauldron. It was Ye Chongsheng. He had abandoned the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] as a diversion tactic, and instead, tried to capture Ren Xingyan, Ren Puyang's last godson, as a hostage to force Ye Qingyu to halt his attacks on him.

This was his final struggle and strategy. 

Ye Qingyu paused for a brief moment, then he scoffed coldly. 

What a moron.

It seemed like Ye Chongsheng was not aware of how terrifying the [Cloud Top Cauldron] could be. 

This was a supreme treasure that could not even be broken by the attacks of Quasi-emperors and ranked even higher than the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor]. So there was no way Ye Chongsheng would be able to break past its defenses to capture Ren Xingyan… This moron clearly did not understand him and was probably just a pawn that was discarded and sent out to die.

Sure enough, Ye Chongsheng failed. 

He attacked the [Cloud Top Cauldron] with a fake Emperor weapon in his hands but he was unable to break the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. Instead, he was sent flying from the feedback force.

"Aah…" He screamed like a defeated dog and transformed into a flowing light that hurtled toward the doors of the mourning hall. He attacked with his fake weapon in an attempt to break past the door and flee. 

He had completely lost the will and courage to battle. All he wanted to do now was to survive.

Ye Qingyu smirked coldly and raised his hands slightly. 


The blood-colored dagger turned into a rainbow and streaked out.


Ye Chongsheng's body was pierced through by the dagger and he was pinned against the doors of the mourning hall, which was covered in ice.

"No… I don't want to die." He struggled in panic. He could not believe that things had turned out so horribly for him. And as he looked at Ye Qingyu, who slowly strode toward him, he immediately started to beg for his life, "Please spare me. I was wrong. I admit defeat!" 

"It's too late." Ye Qingyu was not about to spare him.

Someone as vengeful as Ye Chongsheng would not feel grateful even if his life was spared. 

And since the situation had already reached this point, he would not show him any mercy.

Otherwise, if he released this snake, it might come back to bite him. 

He was not afraid of Ye Chongsheng but he was worried that his friends would get hurt because of his actions. It would be impossible to try to defend them against every possibility, so it would be best to get rid of the root of the problem. In any case, any form of cordiality between them was thoroughly ruined, so Ye Qingyu did not think that there would be any way to repair their relationship.

"No, no, no, listen to me…" Ye Chongsheng tried to explain. 

Ye Qingyu wasn't having any of it.

Ye Chongsheng started to frantically beg for his life. "Please calm down. There isn't a deep enmity between us, so please spare me. I don't want to die. You can't kill me… I'm a descendant of an ancient lost tribe, and the blood of a Human Race martial Emperor flows within my body… No, if you kill me, you'll bring disaster upon yourself…" He sniveled miserably as tears ran down his cheeks. 

The arrogance that Ye Chongsheng had displayed earlier was gone and his face was twisted in fright, but he was unable to free himself from the blood-colored dagger that pinned him down like a dog in front of the door. He twisted and turned but the Blood Drinker force from the dagger gradually spread out across his body.

When they saw how frightened Ye Chongsheng was, in addition to their fearful looks, flashes of derision and scorn also appeared on the faces of the experts who were present in the hall. 

This young man had been so fierce and arrogant earlier but now he was begging for mercy like a dog. The fact that a man like him not only possessed a supreme treasure like the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], but also claimed to be the descendant of a martial Emperor of the Human Race, was an insult to the martial way and to the supreme treasure of the Human Race. Those who lacked the spirit and the will of the martial way were not fit to become martial artists. 

"You can't kill him. You just can't. Stop right now," Ou Wuji cried out in alarm and rushed out from the crowd.

Ye Qingyu sneered.

Both his arms transformed into dragon claws and they gripped the [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor], then slowly exerted his dominance and forced the armor to submit to him. The purple divine dragon king transformed into a purple-gold dragon ring and landed in his palm. 

"Aah…" Ye Chongsheng cried out in pain.

A mysterious force had suddenly appeared in his body and this force was attempting to restore his body. A drop of blood in his heart suddenly exploded and released the force of countless formations in an attempt to defend himself against the power of the [Blood Drinker Sword] and save his life. This was probably a protective force planted within his body by an unknown but terribly powerful character. 

