Book 3, Chapter 131 - Time Passes Like a Song

When the fierce battle ended, the moon came out of the clouds it had been hiding behind. It was as if even the moon had been afraid of the fierce battle earlier.

Bai Xianfeng’s heart was filled with worry and sorrow.

He understood his little brother’s words, but they were already quite a distance away. Even if he used his full strength, he might not be able to catch up to that spirit boat, not to mention his origin soul was injured. If they didn’t have the boat, he might have been able to catch up.

Moreover, if the other party had treasures as strange and mysterious as the Soul Shattering Needle, they were likely to have even more troublesome things. Even if he caught up, they would have plenty of time to prepare, and he would likely fall into their trap. When he realized that Pei Su Su had tricked him to escape, he had no intention of chasing them. Who knew what kinds of things that fox-like woman had prepared.

While the Bai family had lost a lot of face, his son’s spirit core had been destroyed, and several guards had been killed, none of this hurt the core of the Bai family. If he were to fall, the Bai family wouldn't collapse, but the power structure of the four families in Qing Cang City would change. After considering all the troublesome methods those youths might have, he lost the urge to kill them all.

He looked around at the dead guards, finding that even the leader of the guards had died. Fortunately, the spirit formation master was only injured and they hadn’t lost any Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. However, this was still a big loss, and the Bai family hadn’t suffered such a loss in a long time. Most importantly, the Bai family’s reputation had taken a big blow. Bai Wei and Bai Xianfeng had both gotten involved with this incident, but they had still allowed the three to escape whole, while Bai Xianfeng hadn’t been able to save his own son’s spirit core!

His younger brother Bai Wei was unwilling to let this go. He himself was unwilling as well, but as the big brother, he had to keep himself calm. More importantly, there were still many people here watching the Bai family!

His Bai family had developed fiercely during the past few years, and they had been secretly suppressing the other three families. Who could’ve thought that something like this would happen today? There were naturally people from the other three families watching, secretly feeling happy about their misfortune. This made Bai Xianfeng’s expression ugly. He also didn’t know how the old ancestor would punish him once he reported this.

“Qing Cang City’s Bai family, I’ll remember you. If I get the opportunity, I’ll definitely repay the Bai family for what happened today.”

Zhao Jiuge’s voice suddenly came from the cyan boat just before it disappeared into the night. There was no emotion in his voice, but the meaning of his words was self-evident.

After his words echoed, the last speck of cyan light disappeared, and the three of them were gone. While their escape was a bit embarrassing, the three of them were in the limelight of this entire mess.

Hearing Zhao Jiuge’s words, the crowd’s expressions became colorful once more and they began talking again. All of them could already imagine the future where the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect slaughtered his way back here!

Only one person had a gloomy expression: Bai Xianfeng, who was looking into the distance. When he heard Zhao Jiuge’s words, his expression became even more gloomy.

Bai Xianfeng felt some unease, and his scalp tingled. After a few breaths of time, he calmed down and mocked himself. While he was still calculating the losses today, it was nothing compared to the fate of the Bai family.

He knew what the Chief Head Disciple of a holy land could do. If there were no accidents, then Zhao Jiuge’s future was endless. His cultivation would continue to soar, and perhaps he would become a true powerhouse in the future. This was why Bai Xianfeng was hesitant when he learned about Zhao Jiuge’s identity at the start. However, now the Bai family had offended someone like him, and there was a big grudge between them. This was no different than a disaster for the Bai family.

Although Zhao Jiuge hadn’t grown up, he couldn’t rush into the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to kill him—that would be suicide. While Zhao Jiuge’s words made him somewhat uneasy, the Bai family still had their own foundation. Even if Zhao Jiuge grew strong in the future, he wouldn't rely on the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to find trouble with the Bai family. If Zhao Jiuge relied on his own strength, the Bai family still had several ancestors around.

With some unease in his heart, Bai Xianfeng glanced at Zhao Jiuge’s direction and then at the world. He had a gloomy expression on his face, and he was prepared to return to the Bai family. He was going to tell the old ancestor everything that had happened and let him make a decision. He wouldn’t dare to carelessly decide on matters that would affect the fate of the entire family.

