1014 The Quasi-Emperor Who Was Being Hunted

Chapter 1014 – The Quasi-emperor Who Was Being Hunted


The power of the Deathlike Pill was very peculiar, but one thing was certain.

It definitely contained large amounts of vital qi.

This power was most certainly the purest form of yuan qi essence to a martial expert.

After he took the Deathlike Pill, Ye Qingyu immediately felt the bitter and warm sensation spread toward his limbs and bones, transforming into an extremely pure form of yuan qi to quickly replenish his depleted yuan essence.

As this power spread toward every single cell in his body, his body also subsequently stiffened.

He perceptively sensed that every single part of his body, including the tiniest muscle, seemed to stiffen. He could not move at all as though he was in a fossilized state. He was like a piece of rotten wood, but he was conscious and his mind was extremely clear and sharp. In fact, it was even sharper and more agile than normal, and he could clearly sense the changes to the various energies within his body as well as feel the traces of energy from the Deathlike Pill move throughout his body.

"These traces…"

Ye Qingyu was suddenly overjoyed.

He realized that the traces of the Deathlike Pill moved almost exactly like the operational rhythm of his nameless breathing technique. He could also finally sense that the bitter and warm energy contained traces of Dao essence that were like pure shards of the power of laws. This could then be absorbed by his body to continually refine his muscles and bones.

This was truly a divine-level medicinal pill.

His death-like symptoms faded around thirty minutes later.

Ye Qingyu regained normal use of his limbs.

"Little Nine took more than ten Deathlike Pills in one shot the previous time, which was why he started foaming at the mouth and remained in a death-like state for such a long period of time. If I take these pills one at a time, the side-effects won't be that serious. Based on my cultivation, one Deathlike Pill would put me in a death-like state for about thirty minutes and replenish one-sixth of my depleted yuan essence. In other words, I would regain peak condition after taking around six Deathlike Pills. If I account for the diminishing returns of the medicinal effects due to continuous usage of these pills, then I would need to take a maximum of eight Deathlike Pills."

This was his conclusion after some thought.

Then, he took a second Deathlike Pill.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, two hours passed by.

Ye Qingyu was still in a death-like state.

Trouble was brewing outside.

More and more experts from the foreign races gathered around the Divine Emperor Peak, but unfortunately, the stone gates to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor were tightly shut and no one else could enter. There were several Great Saint experts who had traveled far and wide only to find that they had missed their window of opportunity, so they were extremely annoyed. They even attempted to collaborate to force open the stone gates of the Reincarnation Hall, but they failed and fell victim to the feedback force, which resulted in many being killed and turned into a mangled mess of blood and bone.

Thereafter, the latecomers could only loiter around the Divine Emperor Peak and wait for the next change to occur in the Reincarnation Hall or for other people to emerge from it.

Unfortunately, throughout the day, there was no other movement from the Reincarnation Hall, nor did anyone else emerge from it.

Ye Qingyu's emergence from the Reincarnation Hall attracted even more attention because he was the only person who had walked out of the hall.

Although his violent methods had frightened many people, as time passed, this deterrent force grew weaker. More races and forces started to form alliances to search for Ye Qingyu. They wanted to find out what was inside the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor and what had happened within it. Of course, if he had managed to obtain some kind of treasures or opportunities from the hall, they also planned to snatch them away from him.

"Even if I have to dig three feet underground, I must find Ye Qingyu."

"Hehe, he's merely a man, so even if his body is made entirely of steel, how many nails would he be able to withstand?"

"I'm sure that he still hasn't left and is still within the Wei River Mountain Range because no one from the outer fringes mentioned seeing him leave."

"Exactly. Once we find him, we'll definitely be able to crack the mystery of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor."

"That might not necessarily be true. Ye Qingyu might have obtained some heaven-defying opportunity from the Reincarnation Hall, or maybe even the chance to become Emperor. Otherwise, why would he be the only person who has emerged thus far?"

All kinds of rumors started to spread wildly outside.

In the beginning, these rumors had only spread amongst a few forces.

Later, as several figures in black robes and armor moved amongst the various forces, the situation started to get out of hand, as though someone had thrown salt into a greasy pot that had only been slightly warm. Then all of a sudden, the news started to gain traction and spread like wildfire.

Finally, all the forces and races who had rushed to the Wei River Mountain Range had all come to the same conclusion—whoever found Ye Qingyu would be able to obtain precious treasures from the Reincarnation Hall, and even the chance to become Emperor.

This drove all the experts and forces crazy.

This was especially so because they were all anxious and vexed at being unable to enter the Reincarnation Hall. Therefore, these thousands of experts longed to tear the entire Wei River Mountain Range apart, and even the entire Clear River Domain, in order to find Ye Qingyu. This mentality spread like some sort of disease. They started off trying to find Ye Qingyu, then progressed to searching for those who might know Ye Qingyu, then they even started capturing and questioning any person of the Human Race, especially identifying the humans who were seen at the Wei River Mountain Range as key suspects.

Everything happened as though an invisible hand was controlling the entire situation.

The various forces and experts who had descended into madness failed to realize that an invisible web had secretly unfurled, with the Divine Emperor Peak as its center and covering a radius of teh tnousand kilometers. The area within it was shrouded by an invisible dark force that was like a huge dam, secretly trapping all the races and forces within it.

