1060 - Fiercer

Chapter 1060 - Fiercer


Early morning.

Rays of light emerged in the horizon while a faint mist lingered in the air.

It had been a night of snow, especially in the latter half of the night when the falling of snowflakes became ever more intense, covering the entire Heaven Connect City in white snow. This had been the city’s biggest snowfall for a century. Fine snowflakes continued to flutter during the early morning, albeit not as much as earlier.

At the door of the Heaven Wasteland Building.

Dressed in gray servant robes, [Demon Sage] Purple Night was holding a broom and slowly clearing the snow.

He had become very quiet after what happened the previous night.

In his heart, there was no longer the same kind of expectation and sense of superiority as he had when he first came to the Heaven Wasteland Building despite appearing submissive on the surface. Instead, he had truly restrained his inner sting and unruliness, and forgotten about his former status and glory. Unexpectedly, he had truly devoted himself to the role of “Floor-Sweeping Demon”, and took the initiative to come out and sweep the snow even before the sun had risen.

Nobody knew what he was actually thinking inside.

Few passers-by took a second look at him.

This was because it was very difficult to associate this powerless...

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