1062 – Come Together

Chapter 1062 – Come Together


Snowflakes fluttered.

The temperature in the mourning hall fell abruptly. 

Since some time ago, snowflakes had already covered the main door and surrounding windows of the mourning hall. Like white butterflies, they gave off a mysterious power which completely sealed every exit of the hall. Moreover, they also covered the walls, dome, and pillars, enchanting the entire hall.

“As the saying goes, one doesn’t give up until one has lost all hope, and doesn’t tear until one sees the coffin.” 

Ye Qingyu suddenly jolted in mind.

A divine splendor flowed.

Every snowflake began to give off a dazzling brilliance and hairline ice and snow patterns in every direction, covering everything inside the mourning hall in a twinkling. The hall was thereby turned into a magnificent ice palace. 

Few of the experts in the mourning hall had left.

This was because they did not take Ye Qingyu’s warning to heart.

What is this place? 

It’s the divine temple of the Alliance of Domains.

Everyone present was a big shot who possessed great power and had become accustomed to dangers and difficulties. They certainly would not be scared off by a couple of...

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