1057 - Chaos, Dark Night, Green Rock

Chapter 1057 Chaos, Dark Night, Green Rock 

The rumors spread like wildfire, reaching every corner of Heaven Connect City in a short timespan.

The cause and aftermath of the Battle of Wuqing street had instantly become the focal point of most of the discussions throughout the entire city and even the entire Road of Chaos. 

When they heard about it for the first time, martial arts experts of all races felt that the story was too ridiculous to be true.

How on earth could someone be so insane? 

Such behavior was no longer a battle of ideals. It was a proclamation of war toward the headquarters of the Human and Demon Races, and each race was one of the major clans in current times. This was especially true of the Demon Race. Since ancient historical times, they had been one of the most powerful races in the Vast Thousand Domains. The description "demon" was wide-ranging and it consisted of thousands of different smaller clans. In terms of their numbers or quality of experts, it was a terrifying race to reckon with. 

Was this Ye Qingyu trying to court his own death?

After hearing the same news countless times, even those who had believed it at first began to change their minds. 

They were more perplexed, however.

Even though the [Ice Sword Killing God] had made quite a name for...

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