1006 - Sword Immortal

Chapter 1006, Sword Immortal

Immortal aura?  

At this moment, whether it was the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit or the several other Great Saint experts, such a thought came into their mind. 

However, at this moment, Ye Qingyu cried out in an incomparably surprised tone of voice.

Then, as though he had discovered something astonishing, couldn't help bursting into loud laughter, “Hahaha, it turns out that there is such an opportunity hidden in the Immortal Palace, hahaha, I understand...” 

At this point, the Great Saint expert behind him couldn't control himself any longer. 

He darted over, “What opportunity, the path is clear, little boy, move aside, do you want to die?” 

But at this moment, Ye Qingyu, who had been trembling all over all this time, suddenly twisted around. 


With a clear roar, violet sword light rapidly flashed.

A blaze of sword intent, like the first light of the heavens and earth, erupted all of a sudden, instantly occupying the field of vision of the Great Saint expert of the Sinful Pit.

His jaw dropped. 

In a flash, his hair stood up on its ends and an unprecedented crisis of death shrouded his heart. 


Quickly retreat. 

“[Sky-seizing Jade Palm]!” 

The yuan qi in his body was booming like an explosion, and as he retreated rapidly he also made a move. 

Numerous formation brilliances were flashing,...

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