1048 - The Cloud top cauldron returns

Chapter 1048, The [Cloud Top Cauldron] returns


The experts that remained, for some reason, felt their heart leaping to their throat.  

It was at that moment that many of the foreign race experts suddenly realized that they seemed to have made a huge mistake. 

However, there was no time to correct it.  


Ye Qingyu’s cold voice, like a declaration of death, spoke out the final number.  

Then, there was a blaze of cold light.  

He took action.  

It sounded as if a silver bottle had burst, splashing water everywhere, and armoured riders were clanking their swords and spears in a battle.  

The cold light filled the area within a radius of tens of thousands of meters. It was as though winter had arrived all of a sudden. The sudden cold made all powerful experts including Great Saint experts shudder with cold!  

As a result the flowers of death had bloomed.  

The several hundreds of experts before the sword mark had been turned into icy snowflakes. 

It was as if their body was originally created from snowflakes, and at this time was finally dispersing with the wind.  

This was a magnificent and beautiful spectacle in the world. 

It was also a nightmare that made the many experts who stayed behind scared out of their wits.  

It should be said that the one hundred experts at the front was the strongest of the batch....

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