1054 - I Disagree

Chapter 1054 I Disagree


This mission should have been a timely cooperation between the Black Guards of the Demon Race and the White-robed Divine Guards.

The Black Fish airship of the Demon Race had sealed off the void, and the Black Guards had originally not intended to physically take part in the battle. And although their presence was just for security, Ye Qingyu's sudden appearance turned the tables on them. Now, they had no choice but to interfere. 

"Who do think you are to interfere in the internal matters of the Human Race? You're courting your own death."

Huang Tianfang was enraged and immediately began shouting at the guards. 

He was already angry about the sudden appearance of the Black Fish airship of the demons, which had sealed off access to the airspace above Blue Cloud Manor, and upon hearing the Black Guards insult Ye Qingyu, the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, in such a manner, the public-spirited Lord of the manor could no longer hold himself back.

"I'm Purple Night." 

The expert from the Demon Race stared at Huang Tianfang as he spoke with purple demonic energy circling around him. He looked as though he was staring at a dead man, and he began to laugh coldly.

He was the [Demon Sage], Purple Night, one of the six leaders of the Black Guards from the headquarters of the Alliance of Domains. 

He was an expert from the Demon Race who had entered the Great Saint realm just a year ago.

Over the past year, his name had become very famous in Heaven Connect City. He had progressed...

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