1012 - Leaving the Hall

Chapter 1012 - Leaving the Hall


"Since you know who I am, do you still want to continue battling?" the million-year-old soul said with a smile.

A strange demonic force spread outward and caused the entire [Dragon Palace] to tremble slightly. Then, a clear, mysterious ripple spread from the bottom of the lake, as though a change had taken place that affected the entire world, which conveyed a sense of delight. The entire world at the bottom of the lake responded, and it was rejoicing and bubbling merrily as though celebrating the rebirth of someone or the return of their previous owner.

"Impossible. You..."

Quasi-emperor Mushan was completely astonished.

He felt the mysterious power growing clearer and more intense, and he found it hard to maintain his composure. Despite saying that it was impossible, he was almost certain of the million-year-old soul's identity and knew that the situation was not in his favor. He transformed into a ray of flowing light in a flash and immediately fled, giving up on the idea of battling.

A wise man would not stand under a collapsing wall.

This was the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, and it was where the Chaos Demon Emperor reigned.

In the ancient era, the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor was extremely notorious, and no one knew how many heaven-defying traps were laid all over the Reincarnation Hall. Back in those days, the Chaos Demon Emperor had used this divine temple to crush many ambitious heroes and great men. He had also been a true emperor of the martial way with unfathomable magical abilities and bore the Mandate of Heaven, so even if he had yet to regain his magical abilities on the martial way after his reincarnation, once he took control of the Reincarnation Hall and activated its killing tactics, a Quasi-emperor could be killed instantly. Since they had already become enemies, this meant that the battle would not end unless either one of them was dead. Thus, it would be very unwise for him to remain here.

This was Quasi-emperor Mushan's conclusion.

Therefore, he chose to leave.

Once a Quasi-emperor was determined to leave, it would be very hard to stop him.

Furthermore, the million-year-old soul had no intention of stopping him.

The mysterious rhythm that affected the entire area grew more evident.

The million-year-old soul let out a sigh of relief.

"Senior, are you truly the Chaos Demon Emperor?" Ye Qingyu's voice rang out from behind.

His injuries were extremely serious, but by this time, he had reconstructed his physical body.

After all, he had just reached the Great Saint realm and his blood qi was abundant while his yuan essence was as boundless as the sea. Even if his body were to be crushed to pieces, he could regain his body using his mental command as long as one wisp of his spirit still existed. Most of his injuries earlier were physical injuries, and due to the protection of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], his spirit was only slightly damaged, so he had already restored his physical body earlier when the million-year-old soul first clashed with Quasi-emperor Mushan and he had been watching the battle unfold.

However, his physical body had sustained heavy injuries, so his condition was not good.

His inner yuan was almost completely exhausted and he had dipped below the Great Saint realm. He would need to cultivate and nourish it again before he could step into the Great Saint realm once more.

Fortunately, he had already experienced this breakthrough once, so returning to the Great Saint realm would not be too difficult. As long as he had enough yuan qi to sustain him, he would be able to smoothly reach the Great Saint realm.

"I am who I am, not somebody else."

The million-year-old soul turned to look at Ye Qingyu with a smile of gratitude as he said, "This is all thanks to you. If you hadn't spent so much effort to help me find this place and protect me even at the risk of death, it would have been almost impossible for me to regain a physical body. Don't worry, I'll definitely make up for whatever losses you sustained this time."

"Senior, you flatter me. I've managed to come so far today thanks to your tutelage in the past. As the saying goes, a drop of water shall be returned with a spring in kind. I've only done what is expected of me." Ye Qingyu sensed the wisps of Immortal qi from the figure in front of him and immediately knew that this body was the legendary Immortal Body. The million-year-old soul had finally managed to become one with the Immortal Body at the final moment and had emerged out of self-isolation in advance to save him. He said gratefully, "After all, not everybody would be able to survive after battling a Quasi-emperor, and more importantly, not everybody would be able to witness a clash of Quasi-emperors at such close proximity. Whatever I've seen and experienced earlier is already more than enough to compensate for the things I've done for you."

