1052 - What great magisterial awe

Chapter 1052, What great magisterial awe


Save people?  

It turned out to be for that reason.  

Ye Qingyu's mind was racing with countless thoughts. 

Could it be a trap?  

If the First Deputy Envoy wanted to frame him, the most effective plan was to use this method, luring him to save the subordinates of Lin Yutang, and then frame him for collusion with the traitor Lin Yutang. That would definitely put him in a very bad position. 

But there was also the possibility that it wasn’t a trap.  

Lin Yutang had said that his former close subordinates had all mysteriously disappeared, many of which had been dismissed. This matched with Tang Chong's statement. It was well known that, when Ren Puyang was still around, Tang Chong and Lin Yutang's relationship was very good; thus it was reasonable for Tang Chung to protect Lin Yutang's close subordinates.  

Ye Qingyu had only thought over it for a moment before he came to a decision.   

“Let's go, take me there.”  

He got up, and ignored the Great Great Dragon Turtle Demon, who had been making eye signals beside him. He left the Heaven Wasteland Building with Tang Chong.  

Whether it was a trap or not, Ye Qingyu had to go.  

He couldn’t leave the loyal White-robed Divine Guards to be slaughtered. Ren Puyang had already been killed. The loyal and righteous people...

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