1015 Descent into Madness

Chapter 1015 – Descent into Madness


"It's too early to determine who is the one who has nowhere to run"

Li Xiaofei stood high in the heavens, his teal robes stained with blood but he was a picture of calm.

"We didn't set this trap to capture you but to my surprise, you fell for it. We've caught a really big fish this time. You were meant to die in the bronze palace in the 18th district four thousand years ago but you managed to survive and even escape from the 18th district so I guess the Heavens have shown you mercy. Now that you've already slaughtered all the enemies of the Li family, you have already fulfilled your heart's desire and realized your dreams, so it's time for you to die."

The other figure who was shrouded in the light of a Quasi-emperor said coldly.

He was tall and slim, and his features were blurry but his aura was extremely powerful, just like a bright sun shooting through space. The experts all around trembled in fear, instinctively submitting to these Quasi-emperors, and even the Great Saint experts didn't even dare to lift their heads.

"How dare you use such underhanded methods when it is a Dao battle between Quasi-emperors? The acts committed by the Four Stars Sect have become more and more surprising over the past few years," Li Xiaofei glowed with divine light, and the bloodstains on his teal robes gleamed bright red, making him an extremely dazzling sight to behold. His aura was slightly unsteady but he was still so powerful that no one could bear to look at him directly.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] opponent had turned out to be a Quasi-emperor from the Four Stars Sect.

When did the Four Stars Sect produce a Quasi-emperor?

The crowd that surrounded the area was extremely astonished.

The Four Stars Sect was a large sect of the current era and they were rich in resources. They had once produced Quasi-emperors and were thus known as a force with emperor qi. However, eight thousand years have passed since the last time the Four Stars Sect last produced a Quasi-emperor and during this time, the Four Stars Sect had been relying on their past fame and resources. Although they were still a very prestigious sect, their fame wasn't as glorious as their past golden era. They had been frantically chasing the days of the past glory but unfortunately, they had failed thus far.

Thus, no one expected the Four Stars Sect to secretly produce a Quasi-emperor.

Furthermore, from their conversion, it seemed as though the events at the Reincarnation Hall had been an elaborate trap that had been meticulously prepared over many years. Was it a trap meant to kill Quasi-emperors?

What kind of methods and courage did it take to lay out a trap against Quasi-emperors?

Many experts stealthily crept toward the outer fringes.

Such an elaborate plot that had been prepared for a thousand years could only mean that they were after something big and the secrets it involved must be very frightening. It would be better for them to stay as far as they could from this clash of superpowers. Otherwise, whoever got caught in the fray might perish before they even knew it.

“Success or failure, right or wrong, all these are irrelevant. However, the winner would be able to have it all," the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect said frankly.

"Back then, you were the most talented among the three true disciples of the Four Stars Sect and when I destroyed the sect gate of the Four Stars Sect, you were the only one I spared. I thought that I would be planting a seed for a Human Race and just as I thought, you have indeed ascended to become a Quasi-emperor five thousand years later. Unfortunately, you are too anxious to become an Emperor and have even been led astray because of it."

Li Xiaofei seemed to be recounting past events.

"We are both Quasi-emperors and now that we are of equal cultivation, why do you think you can admonish me as though you're still more powerful than I am? I'm grateful to the mercy you showed me in the past, so I'll send you to your death today, Your Highness," the Four Stars Sect Quasi-emperor said coldly as he approached Li Xiaofei.

"Alright, since you want to kill me, then go ahead." [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] face hardened.

After this short exchange of words, those two figures flashed and became a blur in the Void, then they disappeared into the distance.

They were clearly off in search of a battlefield for their final battle.

However, it seemed as though things were not looking good for the Quasi-emperor that had dominated the world four thousand years earlier. He seemed to have fallen into some trap earlier at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor and was thus seriously injured. However, the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect was in peak condition.

The two men disappeared.

"Sigh, they are both of the Human Race, so why must they kill each other?" a white-haired Human Race Saint whose brows reached to his shoulders said with a sigh.

