1038 – The Horror of Quasi-Emperor Xiaofei

Chapter 1038 – The Horror of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]


Similarly, Quasi-emperor Mushan operated an Emperor path eye technique. With purple eye beams circulating in his pupils, he coordinated with the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor’s offensive and mercilessly bombarded [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei’s] doppelganger with destructive purple radiance, intending to incinerate the latter. This was known as the [Mushan Purple] technique.

However, Li Xiaofei remained standing where he was without evading.

His eyes were fixed on the macaque-resembling, lightning-wielding Quasi-emperor. By observing the green formations circulating in the latter’s eyes, he was able to figure out the latter’s origin.

“I see, you’re a rotten corpse which didn’t stiffen after death and managed to step out from a coffin. Is it your intention to mess up time and space? Fuck off back to where you belong!” Li Xiaofei guffawed.

Resembling a killing god at this moment, his black hair fluttered and his qi activity ran wild. He paid no attention to the purple pupil radiance and allowed it to freely bombard him while also disregarding and enduring the punches from the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor. The strange formations on his doppelganger circulated the power to resist these attacks, ensuring that he did not break into pieces. However, he spewed out large amounts of blood from his mouth, while fragments of his viscera moreso spurted from the palm mark wounds on his back.

However, catching the other...

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