Seeing Bai Xianfeng leave like this, the onlookers all booed to taunt Bai Xianfeng and also to express their dissatisfaction that things had ended like this.

What had happened tonight was simply too exciting for the people watching. They had seen many things they had never seen before, and things had taken several turns. Now that Bai Xianfeng left, they had no worries left and began to loudly discuss what had happened. It could be said that the Bai family had lost all face, and this matter would have spread across the entire city by tomorrow morning.

Soon, the outside of Qing Cang City was calm and empty again like nothing had happened, but the city itself was still fully lit.

The cyan flying boat was already dozens of kilometers away. Zhao Jiuge simply lied down on the boat while Pei Su Su steered in front. San Wu was looking after the injured Zhao Jiuge.

“Haha, Su Su, I didn’t expect you to pull a bluff. I guess Bai Xianfeng is going to be angry to death with you.” Although injured, it was nothing major, and Zhao Jiuge felt lucky to have escaped that dangerous situation. He had prepared himself to use the sword imprint, and he never expected to escape so easily.

San Wu also had a smile on his face. When he saw that Bai Xianfeng didn’t follow, he relaxed a bit as well. If things had gotten worse, he would have had to go all out without holding back, which would possibly expose himself to Pei Su Su. The current situation was undoubtedly the best outcome.

“Of course. Don’t  you know who I am?” Pei Su Su had a proud smile on her face. What was better than listening to the praise of her lover? The boat flew through the night sky, and the wind caused Pei Su Su’s hair to flutter. Zhao Jiuge looked at her in somewhat of a trace.

San Wu looked at Pei Su Su and couldn’t help but mutter, “Strange people are more cunning.”

He had done his best to whisper it, but it was still heard by the sharp-eared Pei Su Su.

“What did you say? If you have the skill, speak a bit louder! If you don’t believe me, I’ll throw you out of the boat right now.” Pei Su Su glared at San Wu, and he silently shrunk back. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this, and this caused his injuries to flare up, which caused him to frown. The tense atmosphere from before had disappeared.

When Pei Su Su saw Zhao Jiuge’s frown, she asked, “Blockhead, are you ok? How about we find a place to rest for a while?”

“It’s not a huge issue. San Wu also gave me a pill already. We should quickly leave the Huang Province, since it’s the Bai family’s territory. Although the Bai family isn’t chasing us now, if too many people see us, there is a chance they will find us.”

Zhao Jiuge waved his hand to indicate that he was fine. He had simply been hit by the powerful pressure of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator’s spirit force.

“My pill is a secret pill that no one else can produce… It's precious, and I can’t believe it was wasted on you. Only my teacher can refine it.” San Wu couldn’t help but look proud, and due to the excitement, he almost leaked the name of the pill.

“Acting cocky.”

Zhao jiuge couldn’t help but roll his eyes at San Wu. He didn’t give San Wu any face just because he had taken the pill. The friendship between men was different from the relationship between a man and woman. Sometimes, just one look or action was enough; there was no need for words.

San Wu feared Pei Su Su but not Zhao Jiuge. Facing Zhao Jiuge’s mockery, San Wu quickly retaliated.

“You dare to say that to me when all of this was caused by you? We just ran from the Yan Province to the Huang Province, and you managed to meet an enemy right away at the auction house. Who knows how much trouble you have caused outside. It looks like we can’t stay in the Huang Province anymore.”

Zhao Jiuge was suddenly speechless and could only reveal a bitter smile. What San Wu had just said was correct. Ever since he left the sect only a few months ago, his days had been very eventful. He wondered what other things would happen in the coming year.

From the start of this trip, aside from when he returned to his hometown, he ended up getting into fights everywhere else.

He had his own reasons for not getting revenge for his grandfather when he returned to his hometown.

Perhaps he really hated the people at the village, but now years had passed. He could easily crush them like ants if he wanted to, but what was the point? Although his cultivation wasn’t powerful, he was in another world compared to those mortals. There was no need to get involved in some karma with them, so he had decided to leave after paying his respects.

Zhao Jiuge silently thought of his past, and he couldn’t help but sigh. “Time passes like a song.”

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