Two other ruddy-faced and white-haired elderly Human Race experts also nodded and said, "Yes, it has taken the Human Race so long to produce two Quasi-emperors and this should have been a sign of our golden age but unfortunately, they have resulted to infighting when they are of the same race. Will the world be able to bear the weight of the Four Stars Sect's ambitiousness? How could they secretly plot against His Highness Xiaofei?"

This scene made many Human Race experts feel extremely sorrowful.

“He he, you're worried about Li Xiaofei?" A malicious voice rang out from the Void. "Old men, you should be more concerned about yourselves."

Black flowing light flashed.

Then, a ray of black sword light flashed past.


The two white-haired elderly Human Race experts were caught off-guard and they were immediately slashed to minced meat by this ray of sword light. Blood, flesh, and bone flew everywhere and they died on the spot.

"It's the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit!" someone exclaimed.

Then, everyone watched as the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit emerged from the collapsing Reincarnation Hall, his hair as messy as withered grass and he carried a black stone sword in his hands. His aura swirled around him extremely powerfully as though it was like boiling water.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A myriad of flowing lights flashed.

All kinds of people started fleeing from the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

"Boo hoo hoo, what the heck is going on… How could the Reincarnation Hall suddenly collapse? This little miss of the Four Stars Sect, I'm not your lover, so why do you insist on chasing after me…" The chubby Li Shengyan looked extremely disheveled and several sword slash injuries that looked deadly could be seen on his body. Blood splattered across the sky as he fled like a terrified bunny.

Two rays of flowing light followed closely behind him.

They were the Four Stars holy girl and the Third Prince of the Mizar Race Yin Kaishan who had joined forces to kill Li Shengyan.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had been seriously injured after falling into a trap and was now being hunted down by the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect while his descendant, Li Shengyan was being chased by the Four Stars holy girl. The fates of the two remaining descendants of the Li family bloodline from the Ming Domain hung in the balance.

"Cackle cackle… are you trying to flee?"

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit let out an odd laugh, then he suddenly slashed out with his black stone sword.


Li Shengyan was hit by the sword light.

Countless blood arrows spurted from his chubby body and he was thrown back hundreds of meters.

"Puff… You little punk, I should have known that you would gang up with the little miss. I'll remember this sword you gave me…" The fatty looked extremely miserable and there was a sword slash on his hip that cut so deeply it almost sliced him into two. His white flabby meat had spilled out of his body and his injuries looked terrifying but he was like a cockroach that refused to die. He turned into a ray of flowing light and headed down into the crowd.


The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit showed no mercy and sword light filled the air, then fell toward the ground.



There was a series of loud wails and cries as countless experts from the various races were killed and blood spilled everywhere.

The bloody massacre erupted in a matter of seconds.

"We definitely can't let him flee and we must capture him at all costs," the Four Stars holy girl said telepathically to the Third Prince of the Mizar Race beside her.

Then, she attacked mercilessly in the same manner as the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit earlier. Her frightening attacks rained down indiscriminately, killing countless experts from the various races who failed to dodge in time.

The Third Prince of the Mizar Race was a little hesitant but he ultimately followed up with an attack of his own.

"You little miss, are you insane?" the fatty cried out as he fled for his life and blood gushed out freely from his injuries.

He looked like he was in grave danger since he was being pursued by three Heaven's pridelings of his generation. His entire body was covered in injuries and he frantically tried his best to escape. It was like he was walking on a tightrope and was at risk of being killed at any moment.

In the blink of an eye, the four figures, one fleeing for his life while the other three followed closely in pursuit, disappeared into the vast mountain range in the distance.

As the saying went, ‘a fire in the city would also be a calamity for the fish in the moat’, so the surrounding experts who gathered around the Divine Emperor Peak were killed by the Four Stars holy girl and the others, leaving thousands either dead or injured.

At this point in time, hundreds and thousands of people had gathered around the Divine Emperor Peak.

If this area was expanded to include experts from the various domains and races who had arrived at the Wei River Mountain Range, this number would probably increase to a few million. The experts of the various major races had already made their appearance and they were basically all Saint realm experts. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that at least one-third of all the martial way experts from the Vast Thousand Domains had gathered here in this place.

