1057 - Chaos, Dark Night, Green Rock

Chapter 1057 Chaos, Dark Night, Green Rock 

The rumors spread like wildfire, reaching every corner of Heaven Connect City in a short timespan.

The cause and aftermath of the Battle of Wuqing street had instantly become the focal point of most of the discussions throughout the entire city and even the entire Road of Chaos. 

When they heard about it for the first time, martial arts experts of all races felt that the story was too ridiculous to be true.

How on earth could someone be so insane? 

Such behavior was no longer a battle of ideals. It was a proclamation of war toward the headquarters of the Human and Demon Races, and each race was one of the major clans in current times. This was especially true of the Demon Race. Since ancient historical times, they had been one of the most powerful races in the Vast Thousand Domains. The description "demon" was wide-ranging and it consisted of thousands of different smaller clans. In terms of their numbers or quality of experts, it was a terrifying race to reckon with. 

Was this Ye Qingyu trying to court his own death?

After hearing the same news countless times, even those who had believed it at first began to change their minds. 

They were more perplexed, however.

Even though the [Ice Sword Killing God] had made quite a name for himself in the Chaotic Ruins Domain lately, even a fool would know that that was not enough to challenge the entire Alliance of Domains. After all, it was created by the Martial Emperor himself, and rumor had it that the Alliance was supported by more than one Quasi-emperor. As such, it had survived until now, and it had always maintained its position at the apex of the Vast Thousand Domains, enabling it to relay its orders anywhere. 

The news spread like a plague.

First through Heaven Connect City, then to the Road of Chaos, and later, the Chaotic Ruins Domain. Eventually, it even reached a few bigger domains, which had vast borders and powerful systems... Only a few smaller or more secluded domains had not received the news of Ye Qingyu's feats. It was just a matter of time, however. Within the next two to three days, every corner of the Vast Thousand Domains would be flooded with rumors of the battle.

News about the Battle of Wuqing street was definitely aided by the aftermath of Ren Puyang's death. All living beings would soon be engulfed by the wave of information. 

The entire world was going to boil over soon. 

"Ye Qingyu will surely die."

"He's courting his own death."

"Hehe, his insanity has grown and it knows no bounds!" 

"This time, I'm afraid that not only will he die, but the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain will be affected by his actions!" 

"That's bound to be the case. The anger of the Demon Race will turn the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain into a sea of blood and corpses. Hehe, the empress that Ye Qingyu takes great care of, what's her name again? I heard that she's a peerless beauty. I'm afraid that she's going to become a plaything of the demons now. Such a pity."

"Yeah, that domain struggled to be granted membership in the Alliance of Domains, and rumor has it that there were many objections raised against their entry into the alliance. After all, many special emissaries of the Heaven Wasteland Domain died under mysterious circumstances. They managed to pass the admission screening only after Ren Puyang vouched for them. Now that he's dead, and Ye Qingyu's heading down a path of destruction of his own choosing, the situation will definitely change." 

"That's right. Many people are coveting the gold mine that is the Heaven Wasteland Domain, but they can't find any opportunity to strike. Now... Hehe, Ye Qingyu has served the domain up on a platter for them."

"There'll definitely be a good show. Haha, let's got to Heaven Connect City quickly to catch it. It'll definitely be very exciting." 

"No, no. Are you stupid? Is catching a good show more important than personal gain? If I were you, I would head to the Heaven Wasteland Domain first thing and figure out the situation there. Hehe, I'll strike once Ye Qingyu is dead and the Heaven Wasteland Building is destroyed. Who knows, I might be able to get plenty of loot, hahahaha!"

"Right, right. It's a God-given opportunity." 

Similar conversations appeared in every corner of Heaven Connect City.

Everyone wanted a share of the spoils. 

What sort of situation would offer them the greatest number of opportunities for fame and fortune?

Of course, it was during a time of chaos. 

This was especially true in the Vast Thousand Domains, a place dictated by the power of martial artists. Not all of them wished for a unified system; after all, they could only rise out of the rabble in times of chaos and bloodshed.

Many powerful people in senior positions became so excited after thinking about the chaos that was about to reign in the Heaven Wasteland Domain that they found it hard to sleep. 

They belonged to the mercantile associations, sects, and big families, coming from different races and dynasties. Once they realized that they had people in the Heaven Wasteland Domain, which had become a gold mine, they gave out orders and reassigned any available resource and manpower to prepare for the division of the spoils.

Many factions that had entered into trade deals or made agreements with the Heaven Wasteland Domain suddenly stopped cooperating and lay quietly in wait. They even began to concoct various sinister schemes covertly. Any treaty they had signed and the amount of joy and profit they had gained while working with the Heaven Wasteland Empire was no longer important to them.

The Battle of Wuqing street had far-reaching implications. 

It was as if a huge pool of bait had been thrown into a pond full of hungry fish.

The seemingly peaceful pond was now frothing with leaping fish. 

In the Heaven Wasteland Building—

Great Dragon Turtle Demon was seated beside a window on the first story, wearing a slightly worried look on his face. 

He was one of Ye Qingyu's most faithful devotees, and like many people in the Heaven Wasteland Empire, he viewed Ye Qingyu as his lifelong idol. The Third Deputy of the humans was like a guiding light, a peak they could never hope to surmount, and a great wall that stood before any opposing force to them. He had never thought about surpassing Ye Qingyu, and he was purely devoted to the eternal worship and respect of this human.