Ye Qingyu was completely unaware of the situation.

The mountain cave he had selected was extremely well-hidden, and after he took a Deathlike Pill, he would not release a single breath nor energy wave. Not even a Quasi-emperor would be able to detect his presence when he entered this death-like state.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, two days and nights had passed.

In the mountain cave—

Ye Qingyu, who had been in a death-like state, suddenly opened his eyes and two rays of divine radiance burst forth from them as though they had the ability to pierce through everything in the world. They gave off faint traces of an ancient nothingness.

"I'm finally back to my peak condition."

Joy filled his face.

His senses gradually returned and he regained control of his body.

An abundant wave of yuan qi flowed within him like a large river and his yuan qi ocean within his dantian world suddenly surged, creating gigantic waves that could reach the heavens. It was full of vitality that swelled like tidal waves and the entire world was in a state of constant change. His [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger], which stood in the sky of his dantian world, was almost as large as a human and his features were extremely clear. He looked exactly like Ye Qingyu.

After being knocked from that stage due to his earlier battle with Quasi-emperor Mushan, he had reached the Great Saint realm once more.

He felt as though his spirit, soul, and body had completely become one and there was no difference between any of those entities.

"When I was at the Saint realm, I could single-handedly take on a Great Saint expert and even defeat him. So, now that I've reached the Great Saint realm, I guess I'm invincible so long as my opponent is below the Quasi-emperor realm. Even if I encounter peak Great Saint experts who have treasures on them, I'll still be able to defeat them. However, if I encounter a Quasi-emperor…" He recalled the power that Quasi-emperor Mushan had displayed, and after simulating a battle in his mind, he realized that he was still no match for him.

"Currently, besides Quasi-emperor Mushan and [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], who are within the Reincarnation Hall, there are also several other Quasi-emperors from the other forces. The million-year-old soul told me to be prepared to stage a rescue operation, so my opponent later might also be a Quasi-emperor. If I want to be effective in combat against a Quasi-emperor, there are two possible ways…

"First, I could unearth the power of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] once more, but this would take too much time, and time isn't on my side.

"Second, I could dig up some treasure from the unopened pill furnaces I brought out of the [Tusita Palace]. The million-year-old soul mentioned that there is a precious combat treasure to be found in one of the pill furnaces. So, if I could extract it and gain control of it, I might be able to battle a Quasi-emperor."

Ye Qingyu's eyes lit up at the thought of that.

This would be it.

Ye Qingyu summoned the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and immediately entered the bronze cauldron.

Inside the storage space—

The Yin-Yang Bagua Formation was still in operation and all the pill furnaces he brought out of the [Tusita Palace] were within it.

Ye Qingyu recalled the million-year-old soul's advice and his gaze finally fell on the third large pill furnace right in the middle of the formation.

This pill furnace was more than ten meters tall and yellowish-bronze light swirled around it. Its formations were tiny and delicate, and upon careful observation, the pill furnace seemed to be crafted from some ancient stone in the shape of a bottle gourd. It was large at the bottom and the top but thin in the middle, and there were drawings of clouds and the mythical beast Taotie, with four dragons depicted climbing up from the north, south, east, and west directions. It looked ancient and antiquated, and its furnace lid was a disc in the shape of a Bagua Formation made from the same ancient stone material. It was sealed with two yellow papers in the shape of a cross and two mysterious, rare formation symbols were written in crimson ink on the paper, as though it were suppressing the force of the contents within it.

As Ye Qingyu stood in front of this pill furnace, he could vaguely sense the ferocious aura within it. It was very faint but extremely shocking.

"There are six pill furnaces more than ten meters tall, and all these pill furnaces have been sealed with yellow paper that have crimson formations on them. Could there be some violent treasure sealed within them?" Ye Qingyu speculated.

However, this was his only hope in going up against a Quasi-emperor.

He hesitated for a while but ultimately decided to attempt to tear open the yellow seals of the pill furnaces.

After all, he was within the [Cloud Top Cauldron], so he did not need to be too worried even if the contents of the pill furnaces proved to be extremely violent.


Ten days later.


A sudden ear-splitting bang rang out from the Divine Emperor Peak.

The black palaces that stood majestically on the Divine Emperor Peak started to shake and tremble after this loud sound. Then, the palaces started to collapse and large pieces of black rock tumbled down and smashed against the cliffs of the Divine Emperor Peak before finally plummeting to the ground.

"What… what is going on? Has the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor started to collapse?"

This scene left countless people completely dumbfounded.

This was a relic of a martial emperor and a legendary mysterious venerable hall that had exhibited a sense of autonomy. How could it start to crumble? Is this a joke? What kind of terrifying force could destroy the relic of the top expert from the late Fiendgod Age?

Then, an earth-shattering Dao sound rang out from the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

"Haha, Li Xiaofei, since you've nowhere to run, you should accept your fate. Why are you still trying to resist?"

As soon as he spoke—

Two beams of strange light that contained the invisible power of laws hurtled out from the crumbling Reincarnation Hall and transformed into two figures that then charged through the Void. The first person was clad in bloodstained teal robes—it was [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], Li Xiaofei.


Has [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] fallen into a trap and is now being hunted down?

This scene caused the entire world to fall silent. 

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