1056 - The Re-emergence of Insane Devil Ye?

Chapter 1056 The Re-emergence of Insane Devil Ye?


The [Demon Sage] was enraged upon hearing Ye Qingyu's words.

He was the Chief Commander of the Divine Guards of the Demon Race, and for him to become a floor sweeper in the Heaven Wasteland Building was a humiliation for the entire Demon Race headquarters.

He could never accept such terms.

The [Demon Sage] made up his mind and was about to say something fitting for the situation he was in, but he caught sight of Ye Qingyu's cold stare when he raised his head. The god of death seemed to be waiting for him to talk back so that he had a reason to slaughter all of the demons. He felt his heart turn cold and his courage disappear, and he no longer dared to speak again. He lowered his head dejectedly and stood off to the side.

The other Black Guards looked at each other, not knowing how to react. They did not dare to leave, yet they were extremely terrified.

"Go," Purple Night said, sounding very much like a common hoodlum now. "All of you, return back to headquarters."

"Yes, sir."

They stood in formation to receive their orders. Finally, they had a reason to leave.

Just like that, the Black Guards, who had made such a grand entrance earlier, fled with their tails between their legs, not even...

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