1044 - Stop me from becoming Emperor?

Chapter 1044, Stop me from becoming Emperor?


 A flood of silver clouds went roaring toward the depths of the starry sky.  

The Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor had fled. 

At the most critical moment of the life-and-death confrontation, he chose to betray his ally, withdrew his power and fled toward the depths of the starry sky. His speed was extremely fast, exuding a very different imposing manner to when he split from his Dharma body and planned to die together. It was incredibly astonishing. Being a Quasi-emperor, no one had thought that he would choose to do so.  

The ancient macaque-resembling, lightning-wielding Quasi-emperor had been abandoned and betrayed.   

The supreme power of the [A smile overturns the sky], like a torrent, had thoroughly crushed the final will and strength of the Quasi-emperor, completely dispelling the green lightning and thunder force. This was the source of power of the Ancient macaque-resembling, lightning-wielding Quasi-emperor. But what was surprising was that, in this green thunderbolt, there was a strange black decaying force and a stench of monstrous corpses, which turned into a huge white skull, like the skull of a spirit from the ninth hell. This illusion lasted for a moment, before it began to spread...    

“You...I hate.”  

This was the last voice that the ancient macaque-resembling, lightning-wielding Quasi-emperor left in this world.  

It was clear that...

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