Book 3, Chapter 133 - Music Sword Pavilion

The voice from the distance shocked Zhao Jiuge’s group, and they looked over. The spirit force fluctuations became stronger and stronger. They could tell from the spirit force fluctuations that there were about a dozen people there.

“Hehe, Jiuge, I guess it looks like another troublesome matter. Either it's you playing the hero to save the beauty, or some other trouble. I bet we won’t be able to stay in the Lei Province for long either.”

San Wu had a smile, and he began to tease Zhao Jiuge without any hesitation. The longer they were together, the better San Wu got at teasing. However, he feared Pei Su Su like she was a tiger, but he didn’t fear Zhao Jiuge at all.

Zhao Jiuge turned to San Wu and angrily said, “If it's a hero saving the beauty situation, I’ll definitely give the opportunity to you. If there is any trouble, I promise to go far away. I don’t want to have to leave the Lei Province yet—I plan to find the Chilling Fire Flower here.

Only after coming out did he understand what his teacher had told him. The most dangerous threats were not the environment or ferocious beasts, but the darkness in people’s hearts. Sometimes, due to self-interest, others would provoke you for no reason. During this trip, Zhao Jiuge had run into a lot of trouble he couldn’t avoid.

Pei Su Su looked at Zhao Jiuge, and she couldn’t help but scold him. “Stop pretending and let’s go take a look. I know your personality. If things are truly unjust, you will interfere no matter what.

“But I love that personality of yours.” This last sentence was so quiet that it sounded like it came from a mosquito. Pei Su Su said this in secret and naturally wouldn’t let Zhao Jiuge hear it.

San Wu happily looked at Zhao Jiuge while he was being scolded. The longer they got to know each other, the more lively San Wu became. At the start, he was like an old monk, and if no one talked to him, he could silently sit there for a whole day.

Fortunately, the dispute was only a few hundred meters away from them. They quickly arrived and saw the situation.

On the wide official road, there were two groups facing off against each other. On the left weree about a dozen young men and women wearing robes with plum flowers embroidered on their cuffs. They all had swords, jade flutes, or other treasures on their backs.

All of them were very good-looking; the men were handsome and the women beautiful. There were a total of 11 of them, three women and eight men.

Three of them seemed to have a higher position and stood in front, while the remaining eight seemed to be standing behind them. The person in the lead was a young man with sharp eyebrows. He was at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, and he had a proud smile on his face.

Liang Yongtian was the Chief Head Disciple of the Music Sword Pavilion, and he was naturally arrogant. He was young, but he had a powerful cultivation and was loved by his junior sister. Today, he had taken his junior brother and his cherished junior sister out to play. He didn’t expect to encounter these two people, but it was their misfortune. He wanted to show off to his junior sister, so he was going to make this into a big deal.

The shy-looking woman was the junior sister Liang Yongtian had always cherished. She was very beautiful—it was no wonder Liang Yongtian had his eyes on her. Even with the loose, sect-issued robe, it was easy to see her graceful figure. Seeing her senior brother get into a conflict, she was frightened like a small bird.

To the right of Liang Yongtian was a young man. He was also at the early stage of the Spirit Core Realm like the young woman. However, in comparison, he was rather excited, and the look in his eyes made his expression look extra provocative. It looked like he was ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

As for the eight people behind them, the two women and six men, they were also disciples of the Music Sword Pavilion. They were all at the Spirit Core Realm as well, but they were just some inner disciples. Their statuses were much lower than the three of them, who were direct disciples.

Some among the eight were already at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm, but that didn’t mean much. Some of them were much older as well, and their talent couldn’t compare to Liang Yongtian’s and the other two.

They had left the sect to take advantage of the spring weather and enjoy the scenery. While their sect was beautiful, they had gotten tired of it after spending so much time in the same place. Everyone had cultivated for a long time, but they needed time to relax as well. This was why Liang Yongtian had proposed coming out to relax, and this would also give him time to spend time with the junior sister he cherished.

Shortly after coming out, they encountered two people with no eyes who had walked toward them instead of moving out of the way. If they were mortals, Liang Yongtian would have just left them be, but he noticed the flying swords on their backs. He was instantly taken over by his impulse and wanted to bully them to show off to his junior sister.

The people behind them would obviously follow Liang Yongtian. If he wanted to bully them, they would help. Liang Yongtian was the Chief Head Disciple of the Music Sword Pavilion and would likely become the future Pavilion Master, so they all wanted to get on his good side.

“Hmph, did you hear what my senior brother said? Quickly kneel and apologize, or else I’ll make it so you can’t even eat or walk.”

After Liang Yongtian spoke, the other side dared to yell back. This made Dan Feng, Liang Yongtian’s junior brother, extremely unhappy. He thought that no one should dare challenge them.

And they did have the strength to act arrogantly. Ignoring Liang Yongtian, who was the Chief Head Disciple, all of them would be the core force of the Music Sword Pavilion in the future. They were all inner disciples or direct disciples, and all of them had good cultivation.

This was the Lei Province, and the Music Sword Pavilion was a famous sect here. Recently, they had moved up from a second-rate sect to a first-rate sect. This rise in rank had inflated the disciples’ pride and made them look down upon others even more.

When the young man named Dan Feng roared, Zhao Jiuge’s group saw the two people on the other side.

The two of them were wearing sky-blue sword robes and looked like they came from some big sect as well. There were three silver swords embroidered on their sleeves, which startled Zhao Jiuge. He had that robe as well—it was the robe of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

One of the two figures was tall and slender and held a silver sword in his hand. His face was a bit cold, and his gaze became colder after hearing Dan Feng’s words.

The other was a bit short and fat. When he heard those words, he laughed in anger. The roar Zhao Jiuge had heard earlier had come from this young man. He couldn’t help but say, “Where did things like you guys come from to make this young master kneel before you? Do you think disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect are easy to bully?!”

They were outnumbered and surrounded, so they had to reveal their identities to see what the others would do. If they let it go, then it would be for the best. If not, then they would fight to the end. It was impossible for them to kneel—they were still disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Sure enough, after hearing the words “Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect,” there was a hint of fear in Liang Yongtian’s eyes. The disciples around him were surprised as well.

“Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect? So what if you're disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect? I heard that the immortal sword cultivator is long gone. Just look at how trash your cultivation is. Kneel now and don’t force our hands.”

A mocking smile appeared on Liang Yongtian’s face. From what he could see, even if they were Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect disciples, such weaklings couldn't be anyone important. It was fine to bully them, and doing so would make himself look even better before his junior sister.

He had already made up his mind: no matter what the two of them did, he was going to show off before his junior sister. Who had told the two of them to be unlucky enough to encounter him?

“You think you’re in the right just because you have more people? If you have the strength, I’d like to see you try. I want to see how much skill the disciples of the Music Sword Pavilion have. If I knock one out, it's even, and if I knock two out, it's a win for me!”

The short and fat man spoke with anger in his voice, but he was still rational. Disciples of different sects could fight as long as no one died. If someone was bullied, they could only blame their own lack of skills. As long as no one died, the elders of the sect would pretend to ignore it. This was an unspoken rule among all the sects.

“Hmph, then I’ll witness the power of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s sword art myself. Let’s see if it's stronger than the sword art of our Music Sword Pavilion. As for dealing with you, just me is enough. Why would I need more people to deal with you?”

Liang Yongtian sounded arrogant and looked at the two of them with disdain. Although their cultivation levels were similar, that was not their true strength. How could they compare to his background? It would be easy for him to defeat the two of them. 

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