1013 - Getting Ready

Chapter 1013 - Getting Ready


What a bunch of garbage.

Ye Qingyu didn't even bother looking at them and swept his arm across the sky.

A ray of bright and dazzling sword will splendor slashed across the Void.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Blood light splattered everywhere.

Instantly, dozens of Saints were slashed by the sword will and were sent flying backward with blood gushing out of their bodies. Disbelief and surprise were written on their faces as they plummeted to the ground.

These pieces of garbage weren't even qualified to enter into the Reincarnation Hall, so how dare they even attempt to stage a robbery here? Ye Qingyu was still rather weak but since he had already attained the Great Saint realm and had witnessed the Dao battle between Quasi-emperors, the command of his strength had improved drastically. Even if he casually struck out in his weakened state, no Saint would be able to handle this blow and these peak Saint experts were no exception either.

"Those who don't have a death wish, leave now."

Ye Qingyu immediately moved.

He planned to head into the surrounding mountains and find a quiet spot to go into self-isolation to contemplate on his gains from the Reincarnation Hall and transform these gains into his own strength. He was confident that he could bring his cultivation and combat strength to unprecedented heights in the shortest possible time.

This was what the million-year-old soul had meant earlier.

Before they parted, the million-year-old soul had warned him not to travel too far from the Wei River Mountain Range and be prepared to stage a rescue operation at any time. These were definitely not random words of advice and Ye Qingyu knew that something major would happen after the Reincarnation Hall disappeared. The battles between Quasi-emperors could easily be earth-shattering, so something terrible might happen then.

Someone else blocked his path.

Ye Qingyu reached into the Void behind him and pulled out an icy long sword, then slashed out with it.

The sword light slashed through the air.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

As blood splattered everywhere, countless Saint experts were knocked back while spitting blood.

He had easily overpowered them.

"Oh no, he is the [Ice Sword Killing God]!"

"I can't believe he's that monster."

"Quick! Retreat!"

A series of flustered cries rang out.

The display of strength by Ye Qingyu finally instilled fear into the surrounding experts who bore him ill-will. The untraceable sword light that could easily defeat countless peak Saint experts was far too mysterious and it was simply not something that they could defend against.

Furthermore, Ye Qingyu had already shown mercy in his earlier two attacks.

He only defeated these experts but he didn't kill.

If they didn’t turn from their wicked ways, he would start to kill them all.

Countless people frantically retreated in haste.

Ye Qingyu streaked across the air and flew toward the mountain range that surrounded the outer fringes of the Divine Emperor Peak.

However, he suddenly stopped after flying for thousands of meters.

"I've already shown mercy on you lot earlier, so are there still people who have a death wish?"

His eyes glowed purple and looked piercingly through the Void toward the southwest direction.

There was some movement in that part of the Void.

"So you don't know when to retreat? Then, death shall await you."

He had already given them more than enough chances and since the other party refused to give up, he wouldn't hold back any longer.

"Ancestors, please descend upon this earth!"

He immediately summoned the [Cloud Top Cauldron] with a loud howl and as he activated it, mist flowed around the ancient drawing of the ancestors hunting and wisps of Immortal qi swirled around it. These ancestors walked out of the drawing like little giants. Their figures were muscular and they each held crude stone spears made of raw and rough wood and stone but the tips of their spears were extremely sharp as they pointed them toward the southwest direction. Then, they suddenly threw their spears.


The stone spears soared through the air, piercing through and shattering that part of the Void.

"Ah…" There was a loud cry, then a large amount of blood gushed from the Void.

A figure plummeted from the shattered Void and he was completely lifeless with his spirit destroyed.

"It is the [Sky-reaching Great Saint]!"

"He's a Great Saint from the Explosive Ape Race of Sky-reaching Domain… But he wasn't even able to handle one blow."

"My god, how was that possible?"

A series of exclamations rose from the crowd and countless experts from the various races watched this scene in stunned astonishment, unable to believe their eyes.

An expert of the Great Saint realm was considered invincible in the absence of a Quasi-emperor. Even if they encountered an opponent who was stronger than them, they could always flee. The [Sky-reaching Great Saint] was a famous Great Saint expert who was known throughout the Vast Thousand Domains and had been a Great Saint for about three hundred years, and many people had been stunned by his power. He had used his innate magical ability unique to his race in an attempt to secretly follow the [Ice Sword Killing God] but had been easily discovered and killed in one blow that destroyed both his body and spirit. This strength was…

Was the [Ice Sword Killing God] so powerful that he could now kill Great Saints as effortlessly as slaughtering chickens or dogs?

The other experts who had still hoped to obtain something from Ye Qingyu by a stroke of luck were so frightened that their hairs stood on end and no one else dared to make a move.

There were faint flashes and ripples all across the Void.

Those top-experts who had been hiding in the Void were obviously scared out of their wits after they witnessed the fate of the [Sky-reaching Great Saint] and immediately retreated into the distance, moving as fast as they could.

Ye Qingyu's gaze was like an extremely sharp sword as he surveyed his surroundings to check if there was anyone else who dared to come up against him.

In his current weakened state, he wouldn't be able to withstand fighting a prolonged battle. If he didn't make the first move to instill fear into the others by killing the [Sky-reaching Great Saint], once he was forced to fight the entire group, he would be in danger since his [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] was damaged and rendered useless. Therefore, Ye Qingyu immediately summoned the ancient hunters and displayed his strongest technique to kill someone as a warning to the rest. It had turned out to be a rather effective move.

