Book 2, Chapter 52 - Tagging along

After Bai Zimo let out an angry roar, the youths around him immediately became silent. They looked at Bai Zimo, feeling embarrassed and fearful. They were all talking happily, how had they offended Bai Zimo to make him so furious?

“If anyone mentions Zhao Jiuge again, don’t blame me for showing no mercy. So what if he is strong? Don’t worry, I’ll find an opportunity to deal with him. Then I’ll let you all see who is stronger between us.”

Bai Zimo’s back was toward everyone, and he looked at Mirror Moon Lake while speaking in a grim tone.

Mu Zijun had always been very calm, but when he saw Bai Zimo’s attitude, his expression finally changed and the corner of his mouth curved up. It was as if someone had thrown a stone into a calm lake.

Mu Zijun had an unspeakable feeling about Zhao Jiuge in his heart. Although Zhao Jiuge looked normal, he had seen something in Zhao Jiuge when they first met. It was just that Zhao Jiuge didn’t like him, and now, due to their family backgrounds, they couldn’t be friends. Even though he had a sense of hostility toward Zhao Jiuge, he felt disdain toward Bai Zimo’s idiotic appearance. Even though he didn’t like Zhao Jiuge, Zhao Jiuge was not someone Mu Zijun could insult.

Mu Zijun had an extraordinary aura, and he gracefully turned around, causing the corner of his robe to flutter. While he stroked his long hair in his right hand, he looked at Mirror Moon Lake and calmly said, “Mirror Moon Lake, the path to immortality is difficult to find. In the end, once your life reaches its limit, all the effort is like fishing for the mirror image of the moon in the lake. It can be seen but not touched. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, like a dream that breaks with a touch. Some people only know how to speak slanderously at the start, but in the end, they might end up like a dream. Simply ridiculous.”

After he finished speaking Mu Zijun chuckled a few times like he was talking to himself. However, his words were clearly directed at Bai Zimo. Even idiots could understand this, much less those 20 or so youths who had been trained by their families since they were children.

Bai Zimo was originally annoyed, but he gradually calmed down. However, his face quickly turned gloomy once more. He turned and looked as the extraordinary figure, then he gloomily asked, “Who are you talking about?” 

“Who indeed. What are you in such a hurry to jump out for? Feeling guilty? Can’t wait to admit it yourself?” Mu Zijun faintly smiled when facing Bai Zimo’s gloomily question. There was an imperceptible trace of mockery.

After he finished speaking, he looked at the spirit force Bai Zimo was releasing due to his internal rage. Mu Zijun ignored him and turned away. Although Mu Zijun did not display his inner arrogance on his face like Bai Zimo, the Mu family had a deeper foundation than the Bai family, so he naturally had his own sense of arrogance. He just didn’t bother to show it. He glanced at the youths here before leaving alone.

“You…” Seeing Mu Zijun’s attitude caused Bai Zimo’s face to become even more angry than before. However, no matter how he looked down on others, he could not underestimate Mu Zijun. No matter how outstanding he thought he was, he still could not beat Mu Zijun. The feeling of a proud person meeting another even prouder person that he couldn’t beat made Bai Zimo’s teeth itch, but there was nothing he could do. This was the second time he had this feeling.

Feeling the gazes of the youths around him, Bai Zimo was angry and had no place to vent his anger, which caused him to angrily yell, “What are you all looking at?! All of you, leave!”

After he finished speaking, he also left Mirror Moon Lake and left everyone to stare at each other. When Mu Zijun mocked Bai Zimo, everyone was holding back their laughter. Now that Bai Zimo was gone, everyone couldn’t hold it anymore and began to laugh. There was a lot of discussion as everyone had different opinions about Bai Zimo’s mindset.

“Ah, Bai Zimo only relies on his family’s background. Look at Mu Zijun, who has the qualifications to be arrogant, then look at Zhao Jiuge, who is domineering. Bai Zimo is capable but not particularly outstanding. He is likely to lose if he faces those two.”

“Shh, keep your voice down. If Bai Zimo hears you, he will take his anger out on us. We can't afford that. Just because he doesn’t dare to provoke Mu Zijun, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t dare to provoke us.”

“Ah, everyone, let's leave. Although we won today, I don’t think they will just give up. Be careful of them trying to get revenge.”

“Those bumpkins haven't been beaten enough today? Why should I be afraid of revenge? If they are unconvinced, then I’ll beat them every time I see them.”

In an instant, the bustling scene at Mirror Moon Lake suddenly scattered and calmed down once more. Everything returned back to normal. However, there was a slender figure on the opposite side of the lake that had been watching for a long time and saw them all leave. The figure quietly followed one of the youths that was talking about how he had beaten three or four people today. Rustling sounds came from the surrounding trees, and a moment later, this figure disappeared from Mirror Moon Lake as well.