These words were the truth.

A clash between Quasi-emperors was a clash of laws and the Great Dao.

Ye Qingyu had battled Quasi-emperor Mushan earlier that day, and although he had almost died, whatever he managed to gain from watching the clash of Quasi-emperors later was an experience of a lifetime. If he did not perish that day, he could capitalize on whatever he witnessed from those two battles to improve drastically along his own martial way.

A battle of Quasi-emperors was a battle of Daos and every Quasi-emperor's Dao was extremely refined to the point where it almost resembled the Heavenly Dao of Destiny. It was only slightly less powerful than a Martial Emperor, which was why Quasi-emperors were able to bear half of the Mandate of Heaven. To a martial artist with Ye Qingyu's cultivation, witnessing a clash of Quasi-emperors was the equivalent of observing the Heavenly Dao in action. The enlightenment and experience he gained were even better than hundreds and thousands of years of self-cultivation and comprehension.

Those who survive a catastrophe will definitely be blessed with great fortune.

Once he refined everything he had witnessed today into his own wisdom, Ye Qingyu's strength would definitely surge tremendously within a short period of time.

Furthermore, Quasi-emperor Mushan's relentless force had sparked the ignition of Ye Qingyu's potential, and so the rate of him merging with the [Cloud Top Cauldron] had increased by leaps and bounds. This was a significant benefit that he had reaped from this battle. The more he sowed, the more he would reap.

Unfortunately, the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] had taken the brunt of Quasi-emperor Mushan's attack, which resulted in the blood essence and yuan qi that it absorbed from the various experts to be completely exhausted. Cracks had also appeared on the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] while the primeval formations within it had also cracked. It now looked dull, without any luster. When Ye Qingyu took it off his sternum, he felt his heart ache from his loss. He had personally refined this weapon and it had limitless potential, not to mention that it had saved him from danger on many occasions. But now, he would need to refine it for a length of time before it could regain its original form.

"Senior, what are we going to do next?" Ye Qingyu asked once more.

He did not dwell too long on the matter of whether or not this million-year-old soul was truly the Chaos Demon Emperor.

The million-year-old soul's answer earlier had been very subtle and could be interpreted in countless ways. Ye Qingyu grasped some of the meaning within it and knew that the million-year-old soul would not answer even if he continued to probe further. However, when he thought back to what had transpired thus far, including how the million-year-old soul had provided him with such accurate guidance the entire time, and how he had confidently guaranteed the safety of Nan Tieyi, Hu Bugui, and Little Nine, this was enough to clarify the doubts he had.

No matter what, he was sure that the million-year-old soul was closely linked to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

"Do you feel the tremors in this world?" The million-year-old soul's expression turned grave, then he said, "The chance to become Emperor has already appeared, and if I'm not wrong, all the other Quasi-emperors have started to fight for it. A fight amongst Quasi-emperors could easily cause the deaths of millions… This means that it won't be long now before the Reincarnation Hall rises into the Heavens and departs. Next, there will be a massive bloodbath and the experts from the various forces who entered this Reincarnation Hall will have to go through a baptism of blood and fire. Your journey in the Reincarnation Hall should come to an end here. You have already obtained the treasured pill furnaces from the [Tusita Palace], which could be considered half the luck in this place, then followed it up by witnessing a Dao battle between Quasi-emperors, so your gains are considered way too heaven-defying. If a container is too full of water, it will overflow, so if you continue to benefit from this journey, the Heavens would punish you instead. What do you think if I send you out of here?"

"Uh…" Ye Qingyu was slightly hesitant.

He was not greedy for more, nor did he covet the chance to become Emperor. The million-year-old soul had spoken truthfully and he had gained a lot from this trip to the Reincarnation Hall—to the point where it could be considered heaven-defying. As the moon waxes to wane, the water brims to overflow. If he was not content with what he had, his luck might turn against him and the consequences could be disastrous.

