1046 - The battle between God and demon

Chapter 1046, The battle between God and demon 


The Licorice gourd flew in the direction of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].  

The moment it fell into the hands of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], a layer of yellow mist suddenly bloomed, Dao sound was flowing out of the gourd, like a yellow liquid. It was incredibly bizarre. There were rumblings inside the gourd, like waves howling, and as though there was an ocean inside. 

“Hey? It is the [Gourd of the Absolute Beginning]...” the million-year-old soul exclaimed.  

He recognized the origin of the gourd, which was very astonishing and once incredibly famous.  

“No wonder Li Xiaofei could become a Quasi-emperor, with this gourd he can move unhindered throughout the world.” The million-year-old soul had understanding dawning on his face. Even many super forces in the world, clans, sects and imperial courts, which martial arts Emperor had emerged from before, had not cultivated a Quasi-emperor. It should be said the Li family of the Ming Domain was not a top force, yet it was able to cultivate such a powerful Quasi-emperor. It turns out that the gourd was the reason.  

Ye Qingyu guarded the fatty.  

The moment the licorice gourd was released from his hand, the fatty had lost consciousness.   

In fact, if Ye Qingyu had not protected the fatty, he would have already turned into powder and ashes. His current state,...

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