Immortal Soaring Blade

Immortal Soaring Blade

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The moon bridge is still there
One ant like mountain boy.
A long path of cultivation filled with difficulties.
A fantasy cultivation world filled with wonders.
A young boy named Zhao Jiuge lived with his adopted grandfather in a remote village at the foot of a mountain. Their lives were difficult but they were happy to have each other. However circumstances soon force Zhao Jiuge to leave the comfort of his home and step onto the path of cultivation. Join Zhao Jiuge on his journey through the cultivation world so that he may have gain control of his own destiny!
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3 years ago
Not recommended
One word: horrendous.

A typical cultivation story about poor bullied youth who mutates into arrogant young master by chapter 20, and what follows next is Arrogant Young Masters WWE United. Our 'powerful' MC was never taught any fighting skills yet he easily beats up AYMs and their guards, jade-like beauties randomly fall out from the sky, and everyone is happy to share some rare resources with our salivating MC whose 'eyes turn red from greed' from looking at anything shiny.

Besides permanent boner and IQ of a chimpanzee, our MC is 'kind' and 'innocent'. He will always stick his head into others' problems even though always tells himself to keep out of troubles.

I don't really have anything else to say, go (re)read something good instead (like Daoist Gu or ISSTH).

3 years ago
Not recommended
Before i start with the novel critique, the translation it self is good.

Story aside, the writing so far (up to about ch.50 before i removed from bookmarks) has been pretty piss poor.

*Lots of exposition on human nature that should have been subtly explained through character dialogue

*Lots of repetitive information about the cultivation system (i have no idea how many times the author explains each level of cultivation in consecutive chapters, how to word pad 101)

*The timeline of events and the assumptions made through those events is complete... bs.

MC learns cultivation after never having come into contact with anything to do with cultivation, 3 months later he is able to clearly identify the difference of good methods and bad methods even though he spent most of his time in self isolation, and very little contact with other humans outside of new acquaintances that he has doubts about as such barely speaks to. It actually got to a point where it ticked me off enough to comment on it.

The tropes are pretty embedded into the story, very cookie cutter in execution.

*Weak nobody with a humble personality and only a grandfather to care for him gets bullied until something worse happens to him then he comes across a lucky incident - nothing wrong with this trope and can be done well. ATG did it pretty well even if you dislike the rest of the story.

*MC has an encounter with a beautiful woman who looks down on him that he then turns into his reason for getting stronger - i personally am over this trope. If your only reason to get stronger to a ridiculous degree is for the acknowledgment of someone you meet once and find arrogant, you have issues. The MC in this case even wants to make the girl look up to him and when read makes it more like he wants to make her submit to him just so he can go ner ner and finger point. (Take into account he only lived with his grandfather and didnt associate with other people. Seriously, issues.

*Every other male the MC comes across thats around his age is an arrogant silk pants thats as stupid and emotionally balanced as a 3 year old - trope is horrible and overused. People can be arrogant AND smart, not just rich idiots.

If you want a story about a kid who is young and innocent, then grows to maturity during the first couple of books of the novel, read something like Perfect World (wasnt particularly a fan of the ending but the rest was ok). The MC, aka Milk Baby, starts off as an adorable 1-2 year old and gets to 15 around 5-600 chapters later. During that time most of his emotional growth is explained through his dialogue and his internal monologue, not done through writer observation and description.

As i said, i dont mind the backstory trope, so im hoping the author includes some more original ideas and uses less of the boring repetitive mechanical writing currently being presented. Will probably try rading it again 500+ chapters in if the reviews get better.

3 years ago
Not recommended
The novel starts out well, but soon it devolves into the usual picking up harem members every few chapters, and worst of all the cultivation aspect of the story is incredible shallow. MC is a little peasant kid that has cultivated for few months, but is suddenly killing grownup cultivators with years of battle experience. I am 92 chapters in and there are no mention of movement arts or any kind martial arts. Except the fundamental sect art, which they don't even really use when fighting. I mean if you are going to write a cultivation novel, at least make cultivation the primary aspect of the novel. The battles are complete nonsense when there are no martial arts moves.

I don't see myself continuing to read this one.

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