In Great Dragon Turtle Demon's mind, there was nothing in the world that Ye Qingyu could not solve.

 But now, he was a little worried.

That was because this time the forces and pressure that Ye Qingyu would be facing were simply too terrible, and the situation was impossibly complex. He would have to deal with a countless number of factions that were the most terrifying in the entire universe, and they had banded together. The Great Dragon Turtle Demon had already heard about the discussions on the streets, and he had noticed the movements of the various forces. In the past, the city gates were bustling with a never-ending stream of people, beasts, and carriages, but four hours earlier, all activity had ceased and it was completely deserted.

Such a scene appeared once before, during the revolt in the Dragonblood Dynasty. 

This current situation, however, was much more serious than that.

Great Dragon Turtle Demon could already sense that countless pockets of yuan qi were hidden within a one thousand-meter radius of the Heaven Wasteland Building. Even though he could not see them, he could sense the pressure they were emanating, and it seemed as though an invisible net had silently surrounded the entire building. 

It was already late at night.

There was no moon in the sky. 

There were also no dark clouds.

Only darkness pervaded. 

Great Dragon Turtle Demon could not help turning his head toward the middle of the main hall.

There was a huge table carved from white jade there with books on it. A candle was burning beside them. 

The candle flame flickered, as if it would die out at any second. However, it bravely resisted and still illuminated the entire hall.

Ye Qingyu sat behind the desk, a bunch of paper scrolls in his hand. He was reading under the candlelight. 

He looked calm and completely untroubled. Evidently, he was already immersed in the scroll and had cast everything else out of his mind. A huge storm was brewing outside, but the Third Deputy of the humans behaved extremely calm under such huge pressure.

It was not an act. 

It was an inner quality that he possessed, and his mind and body were one. His spirit was completely calm.

Looking at Ye Qingyu's manner, the big demon felt slightly less worried. 

In the other corner of the room, the [Demon Sage] Purple Night could be seen holding a broom and sweeping half-heartedly. He was under servitude now and had no choice but to bow to the will of his master. Even though he was totally unwilling, he did not dare to slack off in Ye Qingyu's presence. He was truly afraid of the Third Deputy.

Time passed. 

"Fill the lamp with oil."

Ye Qingyu spoke casually as he put down the scroll in his hand and picked up another. 

The [Demon Sage] did not dare to dally and hurriedly went over to change the oil.

His body suddenly froze after completing his task, as if he had sensed something. He turned around quickly to look at the door leading out of the main hall of the Heaven Wasteland Building. 

An extremely handsome man had appeared outside the door without anyone noticing.

"On the day of wind blowing and fire raging, murder will be committed when night arrives." 

The handsome man walked slowly to the middle of the main hall, a carefree grin on his face.

His eyes were as bright as the stars, and his eyebrows were as sharp as swords. His forehead was full, his chin rounded, and his cheeks looked healthy. His skin was porcelain smooth, his features masculine, and he wore a piece of jade on his forehead. His long, muscular figure was further accentuated by the long, top-quality, embroidered-silk robe that he wore. It was perfect, as were the proportions of his limbs and torso, and it was so amazing that he looked unreal.

Great Dragon Turtle Demon and the other inhabitants of the Heaven Wasteland Building stood up instantly, all of them beginning to feel anxious. 

That was because of the vast amounts of terrifying demonic aura that surrounded the body of this man with unreal perfection and beauty. 

It was invisible, but it pervaded the air and made everyone afraid.

He was a top-level expert of the Demon Race. 

Had a high-ranking officer of the Demon Race's headquarters finally appeared? 

An extremely tense aura filled the air of the main hall.

The man continued walking forward and his gaze swept briefly over Purple Night before falling on Ye Qingyu.

The splendor of stars seemed to churn in his eyes, and he did not bother to conceal the look of admiration he had for Ye Qingyu. He grinned as he said, "I've long heard that Ye Qingyu, the Third Deputy of the Human Race, is a dragon among men and he has the bearing of the ancient Great Emperors and heroes. It's said that his behavior is extraordinary, that he doesn't fear death, and that he's the most outstanding talent among the humans of his generation. Today, I can see that they weren't exaggerating. Haha, you do indeed have a mighty fine noggin. Not bad, not bad!" 

Ye Qingyu put down the scroll in his hand.

The [Demon Sage] beside him could not stop his legs from wobbling, and he knelt down on the floor before saying in a fearful voice, "Your humble subordinate... pays his respects to Lord Green Rock." 

This incredibly handsome man was Green Rock, the deputy ranked fifth in the headquarters of the Demon Race in the Alliance of Domains.

Three centuries ago, he was the most outstanding talent from the Green Hill Tribe of the Demon Race, and he reigned supreme over nearly all of the other competitors of his generation. Eventually, he entered the headquarters of the Demon Race, and for the next century, he acted as a law enforcer for the Sky Demons. He swept across various large domains and forcibly brought the fearsome reputation and power of the Demon Race headquarters to new heights. For the past century, Green Rock had yearned for a quieter life and rarely acted. His level of cultivation was already among the top experts of the demons in headquarters, and he was also ranked as one of the top dozen most-terrifying beings in Heaven Connect City.

Purple Night had long expected that the headquarters of his race would send someone to take down the Heaven Wasteland Building. 

He had not imagined, however, that they would send someone so terrifying. 

The Heaven Wasteland Building was doomed.

As was Ye Qingyu.


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