He was hesitant because he was worried about Nan Tieyi, Hu Bugui, Little Nine, and his friends.

"I know what you're worried about. Don't worry, they have met with their own opportunities and are no longer within the Reincarnation Hall." The million-year-old soul promised him once more.

"If that is so… are you also going to fight for the chance to become Emperor?" Ye Qingyu asked.

The million-year-old soul nodded, then shook his head as he said, "Times have changed and now that a million years have passed, the Mandate of Heaven is no longer on my side. I still want to take a look… Haha, I shouldn't miss such a grand event. I have to do something, even if it's just to prevent this chance from falling into the hands of evil forces. Perhaps it is time for me to do something for this world since I've reincarnated."

It was clear that he was not too hopeful about obtaining the chance to become Emperor.

The million-year-old soul also made it clear that he knew about the existence of the evil forces and was worried that this chance to become Emperor would fall into the hands of those forces.

"If that is the case, I'll have to trouble you to send me out of this place."

Ye Qingyu had made up his mind.


The million-year-old soul nodded approvingly.

He was very pleased to see that Ye Qingyu could come to this decision on his own. Since ancient times, all the Heaven's pridelings had been prideful and arrogant, but if they did not know how to be content with their lot, it would be like a snake trying to swallow an elephant and their luck would transform into a great calamity resulting in disastrous consequences. It took great wisdom to know when exactly to stop, and not all wise and intelligent men would be able to come to this conclusion.

"Remember this... after the chance to become Emperor has been obtained, this doesn't mean that the chaotic situation will end. Instead, it will be the beginnings of a massacre. This world is about to descend into chaos and madness, so you shouldn't go too far away from the Wei River Mountain Range and you should be prepared to rescue some people. I'm afraid that something bad might happen when the battle of the Quasi-emperors come to an end that might require you to do your best to salvage the situation. Hopefully, you will have already managed to convert all that you have gained today into your own strength… Remember this, remember this!"

The million-year-old soul spoke extremely solemnly.

As soon as he spoke—

A strange and abundant force surged forth and enveloped Ye Qingyu within it.

Before he could even react, he suddenly felt his vision blur.

When his vision cleared up, he saw that something unbelievable had happened.

He could no longer see the ruins of the [Dragon Palace], nor the bottom of the lake, nor the buildings within the Reincarnation Hall…

Ye Qingyu had been teleported out of the Reincarnation Hall in an instant and found himself standing in the void one thousand meters from the Divine Emperor Peak.

He could still clearly see the black palaces of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor on the peak of the Divine Emperor Peak in the distance.

However, compared to when everything had first begun, it was now shrouded in a layer of Chaos aura.

The large stone gates that marked the entrance to the palaces were now tightly shut.

At the moment, countless experts loitered outside the Reincarnation Hall. There were so many of them that they looked like a swarm of bees. They circled the Divine Emperor Peak, trying to search for a chance to enter, but unfortunately, they were too late and the stone gates had already shut by the time they arrived and it was impossible for them to enter the Reincarnation Hall. They were extremely enraged and anxious, but they were helpless to do anything about it because all the treasures and opportunities within the Reincarnation Hall now had nothing to do with them.

Ye Qingyu's sudden appearance in the Void immediately attracted some attention.

"Hmm? Someone has been teleported out!"

A peak Saint expert of the Demon Race exclaimed in excitement and joy when he saw Ye Qingyu's appearance.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sounds of something ripping through the air could be heard.

Instantly, countless figures rushed at him from all directions and completely surrounded Ye Qingyu.

"Haha, I'm sure he must have obtained something from the Reincarnation Hall… We mustn't let him escape."

"You're right. Those who witness this shall have a piece of the pie. Friend, hand over whatever you've obtained."

"Cackle, cackle! Give us whatever you've taken from the Reincarnation Hall. Otherwise, death awaits!"

Other various voices chimed in and he could see their eager, savage, and greedy faces all around him.


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