1047 - Ye Qingyu's wrath

Chapter 1047, Ye Qingyu's wrath


Blue sky and white clouds, a breeze blowing gently.  

It was the Capital Sky Peak.  

Ye Qingyu, supporting fatty who had passed out, was waiting there quietly.  

Next to him was the arrogant youngster Lu Wei, as well as the old man Quasi-emperor.  

The eyes of the trio were fixed on the sky, as they guarded the physical body of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], looking nervous.  

And the figures of the other people had disappeared long ago.   

The moment the Quasi-emperor battle ended, they had left the battlefield and their Dharma body had returned to their physical body. They had left the Capital Sky Peak right away thus did not know what the end result would be. What if [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was he able to reverse the situation once again? After all, many miracles had happened to the man called Li Xiaofei. Moreover, in addition to Li Xiaofei, there was another surviving Quasi-emperor in the Human Race. If the old man Quasi-emperor's Dharma body goes on a killing spree in rage once he returned to Capital Sky Peak then the other foreign race experts would all be killed. 

Therefore, by the time that the Dharma body of Ye Qingyu and the others returned to their physical flesh, everyone else had already left the Capital Sky Peak. 

Fortunately, the Quasi-emperor energy field was...

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