1058 - Do You Know What Situation You Are In?

Chapter 1058 Do You Know What Situation You Are In?


Green Rock glanced at Purple Night and shook his head. He said nothing.

In reality, he had always despised Purple Night a little. 

That was because the [Demon Sage] was too rampant.

Even though it might not be something bad for a warrior, to a certain degree, it was an expression of the martial artist's drive and determination. Purple Night's unrestrained wildness was boundless and ridiculous. It was a sort of wildness that someone who did not understand his limits possessed, the kind of insanity that respected nothing. In other words, he had grown too big for his britches, and much of the reputation he gained was actually due to the fear people possessed for the headquarters of the Demon Race. Only half of it was gained due to his actual abilities. 

If this carried on, Purple Night would never have understood the true meaning of martial arts, and he would have been engulfed by his self-contentment. And if that happened, it would have been hard for him to improve further.

The Battle of Wuqing street was proof of that. 

It was good for him to suffer once.

It would clear his mind, and perhaps he might even achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation...

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