"It's no use." Ye Qingyu was determined to kill this evildoer. And at his mental command, he activated the purple Emperor qi in the [Blood Drinker Sword].

Puff! Puff! Puff! 

Ye Chongsheng's body broke apart and a vast amount of blood splashed everywhere.

His spirit was released from his body but he continued to struggle and beg for mercy. "I'm willing to do anything and be your slave. Let me go. The [Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor] is yours from now on. Don't kill me…" 

"You should be an ordinary human in your next life because you lack the heart of a martial artist." The killing intent in Ye Qingyu's eyes never wavered.

Suddenly, a voice rang out. 

"Young man, why must you kill everyone? You've gone too far."

A terrifying power appeared outside the mourning hall, and in spite of the ice seal that locked up the entire hall, everyone inside could sense how terrifying this force was. They were like ants that faced a divine dragon high up in the Nine Heavens, and they all trembled in the face of this power, gripped by an uncontrollable terror that rolled over them. Even their teeth chattered… 

A Quasi-emperor!

This was clearly the force of a Quasi-emperor. 

"Ah, father… father, save me!" Ye Chongsheng was overjoyed and reacted like a drowning man who had just seen a lifeboat. He yelled frantically and his face twisted savagely once more as he looked at Ye Qingyu. "My father has arrived. Haha, you can't kill me now. You're doomed… Didn't you want to kill me? Weren't you acting all arrogant earlier? Come at me, come on. Hahahaha. An ant, you're nothing but an ant in front of my father, hahahaha!"

A trace of joy finally appeared on Ou Wuji's panicked face. 

Was that person finally about to make his move? 

The outcome of the battle today was now decided.

However, he had better come up with a good explanation for the events that had unfolded today because he was the one who had tricked Ye Chongsheng to come with the promise that he would be a hero. If that person was enraged… He looked uneasily at Wei Wubing, who stood beside him. He waved his red-feathered fan, his expression calm. 

The rest of the foreign race experts within the hall were also pulled out of their reverie.

They all looked at Ye Qingyu with pity.

He had just been one step short of success. 

Ye Qingyu was indeed an unsurpassed genius of his time and he had shown himself to be invincible by crushing all who were present today. It was a pity that he had provoked a living Quasi-emperor. This was the end. No matter how astonishing his talents were or how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to truly challenge a Quasi-emperor. He might be almost as strong as a Quasi-emperor, but ultimately, wasn't one himself. As long as he was not an Emperor, he would be an ant in front of a true Emperor.

The Second Deputy of the Demon Race also let out a sigh of relief. 

This was great. The chance for them to turn the tide had arrived.

As long as the Quasi-emperor attacked and killed Ye Qingyu, then they would be able to remedy the losses of their headquarters and also smoothly carry out the plans that they had laid out. Everything would be in the hands of the Demon Race thereafter. 

Almost all those who were present suddenly felt relief wash over them.

Uncle Lin, who had been protecting Ren Xingyan, had turned very pale and started to tremble as despair filled his eyes. He had been by Ren Puyang's side for so many years, so he knew that it was impossible to challenge a Quasi-emperor, who were known to be invincible. No matter how powerful someone who was not a Quasi-emperor was, that person would still not be able to go up against a true Quasi-emperor. 

And once Ye Qingyu perished, they were all doomed.

The headquarters of the Human Race would be reduced to puppets and Ren Xingyan would also definitely perish. Whatever Mister Ren Puyang had painstakingly achieved during his lifetime would be reduced to dust and all his efforts would have gone down the drain… Why were the heavens so cruel? And why were the heavens so cruel to the Human Race? 

Tears rolled down Uncle Lin's face as he was overcome with sorrow.

The only person who smirked coldly was the haughty young man, Lu Wei. 

He looked at Ye Chongsheng as though that man was a moron and thought scornfully, Do you think you're the only person who has the right to call your parent? Haha, I can do that too… He obviously was not going to verbalize his thoughts since he was not prepared for what had happened earlier, but Ye Qingyu had already made all preparations before he showed up.

As he expected, another voice that was equally powerful rang out with the same matchless and terrifying authority of a Quasi-emperor. This voice immediately overpowered the earlier frightening voice and suppressed its power as it said coldly. "Let the young ones clean up their own mess." 

It was the voice of an elderly Quasi-emperor. 

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