1050 - Little Lin in the dark prison

Chapter 1050, Little Lin in the dark prison


Chaos Ruins Domain.  

Heaven Connect City.  

As the city where the headquarters of the Domain Alliance was situated, Heaven Connect City, to some extent, was the political and economic center of the whole world. It was no exaggeration to say that it was the core of the world. All powerful forces, sects, groups, families, and races would set up an encampment here, and everything that happens in Heaven Connect City would, in the first moments, through various channels, spread to the entire Vast Thousand Domains.  

In the last ten days, the most shocking news was that Heaven Connect City's envoy of the Human Race, Ren Puyang, had died.  

Around seven or eight months ago, Ren Puyang had strangely left Heaven Connect City and never returned. When he showed up in Heaven Connect City again, he was already a corpse, carried back by his most trusted commander of the Divine white-robed guards Lin Yutang. He was said to have suffered an ambush in the dark domain and killed.

The news spread, shocking everybody.  

What kind of status did Ren Puyang have?  

He was an important and influential person of the Human Race, an authority of the martial arts circle. Whether it was in influence or strength, he could be said to be one of the top figures. 

But he had been ambushed and killed.  

Exactly what force or existence dared to do such a thing?  

As the news spread, no one dared to believe it.  

But very soon, more shocking news broke out—— 

Lin Yutang had rebelled.   

The commander of the...

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