1051 - Tang Chong asks for help

Chapter 1051, Tang Chong asks for help


In the sky outside the dark prison, the clouds were dim, revealing some gaps, where a few rays of sunlight pierced through. 

Heaven Connect City was slightly warmer.  

Ye Qingyu quietly left the dark prison, walked along the street, and roughly had a plan in mind. 

But he was not anxious to confront the First Deputy Envoy.. Instead he slowly walked along the street, going over the plan in his mind over and over again. In particular he repeated and analyzed what Lin Yutang had said to him. Logically, there was no flaw or loophole.  

He more or less believed Lin Yutang.  

But Ye Qingyu did not know what sort of person was the First Deputy Envoy of the Human Race. 

Back when he was promoted to the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, it was all because of Ren Puyang’s recommendation. At the inauguration ceremony back then, the other two Deputy Envoys also did not appear. After all, Ye Qingyu was only a Deputy Envoy in reputation, and did not know the First and Second Deputy Envoys who held real power. Therefore the original inauguration ceremony was not particularly grand.  

Therefore, Ye Qingyu wanted to see what was going to happen next.  

It was inevitable to kill.  

But he had to make sure...

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