1030 The True Dao Battle Between Quasi-Emperors

Chapter 1030 – The True Dao Battle Between Quasi-emperors


He didn't dare to touch Nan Tieyi again.

He had already noticed that this terrifying Quasi-emperor force wasn't just on Nan Tieyi but it was also hidden within the rest of the crowd. This force had the power to block out all evil and even if a small fly landed on one of those men in the crowd, it would immediately be turned to ashes.

This force was very peculiar since it didn't originate from the martial artist’s own yuan qi, neither was it from a formation… it seemed more similar to the power of laws.

With such incredible power protecting these people, no one present would be injured even if they were faced with a sudden and unexpected attack… If he thought about it from this angle, this power seemed to be protecting everybody at Capital Sky Peak and guaranteed that their physical bodies would remain intact even if they were attacked by external forces in their current state.

Now the question was, how did they end up in such a state in the first place?

Was this the Dao battle between Quasi-emperors?

If so, there might possibly be some deviation from his understanding of how a Dao battle should be fought.

He tested out his hypothesis and just as he thought, even the Four Stars holy girl was enveloped by this peculiar force. He also noticed that the stronger the external force, the larger the feedback force from this peculiar force would be.

He remained standing where he was and started to mull over the things he had missed earlier.

Since their physical bodies required protection, didn't this mean that their spirit had already left their bodies? The fact that they were motionless seemed to prove his point. Could this also mean that the true Dao battle between Quasi-emperors wasn't here but it was somewhere else?

The more he thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.

The Quasi-emperor's authority was exceedingly powerful so if these three Quasi-emperors exchanged blows on Capital Sky Peak, it wouldn't only affect the Wei River Mountain Range but even the entire Clear River Domain could be destroyed. Had they chosen another method to decide who would emerge victorious?

What method could that be?

An out-of-body battle?

He gave this matter some careful thought, then he stood beside a rock, closed his eyes and activated his nameless breathing technique. As his spirit calmed, he carefully probed and sensed everything around the top of Capital Sky Peak. At first, everything seemed perfectly normal, then he gradually sensed some odd spiritual energy waves that didn't seem to be of this world. He was overjoyed but soon forced himself to remain calm and entered into a state of oblivion.

Then, he released a wisp of his spirit.

Immediately, something strange happened.

A strange sensation welled up within him in space and it was as though he could hear the whispers of the Mountain Rivers, the songs of the stars in the sky, the spiritual energy that flowed like rushing waves within the universe. He felt as though he had reached the pinnacle of the martial way and every single pore on his body sighed in contentment just like a gate that he had previously failed to notice was gradually opening up.

Suddenly, his [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] within his dantian world moved, then it vanished.

He was so shocked that he immediately opened his eyes.


He saw a gigantic planet explode before his eyes.

A single finger had caused the explosion of the planet.

This finger was unbelievably huge and it had the power to cause a planet to explode. He had a feeling that this was as easy as cracking an egg to the owner of this finger and as he witnessed an entire planet explode and watched its lands and core turn into smithereens that floated in the Void of the universe. It was hard to put his astonishment into words.

He soon found the owner of that finger.

It was Quasi-emperor Mushan.

Quasi-emperor Mushan's body was unbelievably huge at that moment. Raging flames still consumed several planets that floated in space and they resembled the burning suns of the Vast Thousand Domains, yet in front of Quasi-emperor Mushan, they were incredibly small. It was like an egg next to an average human. His hands could pinch any one of these planets and they would immediately explode.

How could that be?

He was completely astonished.

Was this the true remarkable ability of a Quasi-emperor?

"Li Xiaofei, you've really angered me," Quasi-emperor Mushan roared angrily and strange sound waves could actually be seen in space. He grabbed the planet besides him and the power of Emperor Laws swirled around his palm as he immediately refined this planet, transformed it into a destructive ball of light, and then flung it out.


A planet shot out like a comet.

Ye Qingyu's gaze followed the direction of the comet and immediately cheered in joy.

He saw the green-robed Li Xiaofei sitting cross-legged in the Void some distance away and his body was like an ancient deity. He was larger than Quasi-emperor Mushan and his figure that was sitting cross-legged was already as large as Quasi-emperor Mushan who stood in the Void. An endless stream of nebula swirled around him and these stars orbited around him like the moon in a mysterious and strange rhythm. As he sat there, this green-robed Quasi-emperor looked like the legendary one and true Buddha, his power vast and boundless.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] didn't even move from the spot and simply smacked out with his palm. Then the stream of stars and clouds circulated and the large planets shook as one, immediately turning that destructive ball of light into dust that disappeared from the universe.

"[Great Expansion Four Stars Extermination]!"

A clear, demonic-sounding voice rang out as the Four Stars Quasi-emperor made his appearance.

