1053 - Say one more word and you will die

 Chapter 1053, Say one more word and you will die


Ye Qingyu had been here a long time ago.  

After Tang Chong notified him, he immediately returned to the Domain Alliance Divine Hall.  

It was inconvenient for him to show up.  

Ye Qingyu also did not want him to appear in Blue Cloud Manor.  

The Lord of the Blue Cloud Manor was called Huang Tianfang, a righteous and chivalrous person, who did not belong to any sect or faction. He was lucky to obtain the inheritance of an ancient sect and became famous among the Human Race. He and Tang Chong met and became friends after an exchange of blows, turning hostility into friendship. After he settled in Heaven Connect City, he also often met up with Tang Chong. Therefore, Huang Tiangang had naturally agreed to Tang Chong's request, to take in the White-robed Divine Guards that were being hunted down.  

After he met Ye Qingyu and confirmed his identity, Huang Tianfang was excited and surprised.  

He was originally an admirer of Ye Qingyu, and after Tang Chong's introduction, was completely obedient to the arrangement of Ye Qingyu. He gathered all the White-robed Divine Guards together to discuss countermeasures with Ye Qingyu. What made Ye Qingyu surprised was that, amongst these White-robed Divine Guards, there were unexpectedly the four martial artists who were...

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