1042 - The opportunity of Emperor belongs to—

Chapter 1042, The opportunity of Emperor belongs to——   


“I...” Lu Wei mumbled with a complicated expression. “Thank you, I owe you a life.”  

Ye Qingyu smiled, “I still owe your grandfather a life.” 

Lu Wei didn't say anything more.  

He was also part of the Human Race, had a deep family heritage, and ever since coming to the world had been arrogant and saw nothing worthwhile around him. He thought he was the strongest human of his generation, and as a result challenged Ye Qingyu. Lu Wei could not accept Ye Qingyu's huge fame, and was discontent ever since that day Ye Qingyu destroyed his sword; however, this arrogant youngster was beginning to admire him. 

It was not just Lu Wei who was shocked.  

There were also other experts.  

At that moment, all of the experts present felt that Ye Qingyu would surely die. 

Even the experts who had goodwill and affection for Ye Qingyu had no time to make any reaction or help. 

Who would have thought that Ye Qingyu had such a means of saving himself, which was able to even avoid the attack that a Quasi-emperor had risked his life to launch out. It was too in defiance of the natural order that many people wanted to curse out loud.  

After, the old man Quasi-emperor was...

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