1039 - The dust and soil of ten thousand years

Chapter 1039, The dust and soil of ten thousand years


The [Cloud Top Cauldron] which was emitting bright yellow mist, like an orange meteor, broke though the Quasi-emperor's Dao sound waves, speeding towards [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. 

And the moment the cauldron left him, Ye Qingyu felt the terrifying raging force that resembled the tide of destruction. Facing the aftermath of the Quasi-emperor battle, sharp severe pains spread all over his body like blades scraping his flesh, and as if his limbs would split apart the next moment. Ye Qingyu immediately summoned out the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] to his hand, and at the same time, a white stone pill cauldron appeared in his left hand, which, under the injection of yuan qi, was flickering with strange white light waves, counteracting the impact of the aftermath of the Quasi-emperor's battle to a certain extent. 

“You... are you crazy?” Jiang Xiaohan exclaimed again upon seeing this scene. 

She looked at Ye Qingyu with a bewildered expression. 

Ye Qingyu didn't speak. 

His eyes were firmly fixed on the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. 

He was only hoping that it could reach the hands of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].  



“That junior dares to spoil our big plan... die.”  

Quasi-emperor Mushan looked back and recognized Ye Qingyu right...

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