1006 - Sword Immortal

Chapter 1006, Sword Immortal

Immortal aura?  

At this moment, whether it was the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit or the several other Great Saint experts, such a thought came into their mind. 

However, at this moment, Ye Qingyu cried out in an incomparably surprised tone of voice.

Then, as though he had discovered something astonishing, couldn't help bursting into loud laughter, “Hahaha, it turns out that there is such an opportunity hidden in the Immortal Palace, hahaha, I understand...” 

At this point, the Great Saint expert behind him couldn't control himself any longer. 

He darted over, “What opportunity, the path is clear, little boy, move aside, do you want to die?” 

But at this moment, Ye Qingyu, who had been trembling all over all this time, suddenly twisted around. 


With a clear roar, violet sword light rapidly flashed.

A blaze of sword intent, like the first light of the heavens and earth, erupted all of a sudden, instantly occupying the field of vision of the Great Saint expert of the Sinful Pit.

His jaw dropped. 

In a flash, his hair stood up on its ends and an unprecedented crisis of death shrouded his heart. 


Quickly retreat. 

“[Sky-seizing Jade Palm]!” 

The yuan qi in his body was booming like an explosion, and as he retreated rapidly he also made a move. 

Numerous formation brilliances were flashing, as he repeatedly sent out one palm strike after another, each palm possessing earth-shaking power. Divine power surged and even the space in front seemed to be tearing apart. The divine formation power gathered and evolved into a white jade palm, protecting him like a shield. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

The violet sword light transformed into tens of millions of bolts of violet lightning. 

In the Void, the fragments of the collision between the terrifying sword light and the jade palm scattered. The aftermath of the powerful qi like a raging tide bombarded everything around. 

“Little bastard, you want to die...” the Great Saint roared, flashing a divine light. 

He did not expect that, under such a situation, the little bastard would dare to trick him. 

“It's you who will die.”

Ye Qingyu’s figure flashed, chased after the Saint experts, made a grabbing motion in the Void, and pulled up a streak of remaining violet lightning like picking a flower. As it vibrated in his hand, it turned into a dazzling violet lightning sword. 

Sword light overflowed. 

Wisps of sword intent like spring wind and rain completely enveloped the Great Saint of the Sinful Pit.  

“Ignorant junior, my cultivation base is at the Great Saint realm, you think your sneak attack would be successful against me?” The Great Saint of the Sinful Pit roared with furious laughter, strong power of laws rushing forth, like an immemorial mountain. “Without attacking, this ignorant child...” 

Before his voice faded away. 

His figure was all of a sudden stifled by a sword. 

His words ended abruptly with a grunting sound. 

The tip of a green sword pierced out from his chest. 


A wisp of blood trickled to the ground. 

The blood dripped onto the ground, producing a metallic clang, like a blood pearl rolled onto the crystal ground, whirling and spinning around and around.  

“You... I...” 

He looked down at the tip of a sword, his face twisted in shocked disbelief, feeling a storm-like force raging in his body. In a split second, it had already destroyed all the life force in his body and simply did not allow him to resist in the slightest. Even if he had tens of millions of remarkable abilities he was not able to display them.  

A white figure flashed. 

Ye Qingyu was merciless. The violet lightning sword stabbed through the space between his brows, and thereby destroying the sea of knowledge of the Great Saint expert of the Sinful Pit. 

“This is a Great Saint expert of the Sinful Pit?” 

Ye Qingyu relaxed his grip, and with a piercing sound the violet lightning sword turned into a ray of light, vanishing in the Void.  

He smiled, “Not that impressive, so ordinary, killed like slaughtering a pig!” 

The change at that moment was over in a flash, like a falcon swooping down. 

By the time the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit and the others reacted, the Great Saint expert, a veteran of hundreds of battles, had already fallen.

It was not that the strength of Ye Qingyu had surpassed that of the Great Saint, but he, from the beginning, had fallen into Ye Qingyu’s trap. 

Stepping aside the palace hall, then forced to come back, and then forced to be cannon fodder to test the path ahead, and finally it was the so-called strange change of the door of the Immortal Palace... 

All this, was within Ye Qingyu's calculation.

It was not that the Great Saint expert was careless, instead he had been on the alert all this time, but this kind of vigilance meant that, from the beginning to end, all his qi was like a bow pulled and stretched to its utmost. After Ye Qingyu’s continuous changes, his qi also began to drain. As they say ‘the fighting spirit is aroused by the first roll of drums, depleted by the second, and exhausted by the third’. At that moment, when he thought the door of the Immortal Palace was about to open, the treasures and opportunity were about to appear, his mind rapidly changed, his qi relaxed, and that was when Ye Qingyu spun around and killed him.

The most important thing was that, of course, on the stone steps behind him, Ye Qingyu had already laid out the [Storm of Swords] beforehand.

Ye Qingyu's mastery of the [God Emperor Sword Mantra] had improved greatly, and now not only was he able to activate the ice sword intent, but also the Green Wind sword intent, and the Lightning and Thunder sword intent. 

These were all the inheritance of the Emperor of Thunder and Lightning and the City of Storm.

As they say, wind is invisible, clouds are formless, and among the three great sword intents, the Green Wind sword intent was both invisible and formless, making it the most difficult to detect.

Although Ye Qingyu’s cultivation base had not quite reached the Great Saint realm, but with the [Cloud Top Cauldron's] secret technique of refining the state of mind, his consciousness power had long reached the pinnacle of the Great Saint realm. Moreover, the God Emperor sword intent was a supreme sword mantra. Therefore, the six Great Saints of the Sinful Pit were not in the slightest aware of the Green sword intent buried under the steps of the Immortal Palace. 

