Chapter 1061 – The Hour of Judgment Has Arrived

Chapter 1061 – The Hour of Judgment Has Arrived


A fearful expression also emerged on Ren Xingyan's face when he heard the voice.

It was apparent that the “very fierce people” which the young boy was referring to were people similar to the person who just spoke. 

To one side, Uncle Lin also revealed a fearful expression.

“Let’s go in.” 

Holding Ren Xingyan’s hand, Ye Qingyu walked into the mourning hall.

As he passed through the door and entered the interior, he realized that it was considerably more spacious than he had imagined, but there were no formations used to increase its size. Twelve pillars held up the entire hall, while a silver brilliance which shone from the dome made the entire space appear holy like no other. Wreathed by countless white tulips, Ren Puyang’s coffin was peacefully placed in the innermost of the hall.

White tulips symbolize purity. 

These were Ren Puyang’s favorite flowers.

The smell of burning candles filled the air. 

The flickering candlelight of the white candles burning around the coffin augmented the solemn and respectful atmosphere.

The two sides of the aisle were stood full of figures. 

Aside from Human Race experts, there were also experts from the Demon Race and other large races among these figures.

Among them was a young human dressed in a gorgeous gown. Leaning casually against a pillar, he looked at Ye Qingyu with an undisguised provocative look on his flippant and imperious face. It was apparent that he was the person whom Ye Qingyu...

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