Then, he turned back and kept the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. He turned into a bolt of lightning and tunneled into the majestic mountain range in the distance, then disappeared from view.

"Where is this place?"

Bai Yuanxing stood in front of a giant bone skull and exclaimed in surprise and bewilderment.

After he entered the Reincarnation Hall, he had randomly entered a corridor and found himself here.

He had come to this place to fight for survival and to protect his comrades within the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box], and not to fight with others for treasures. Therefore, he moved extremely slowly. As soon as he sensed danger, he would immediately stop and hide his tracks. Whenever he arrived at a forked path, he would rely on the familiar and yet mysterious sense from his heart to decide how he should proceed.

Many days had passed and he was still wandering around the maze. He still hadn't exited the maze, so naturally, he hadn't seen the Heavenly River, nor did he board the Ferryman of the Netherworld's boat.

However, the familiar sensation in his heart grew stronger.

It was as though his closest relatives were calling out to him from the depths of the corridor.

Later, he could clearly hear their cries from his heart and as he walked along the corridor in the maze, he unexpectedly found himself in a place that he had never been to before and he saw a huge white bone skull that was thousands of meters tall in the depths of the corridor that was made of bone.

What could be inside here?

Bai Yuanxing wondered as he stood in front of the skull.

The feeling of his blood calling out to him grew stronger and clearer, as though it was emitting from this bone skull. However, this skull looked far too frightening as though it was the remains of an ancient monstrous creature that had died in ancient times. Its two eye sockets and nasal cavities were like large black holes with no sign of light within them, only a dense darkness that couldn't be dispelled. It looked as though it was fraught with countless dangers.

What kind of ancient creature could have such a gigantic head?

And how did it end up dying here?

As he stood in front of this terrifying skull, all his hair stood on end.

There was a series of bone steps that wound up all the way to the mouth of the skull with no end in sight.

A series of clear summoning waves called out to him from within.

Bai Yuanxing stood on the bone steps and as he stood in front of the giant skull, he looked as small as a speck of dust in front of a giant mountain.

His expression gradually became a little dazed.

Before he knew it, Bai Yuanxing started to walk toward the giant mouth of the skull.

One step at a time…

Soon, he was only less than ten steps away from the mouth of the giant skull.

"Hm? Something's wrong, I'm…" he suddenly realized that something was wrong and his mind cleared a little.

Bai Yuanxing immediately realized that his divine consciousness had been controlled by a mysterious force and he had been walking like an innocent sacrificial lamb toward the skull. He suddenly came back to his senses when he felt the crushing darkness nearby and tried to flee at the first instance.

However, a strange change suddenly occurred.

A strong suction force surged out of the skull's mouth and wrapped itself around Bai Yuanxing's figure like a giant serpent coiling itself around a helpless lamb. His struggles were futile and he was immediately sucked into the inky darkness of the skull's mouth.




Within a nameless cave deep within the Wei River Mountain Range.

Ye Qingyu heaved a long sigh of relief.

A bright red splendor twinkled bright in his palm.

He had spent more than an hour to repair his [Blood Drinker Sword Pill].

The cracked primeval formations within it had finally automatically repaired itself after he used his yuan qi to nourish it to bring the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] back to its original condition.

However, the power that it had collected had been completely exhausted after the battle with Quasi-emperor Mushan and now it was in an extremely 'hungry' state. It didn't gleam as brightly as it used to and its luster was dull and dim. Even its energy waves that could be felt so clearly in the past were now barely detectable. According to his calculations, the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] would need to absorb the yuan essence and blood qi of several Great Saints before it could regain its past strength.

"This isn't an urgent matter since I could always use the upcoming fierce battles to feed it to its fill."

Ye Qingyu kept the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill].

Then, he started to focus on his own recuperation.

His physical body had already healed but he was still extremely weak since his yuan essence and blood qi had been severely depleted.

"There are countless experts of the various races within the Wei River Mountain Range and although I've already laid out a formation outside the cave to hide my aura, it is still unsafe. If I am to complete the rescue mission as per the million-year-old soul's instructions, I have to return to the Great Saint realm in the shortest possible time and replenish all my yuan qi... I haven't got much time left."

Ye Qingyu was extremely clear about that fact.

"If I want my essence, qi, and spirit to be back to its peak condition, I will need to nourish it with large amounts of pure yuan qi. Based on my current cultivation, ordinary origin crystals would be largely ineffective and although I have several divine-level origin crystals, I don't have them in large enough numbers. If I extract yuan qi from the Chaotic Thunder Liquid, I'll need to refine it before I can absorb them. It takes too much effort and is much too slow. I'll only have to place all my hopes on the medicinal pills I obtained from the [Tusita Palace]!"

After he contemplated for a while, he formulated a plan.

He took out the Deathlike Pills from the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

These divine pills contained vast amounts of vitality yuan qi and they were the best medication to replenish his exhausted yuan essence and blood qi. Their only side-effect was that whoever consumed these pills would become like a corpse and would not be able to move. He had already witnessed this effect on Little Nine but at this point in time, this side-effect was greatly beneficial to Ye Qingyu since this would be able to help him evade those experts outside who were searching for him.

"This is it."

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and swallowed one Deathlike Pill.

He immediately felt the effects of this medicinal pill.

A bitter and warm current immediately exploded in his mouth, then surged toward his internal organs. 

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