The Great Saint expert of the Sinful Pit who was suddenly attacked, shocked, exploded with rage, had all his attention fixed in front. Thus he completely did not notice the invisible Green Wind sword intent that had suddenly erupted and a sword had pierced through all his life force.

An unjust death!

“You... what a Ye Qingyu.” The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit fumed, spat out the straw he had been chewing, and suddenly stood straight up, eyes flashing fiercely like a piercing lightning. “It is I who was too careless. The great Human Race deputy envoy, the [Ice Sword Killing God] who had made a name for his massacre, how would he be scared by us. I really shouldn’t have thought that you were really afraid... Haha, I deserve this loss.” 

Ye Qingyu smiled in response but did not say anything. 

“Back then when I saw you on the Fierce Beast Peak of the Taowu Mountain Range, I already knew that you would become a talent of the Human Race in the future. At that time I was too busy to kill you and had let you lived to this day.” The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit fumed. Even if the Sinful Pit was a great force in the world, the loss of a loyal Great Saint expert was still similar to cutting off a chunk of flesh, which was a consequence of his carelessness. 

“Now you still have a chance.” Ye Qingyu stood with hands clasped behind his back, exuding an imposing majesty, “Why not come up and try?”

There were sword light circulating around him, sometimes invisible like the green wind, suddenly dazzling as a bolt of lightning, and sometimes glistening like ice. It was flickering incessantly, appearing and disappearing, and moving in a very bizarre rhythm. 

Sword domain? 

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit clenched his teeth. 

He was not an expert in sword, but he also knew that it was incredibly difficult to master the art of swordsmanship. 

Once swordsmanship was cultivated into sword intent, it was then the sword domain. In the sword domain, everything could act as a sword, and thousands of swords could be born or destroyed with one thought. The swords can transform into all things, can contain the intent of all things, and everything can be turned into swords. One sword can break all laws. He didn't expect Ye Qingyu to have reached this level. 

In the face of Ye Qingyu's arrogant challenge, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was inwardly burning with fury and almost stepped forward to accept the challenge.

But his last trace of rational thought made him restrain himself. 

The trip to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor was not to prevail over others, nor for fame and reputation, but for the opportunities and treasures. There was no time to be wasted here, thus now was not the moment to show off.

“Kill him!” 

He gently waved his hand.  

The three mysterious black figures behind him, after a moment of hesitation, simultaneously acted. 

With the three Great Saint experts jointly making a move, even if Ye Qingyu had endless hidden cards on him and remarkable sword intent, it was impossible for him to withstand. 

In the Void, countless black shadows drew across, as if they had transformed into tens of millions of figures, like a cluster of black fog, also resembling a black demonic python, frantically coiling around. Not to mention the figure of Ye Qingyu, even the entire Immortal Palace seemed to have been submerged in the shadows. 

“Lightning!” Ye Qingyu bellowed. 


Countless streaks of violet lightning suddenly split the Void. 

A bolt of lightning equalled to a violet sword light. 

Tens of thousands of streaks of lightning swords had directly pierced through the dense shadows.

All black shadows were instantly swept away by the lightning sword intent. 

But it was at this moment that Ye Qingyu felt a feeling of extreme danger shrouding him. 

He clasped his hands in front of his chest, as two giant ice swords appeared in his hands. The body of the swords was sparkling and translucent as jade, and the handle was at least half a meter wide, covered with silver formation markings. The sword intent like green mist was scattering around. The pair of swords formed a cross in front of his chest, like a double-sided giant shield of gold and jade, protecting him. 


Almost at the same time, three beams of black light, like lightning strikes that could destroy the world, violently bombarded the ice swords. 

This was the cooperative attack of three Great Saints. 


The ice swords shattered, turning into sputtering fragments of snow and ice. 

Ye Qingyu reeled back, feet ploughed furrows on the ground, shattering the crystal floor. He stumbled back six meters, before he stabilized his body on the steps of the Immortal Palace with the stamp of his left foot, which sent the whole Immortal Palace quaking.  

“The joint attack of three Great Saints is really terrifying.”

Ye Qingyu trembled inwardly. 

His physical strength had long reached the pinnacle of the Great Saint realm, and could be said to be glorious and world-shaking, but still couldn’t take on the full-strength strike of three Great Saints. 

“[Storm of Swords]” 

Ye Qingyu pushed and spun his hands. 

Suddenly there were Green Wind sword intent all around, spinning like vortexes, forming thousands of brilliance of sword intent and tearing the Void, as if to destroy the world. It was extremely terrifying.  

The same move from the present Ye Qingyu was countless times more terrifying than it was before.

In the Void there were three black shadows flowing around the terrifying sword light, but never neared Ye Qingyu's body.

After all, this sword move came from the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. 

But the pressure that Ye Qingyu was under was also extraordinary. 

He had a clear feeling that the moment his [Storm of Swords] could not keep up, the three black shadows would instantly attack him like maggots feeding on a corpse.

The joint attack of Great Saint experts was just too terrifying.

Ye Qingyu increased his vigilance several hundred times. 

But he did not know how much more shocked the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was. 

Back then on the Fierce Beast Peak, Ye Qingyu was only a gifted youngster of the Human Race, possessed cultivation base of only the Immortal Step realm. But now, in such a short period of time, he was able to face against three Great Saint experts at the same time. Such a rate of growth was simply in defiance of the natural order. Looking at the white-robed human youngster, who was like a Sword Immortal, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit really found it difficult to understand——

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