1064 - Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor

Chapter 1064 - Purple Gold Divine Dragon Armor


Ye Qingyu had already noticed that this young man probably came from an influential background.

However, these guards seem to make this young man sound more important than he initially thought. 

Nonetheless, this information didn't deter him.

Since he experienced the Quasi-emperor battle in space, he no longer feared any force nor existence in this world. To him, the more important and influential this young man in the brocade robe was, the more he should mercilessly get rid of this young man. This young man was full of nefarious plots so the harm that he could cause was far greater than an ordinary man. 

"Get lost, I'm going to crush him personally," the young man in a brocade robe pushed the guards who protected him aside and strode toward Ye Qingyu. "Remember my name - I'm Ye Chongsheng. Today is the day that I'll crush you here in this mourning hall and completely bury the era that belonged to Ren Puyang. The so-called [Ice Sword Killing God] would also be treated as a joke," he bellowed.

The guards who were supposed to be protected him looked on helplessly and also with some embarrassment. 

"Sir, I think it'd be better for you to leave. You don't know who you're dealing with," the guard who spoke earlier blocked Ye Qingyu's path once more and continued darkly, "This is my final warning. Please leave before you make a terrible mistake. Things here are more complicated than you can imagine."

"You're protecting a man who shouldn't...

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