1055 - Do You Accept These Terms?

Chapter 1055 Do You Accept These Terms?


Ye Qingyu's persona now was completely in line with his reputation as a "God of Death" and "Insane Devil".

Murderous energy circled around his body as if it had a real essence. It looked like a vortex was spiraling around him, distorting all the light nearby. He was completely void of sympathy as he stepped on the [Demon Sage], causing his body to burst into a gory mess again. The [Demon Sage]'s blood stained the gates of Blue Cloud Manor red, along with the streets of Wuqing.

"Aah..." Purple Night roared in agony.

He was currently being humiliated as badly... no, much more badly than Fang Bule.

Fang Bule was human after all, and it was still somewhat reasonable for him to kneel and bow down before Ye Qingyu, who was the Third Deputy of the Human Race. The [Demon Sage], however, was from the Demon Race, and his body had been trampled upon and made to explode multiple times by Ye Qingyu in front of the White-robed Divine Guards, Black Guards of the Demon Race, and thousands of martial artists from Wuqing street. This was much more humiliating than someone forcing his head down onto the ground to kowtow.


The Black Fish airships hovering in the air opened fire sudden...

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