1043 - The outcome of the battle

Chapter 1043, The outcome of the battle 

“I know you have a lot of questions, but when it's all over, I will tell you everything about what happened in the [Seven Elements Relief Palace].” Nan Tieyi smiled calmly.  

Ye Qingyu nodded.

Nan Tieyi, like the million-year-old soul, transformed into a stream of light, opened up the distance between them and began to swallow the violet energy between the heavens and earth.

Standing in the starry sky, Ye Qingyu scanned the surroundings and saw that everyone was scrambling to draw on the essence and power of Quasi-emperor Mushan.

Except for one person. 

The [White Jade Capital] successor. 

The woman in white, who was like a fairy of the ninth heaven, was dignified and graceful, emitting a faint pure moonlight glow all over. Her graceful indifference seemed somewhat unreal, like that of a fairy in a painting. 

She stood there quietly, maintaining a layer of perfectly round silver brilliance around her, blocking Quasi-emperor Mushan's violet emperor qi, and did not absorb this power as the others did.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback when he saw this scene. 

The [White Jade Capital] was rumoured to be an ancient supreme sect, mastered the secret of longevity, and that there had been a God emerged from this sect, who was said to be Immortal and inextinguishable. The laws and techniques they cultivate were different from those of ancient and modern...

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