After all, the lure of the chance to become Emperor was far too great to be ignored.

"Damn it, we shouldn't have let them escape!" a foreign race expert suddenly came back to his senses and exclaimed regretfully.

The other experts also realized their mistake when they heard that expert's words.

"That's right, they must have obtained some kind of treasure from the Reincarnation Hall."

"Once we kill them, whatever treasures they posses will be ours."

"Since we missed our chance to enter the Reincarnation Hall, we'll have to kill them outside the Hall. He he, all the people who managed to obtain treasures would have to make their way out anyway. Once we kill them, their treasures would be ours."

"Exactly, there are definitely treasures to be found in risky situations."

The other experts from the various forces also chimed in.

No one could determine where these voices came from since they seemed to drift from one place to another, so the others weren't able to pinpoint their exact location. However, every expert in the crowd agreed with whatever these voices were saying. It was as though these voices had sprinkled small fiery sparks into the crowd that had ignited a fire within these experts' hearts.

Many peoples' eyes started to turn red and their breaths became heavier.

Chaos Demonic Cruel Qi swirled all across the heavens and crept up on them, causing every living creature to become more violent. As the voices incited the crowd to commit acts of violence, the situation started to go out of control.

Many figures transformed into bolts of lightning and hurtled toward the direction of where the Four Stars holy girl and the others had disappeared to.

Then ——


The Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor started to crumble at an even faster rate.

Soon, other figures could be seen fleeing from the Reincarnation Hall.

Rays of flowing light arced across the skies and headed in all directions.

Those who had emerged from the Reincarnation Hall knew that they would be targeted by the crowd once they left the halland that all explanations would be to no avail since every single being outside the hall believed that they had obtained some kind of treasure or opportunity from the hall and would definitely go all out to snatch these treasures or opportunities.

In a blink of an eye, thousands of rays of flowing light shot out from the Reincarnation Hall.

They were stopped by the experts from the various forces.

Skirmishes broke out everywhere.

Cries and howls of pain could be heard from all directions.

Blood light splattered and bones flew everywhere.

Battle cries rang out all across the land.

Although those who had emerged from the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor were all extremely powerful experts, they were heavily outnumbered by the experts who encircled them and found it hard to handle so many people at once. The unlucky ones who were already injured because of the various other battles at the Reincarnation Hall and were quickly attacked by the swarming experts. As countless splendors and energy charged at them, these unlucky ones were smashed into shards.

The area surrounding the Divine Emperor Peak immediately descended into a bloodbath.

"It's the Young Lord of the Black Demon Race."

Someone exclaimed loudly as he recognized the group of men who had emerged as several Great Saints from Black Demon Abyss who were protecting their Young Lord.

The Black Demon Abyss was a top-level force of this era and had once produced the Black Demon Emperor. In terms of resources and influence, they ranked even higher than the Four Stars Sect but by this point in time, all the experts were completely blinded by violence and didn't even stop to consider the consequences. They rushed over with their bloodshot eyes, like swarms of crickets and ants attempting to kill a huge dragon.

Now that even the men from Black Demon Abyss were already in such grave danger, the other forces would obviously not be spared from this fate either.

Soon, the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy], the successors of White Jade Capital and Sky Meteor Sect...

Many other respected figures emerged from the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor to be faced with a never ending and fierce battle.

Approximately two hours later, the entire Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor had completely collapsed and turned into pieces of black rocks that rolled down the Divine Emperor Peak. This ancient relic that had attracted the attention of countless powerful experts throughout the Vast Thousand Domains was turned into a pile of ruins just like that and thus, the legend of the Chaos Demon Emperor had also come to an end.

Several figures emerged from the pile of ruins.

The authority of Quasi-emperors filled the air.

The four or five figures that had appeared one after another were all Quasi-emperors.

As the frightening authority spread throughout the air, those experts who were engaged in fierce battles tried to flee in terror. Several Great Saint experts who didn't manage to dodge in time and as the Quasi-emperor qi activity swept past, they were turned into dust and ashes.

"My god, since when were there so many Quasi-emperors in this world?" someone wailed in terror. 

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