Book 3, Chapter 134 - Brothers are Like Wine

After Liang Yongtian’s arrogant voice echoed, spirit force began to erupt from his body. His late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation was on full display.

Liang Yongtian’s robe fluttered without any wind. Different from the other disciples, he had a crystal-clear sword and also a yellow jade flute around his waist. The yellow jade flute had a few red silk strands at the end that swayed gently along with his robe.

Liang Yongtian released his spirit force, but he didn’t make the first move. He had his own pride, and while the other side had two people, he wanted to show off to his junior sister!

Zhao Jiuge was a bit startled by the situation. When he saw the two young men wearing the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect robes, he became excited and was filled with disbelief. These two were none other than Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie.

Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie were Zhao Jiuge’s brothers. They had met when they were only outer disciples and had supported each other along the way. Although it had been more than a year since they last met, that didn’t lessen their feelings for each other.

There were people that spent every day together but were constantly filled with suspicion about one another. However, some could see eye-to-eye even though they rarely met. No matter where and when, their friendship remained the same. Brothers were like wine—their relationship became stronger with time!

Zhao Jiuge had wanted to see Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie before he left, but the two of them had left ahead of him. Aside from his senior sisters Fu Hongling and Sha Sha, they were the people he was the closest to. He had no friends when he first entered the sect, and they had known each other since the beginning. 

Zhao Jiuge didn’t expect to encounter the two of them out here in the Lei Province. He didn’t expect to encounter people bullying his two brothers, and this made him angry. His chest heaved up and down, and his gaze toward the Music Sword Pavilion disciples became cold.

He didn’t know what kind of conflict had happened between them, and he didn’t care. Since someone was bullying his brothers, he would naturally stand by them no matter what. Brothers were people that could be relied on!

However, seeing that Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie hadn’t suffered any losses yet, he calmed down a bit. He decided to watch first and see how much these two had progressed. If the situation went downhill for them, he would intervene. The Music Sword Pavilion disciples were only at the Spirit Core Realm, so he was confident he could deal with them.

When Pei Su Su and San Wu saw Zhao Jiuge’s ever changing expressions, they looked at each other. First he was startled, then he was excited, and then finally angry. Both knew that something was wrong. They could tell that Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie were people from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, so it was natural to conclude that they knew each other pretty well.

When San Wu saw Zhao Jiuge’s expression, he suddenly guessed something. Then he turned toward Zhao Jiuge and teased, “What did I say? Wasn’t I right again? It looks like we have to run again. It’s a pity that it’s two men—now Jiuge won’t have a chance to play the hero saving the beauty.”

Pei Su Su was also a little surprised and couldn’t help but smile. “How come this blockhead keeps meeting people he knows everywhere we go?”

Pei Su Su pursed her lips and curiously asked, “Blockhead, are those two your friends?”

“Yes, they’re like real brothers to me. When I had no friends and just entered the sect, they accompanied me the entire way.”

As he answered Pei Su Su’s question, Zhao Jiuge was still watching the situation unfold. He was afraid of something happening to Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie.

Pei Su Su nodded and no longer spoke. The smile on her face gradually disappeared. Since they were Zhao Jiuge’s brothers, they were also her friends. She knew about Zhao Jiuge’s past and knew that his life had not been easy. She was naturally grateful toward those that were good to Zhao Jiuge.

“I bet it was more than just the two of them who accompanied you. There must have been a woman as well.” San Wu had a smile on his face. He was trying to fan the flames.

This made Zhao Jiuge think of Bai Qingqing and wonder how she was doing. However, he lacked the strength to find out, and there were too many things for him to do now, so he could only wait until later.

Just when Pei Su Su was ready to fire back at San Wu, there was a violent burst of spirit force that attracted everyone’s attention.

“Hmph, so what if we fight? Do you think I’m going to be afraid of you, who was born male but looks like a girl?”

The hot-tempered Luo Xie revealed a mocking grin that made him look slightly evil.

This made Liang Yongtian overflow with anger. He was very proud of his handsome face, which was able to charm all the beauties in the sect. However, Luo Xie had called him a sissy, and this made his chest heave violently. Not to mention this was being said in front of his cherished junior sister.

“You only know how to talk. I’m going to beat you until your mouth splits open. I want to see how you will talk then!”

Liang Yongtian clenched his teeth. He had no intention of holding back anymore. Normally, battles between disciples ended on contact, but it was inevitable that accidents would happen. Although losing one’s life was impossible, some injuries were very likely.

Liang Yongtian didn’t plan to do anything to Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie at first; he just wanted to show off to his junior sister. However, after what Luo Xie said, he decided he was going to teach them a lesson.


Violent spirit force came from Liang Yongtian, and he looked like he was veiled in a layer of black light. His late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation erupted, and the high-quality spirit treasure sword in his hand shined brightly.

At the same time, he stepped forward, away from his fellow disciples. His junior brother and sister looked at Liang Yongtian with eyes filled with worship. The other disciples were ready to watch a good show. Although the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was a holy land, these two people were just ordinary disciples. Their senior brother Liang Yongtian was not an ordinary disciple, so these people were no match for him.

Following his spirit force fluctuations came from Leng Rufeng and Luo Xie’s.

Leng Rufeng’s mid-stage Spirit Core Realm spirit force was no match for Liang Yongtian’s, but he shouldn’t be underestimated. He had remained silent this whole time, but his movements were crisp and clean.

Although Luo Xie was only at the early stage of the Spirit Core Realm, the aura he gave off was not much worse than Liang Yongtian’s. He was still using the sword Zhao Jiuge had given him. The blood-colored sword shined brightly as he raised it.

In a flash, the auras from the three of them violently increased, and it seemed to indicate that they were ready to fight. Since Liang Yongtian didn’t seem to care, they weren’t stupid enough to insist on fighting him one-on-one. Not only were they weaker in cultivation, there was also a gap in their statuses. If they tried to act cool in this scenario, they would only suffer for it.

The atmosphere became tense to the point that it was difficult to breathe. The surrounding leaves didn’t sway as one would imagine but instead were motionless!

All three of them were holding their swords up, all of which were shining brightly. While Leng Rufeng and Lou Xie were weaker in cultivation, their momentum was stronger. This had nothing to do with their cultivation, but with their personalities.

Zhao Jiuge watched them with a smile on his face, and he felt melancholy. The three of them had all undergone drastic changes and had grown up. Leng Rufeng was catching up to him and was only one step away. He believed that with Leng Rufeng’s mental fortitude and attitude, his future achievements would not be below his own.

Even Luo Xie, who he worried about the most, had reached the Spirit Core Realm. Although Luo Xie was only at the early stage, at least he had crossed that threshold. Even though his talent was lacking, he could still go a bit further. When he left the sect, Luo Xie wasn’t even at the Spirit Core Realm yet, so he didn’t know what grade Luo Xie’s spirit core was.

He still remembered how lazy Luo Xie used to be, and it looked like he was worried for nothing. Luo Xie’s cultivation was catching up, and it looked like the three brothers would be able to fight side by side and participate in the Battle Competition in a year.

Thinking about how far they had come after entering the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he smiled. This brash feeling of youth was very good, and it looked like Liang Yongtian was going to give him the chance to feel it again. This caused his anger to die down, and he gradually calmed down.

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