1063 - I Have an Emperor Weapon

Chapter 1063 - I Have an Emperor Weapon


The battle started instantly.

Ye Qingyu had already made his move even before the experts of the Demon Race could react. 

His sword light was like snow.

His figure flashed and immediately reappeared amongst the crowd. 

"Those who dare to stop me shall perish."

He said as he continued to charge forward, "Those who have nothing to do with this, please retreat." 

The entire area was thrown into chaos.

When the experts of the other races witnessed this scene, they quickly retreated. 

They were also enraged by his overbearing attitude but this didn't mean that they would choose to stand with the Demon Race to attack him —— at least, they wouldn't attack him when he was at his strongest. They would wait till the Demon Race drained him of his yuan qi, vigor and spirit to a certain extent before they would step in and attack him in his weakened state.

The crowd immediately parted unanimously. 

The many experts of the Demon Race's headquarters appeared in front of him.

Ye Qingyu's sword radiance pointed toward the Demon Race expert who was at the front of the group. 


That Demon Race expert shouted loudly as his demonic power burst forth. Five or six rays of splendor swirled around his body and he simultaneously activated six or seven Saint weapons. He held a relatively high position at the Demon Race headquarters and had come prepared today. The Saint weapons exuded an incredibly powerful force and he attacked with resolve and determination. He detonated two of those weapons, then quickly retreated. He didn't dare to face Ye Qingyu's attack head-on. 

The force of the Saint weapons' explosion was extremely terrifying.

Nonetheless, it failed to stop Ye Qingyu.


There was a flash of sword light.

The Demon Race expert's head flew up into the air and the frightening sword will instantly destroyed all signs of life within his...

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