He was a middle-aged man of average looks with abundant black hair and was clad in a linen robe. The strange side of the Milky Way being suspended upside-down could be seen in his eyes and his body was also extremely large, like the ancient Titans and Giants of legends, comparable in size to Quasi-emperor Mushan but smaller than [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. He stood tall in the Void and clapped his hands that swirled with abundant flashes of lightning formations together, then an invisible force burst forth as though it had been catapulted by two invisible gates. It shot out toward the direction of where his hands pointed and immediately smashed countless planets and stars into smithereens.

This terrifying force hurtled toward [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] closed his eyes and remained cross-legged. His hands transformed into the shape of palms that were devoid of any formationss, and pushed these palms out slightly as though he was closing a gate.


The nebula that swirled around him and countless large planets shuddered as one. Then an invisible force surged and destroyed the Four Stars Quasi-emperor’s attack with an earth-shattering boom.

However, Ye Qingyu perceptively noticed that one of the hundreds of planets that orbited around [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was also turned into ashes by this attack.

"Ha ha, Li Xiaofei, you might have used the stars and planets to form a formation and drew on the nebula to protect yourself, and turned a part of the universe into your own territory but you are already seriously injured and your primordial foundation has been damaged. How much of the mandate of heaven still remains in you? No matter how long you try to hang on, you're still destined to lose," Quasi-emperor Mushan laughed madly as his hair danced wildly, looking incredibly domineering. Purple divine light circulated in his eyes as he unleashed his deadly move – the [Mushan Purple].

Two rays of purple divine light ripped past the Void of the universe and burst out.

The Four Stars Quasi-emperor had also attacked at the same time and the power of the Emperor Dao circulated wildly.

Ye Qingyu's heart skipped a beat.

This… was the true Dao battle of Quasi-emperors.

They used the Void of the universe as their battlefield, the stars, nebula, and galaxies as weapons, and could truly be incredibly destructive. He wasn’t sure if there was life on those planets that had been destroyed but if there were, it was extremely tragic since these planets were instantly destroyed by the force of a Quasi-emperor's true power. Even ants died better deaths…

No wonder Emperors of the martial way who bore the mandate of heaven were known to be invincible since ancient times.

If Quasi-emperors had the ability to unleash such terrifying power, then just how much more powerful would an Emperor be?

A true Emperor would be able to instantly kill a Quasi-emperor with a single thought.

As he watched the battle unfold in front of him, he felt his mouth go dry. Bolts of lightning flashed past his mind and a tingling sensation ran up and down his entire body. He was completely astonished and as he watched the unbelievable battle in front of him, he suddenly felt that he still had a long, long way to go before he could reach the top of the martial way.

Boom! Boom Boom!

The terrifying battle continued.

He realized that this resembled an out-of-body experience. The true battlefield wasn’t at the top of Capital Sky Peak of Clear River Domain but it was in the Void of this universe. This battle had already lasted eleven days.

Soon, he realized that something was odd.

It seemed like these planets… Weren’t that big either?

This ratio was extremely peculiar.

These planets seemed as small as eggs to these Quasi-emperors but to him, these planets were large balls with a radius of several hundred thousand meters. This wasn't the usual ratio – under normal circumstances, an ordinary human would look like sand next to a planet.

What's going on?

Were these planets fake?

Or… did I become bigger?

He had been so captivated by the Quasi-emperor battle in front of him that he hadn't noticed his surroundings. When he looked down, he suddenly realized that there was something odd about his body… it was like.it had truly grown bigger. However, other than these planets, there was no other object of reference in this Void of the universe, so he was unable to ascertain if he had truly grown bigger.

Suddenly, someone gently tapped his shoulder.

His hair immediately stood on end and he quickly reacted. A dazzling beam of sword light formed at the back of his head and charged at his attacker while he rushed forward and put some distance between them.

"What's there to be surprised at?"

A familiar voice rang out.

Ye Qingyu turned and was immediately overcome with joy.

It was the million-year-old soul.

The million-year-old soul was clearly more alert and more full of vitality than the last time they had met at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. Gone were his sluggishness and strangeness and he looked more like a walking, living person. His face was a lot more expressive, a sign that he had gotten used to the Immortal Body and that the merging process had gone even more smoothly.

"Senior, you. What's going on here?" he asked after he sighed in relief.

The million-year-old soul flashed and re-appeared by his side. "I'm obviously here to watch these Quasi-emperors fight. It’s been such a long time since I’ve last witnessed a Dao battle of Quasi-emperors. Ha ha ha, I'm here to get in on the action… You're late, kid. They've been fighting for some time now before you arrived. If you arrived any later, Li Xiaofei would've been killed by them and this battle would have ended…"

Ye Qingyu was speechless.

"Senior, please help His Highness Xiaofei," he said sincerely. 

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