On a small path on the Mysterious Heaven Peak.

Endless mountains surrounded the Mysterious Heaven Peak, and from a distance, it looked like there was a silver belt around it. At this moment, there was a youth with dimples who looked rather cute humming a song as he walked along a path. He seemed to be in a good mood.


The youth with the dimples was intoxicated in his own singing when he suddenly staggered a few steps and almost fell to the ground.

The youth with the dimples panicked and quickly looked in front of him. It turned out that when he wasn’t paying attention, he ran into someone. His expression became impatient and he was about to vent his anger. However, his expression suddenly stiffened when he saw who he had run into.

An ordinary blue sword robe and an ordinary-looking black cloth that tied up his long hair. His face was cold and proud, giving off a unique temperament. It was Zhao Jiuge, who had been secretly observing them at Mirror Moon Lake for a long time.

When did Zhao Jiuge decide to pick the youth with the dimples as the first target? It was because Zhao Jiuge had heard this kid talking nonstop, and his expression was exceptionally rich. When Zhao Jiuge saw that flattering expression, he felt unhappy. He hated this kind of dog the most. This reminded him of those children back at the village who followed Little Fatty Wang that bullied him.

Moreover, this kid had even said that he had knocked down three or four. He was the most conspicuous one, so Zhao Jiuge naturally picked him for the first target. He just didn’t know if those three or four people included Luo Xie.

The personality Zhao Jiuge had developed since childhood was to get revenge no matter how much chaos he caused. After seeing Luo Xie hurt, he was extremely angry. He didn’t care how many people were on the other side, he was going to get revenge on each and every one of them. This would satisfy his need for revenge. It was also in line with the result he had obtained when he questioned his own dao heart at the cold pool. Slaughter all hateful people in the world and right all the injustice in the world. Perhaps there were too many evil people in the world and he couldn’t encounter all injustices. However, if he met one, he would kill one. If he encountered an injustice, he would resolve it. It was like the sword art—it required decisive action and for one to advance courageously.

Only at this moment did Zhao Jiuge get a good look at the youth with the dimples. Wasn’t it the youth who was the first to go up the stairs during the entrance exam? Zhao Jiuge was only surprised for a moment before he calmed down.

After seeing Zhao Jiuge, the youth with the dimples naturally panicked due to his guilty conscience. For a while, he didn’t know what to do. It took him a long time to ease his flustered heart. He was secretly on guard while he mumbled, “You… You… What are you doing here?”

Everyone in this group of disciples knew that Zhao Jiuge was not a fellow that was easy to mess with. Moreover, this person was also from a poor family. They had just beaten up those bumpkins, and he was one of the most fierce aggressors, so how could the youth with the dimples not be nervous? Even his voice was tremblingly and unnatural.

But Zhao Jiuge only revealed a faint smile. He kindly looked at the youth with the dimples and softly answered, “Why am I here? I’m here looking for you, of course.” As he spoke, his voice suddenly turned cold with hatred and he let out a cold snort.

When he finished speaking, his right hand had already moved. The most simple punch was also the fastest punch, and it flew toward the face of the youth with the dimples. There was nothing fancy about this punch, but the simplest things were sometimes the most effective. Zhao Jiuge was worried about the sect rules, so he didn’t use any spirit force, but his body had become extremely domineering since cultivating the Sanskrit Divine Body. This punch created a gust of wind before it landed on the face of the youth with the dimples without any suspense.

The youth with the dimples was caught off guard and unprepared and was sent flying like a broken kite. The bruise on his face made him look a bit like a panda. The youth with the dimples fell to the ground in pain, but he quickly got up.

His entire face seemed to shrink from the intense pain coming from his eye. His lips moved, and just as he was about to curse out loud, Zhao Jiuge calmly said, “Now you know why I came looking for you.”

The youth with the dimples got up and wanted to say something, but Zhao Jiuge didn’t give him a chance. Zhao Jiuge moved and an even fiercer attack rushed toward the youth with the dimples. The youth with the dimples was completely shocked.

Zhao Jiuge kicked off with his right foot and jumped into the air. His body flew forward as his kick flew toward the youth with the dimples. The pupils of the youth with the dimples diluted rapidly. This series of actions wasted some time, and it was precisely this time that gave the youth with the dimples time to react. The youth with the dimples looked at the kick. He was not a fool—if that kick landed, he would be in bed for at least one month.

At this moment, he didn’t care about face or any rules. Rays of spirit light flashed around his body and a curtain of light appeared in front of him. It was the body protection spirit force aura that only Spirit Transformation Cultivations could use.

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