1059 - Forbidden Area of the Death God

Chapter 1059 - Forbidden Area of the Death God


Green Rock became silent.

He could no longer look at Ye Qingyu the same way. 

Though it was still the same person, the feeling and place in his heart had completely changed.

The white-robed figure sitting behind the table was calm and composed, giving him the feeling that it was a lofty, domineering person rather than the human descendant he thought he could bully. If it was not for the fact that he knew for certain the origin and progression path of this young man, he would surely have thought that sitting there was an old human weirdo covered in the skin of a young man. 

“Talents are born in every generation… So sorry to disturb you.”

Sighing silently, he cupped his hands before turning to leave. 

This scene nearly caused the [Demon Sage] Purple Night’s eyeballs to pop out.

Did… Lord Green Rock just mean to... admit defeat?

He felt that his world view had been flipped upside down.

Conversely, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and the others were so excited that they nearly burst into cheers.

He won?

He has actually won.

Once again… he has made the impossible possible, no?

Although they did not...

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