Book 3, Chapter 130 - Escaped in a Sorry State


A soft rumble echoed from the armor. Bai Xianfeng was happy to find that the armor was able to stop the needle as he expected.

However, before this joy could last, his expression became ugly once more. The needle hadn’t pierced through his armor—it had embedded itself deep within it and was still trembling.

Even with the strong armor, his origin soul couldn’t escape the cold feeling the Soul Shattering Needle exuded. Bai Xianfeng felt somewhat glad—this was more or less a fortune in misfortune because the needle had lost most of its power. If he had used it at the start, his armor wouldn't have been able to stop the needle. The needle now remained motionless while stuck in his armor. Although his armor was damaged, the needle was finally out of power!

Bai Xianfeng endured the discomfort coming from his origin soul while gritting his teeth. He coldly looked at Pei Su Su and said, “Little girl, I want to see what other methods you guys have. Even if you use it all, I’m going to kill this brat!”

A small Soul Shattering Needle had forced him into such a sorry state, and in front of so many people no less. He was angry from embarrassment, and because he was so well known in the city, this had made him lose a lot of face.

When Bai Xianfeng saw the struggle in Pei Su Su’s eyes, he felt a hint of joy. He had suffered a lot thanks to the needle, but it was within acceptable range. Not to mention the fact that the situation was under his control again now that the needle was out of power.

The outside of Qing Cang City was now a complete mess after the fierce battles.

This situation was somewhat outside of Pei Su Su’s expectations. She had thought that when caught off guard, Bai Xianfeng wouldn’t be able to stop the needle. The needle was mysterious, and it was easy to get careless and fall to it. However, Bai Xianfeng’s treasure had exhausted the needle before he himself could take too much damage!

Pei Su Su was hesitating, wondering if she should continue or take advantage of the situation to escape. The more powerful methods would require even more preparation time, and she feared that Zhao Jiuge and San Wu wouldn't be able to fend off Bai Xianfeng during that time.

On the other hand, with the needle exhausted, it wouldn’t be easy for the three of them to escape. Pei Su Su hesitated on what to do in this situation. One mistake and Zhao Jiuge could die here. As for herself and San Wu, Bai Xianfeng would not do anything to them.

Pei Su Su continued to struggle, but Bai Xianfeng didn’t have the patience to keep waiting, seeing that there was no response.

“Hmph, I already told you to give up now, but instead you want to suffer a bit more. Brat, I suddenly changed my mind. I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to destroy your spirit core like you did to my son’s. I want you to taste the feeling of losing your cultivation and living a life worse than death!”

Bai Xianfeng's final words were directed at Zhao Jiuge, and his eyes were red. His aura had diminished a bit due to the needle, but now it erupted back to full power.

Seeing that the situation had reached a critical moment, the hesitation disappeared from Pei Su Su’s face, and her eyes shone brightly. It looked like she had already made up her mind.

She rolled her right hand in the air and another needle like the Soul Shattering Needle appeared. She waved her left hand as well, and another small needle appeared. Both needles had no spirit force fluctuations, just like the Soul Shattering Needle, and gave off faint, silver light.

“Hehe, you’ve changed your mind from taking this blockhead’s life to just destroying his cultivation. Well, let this aunt tell you that I’ve changed my mind as well. Your son should just die!”

Pei Su Su smiled with a cold expression, and her hands didn’t stop at all. She threw two needles out, one targeting Bai Xianfeng and the other toward Bai Zimo, who was being carried back to the city by Bai Yang.

After doing all of this, she walked toward Zhao Jiuge and San Wu and anxiously said, “Let’s go, quickly!”

When San Wu saw this, he was shocked. Then spirit force fluctuations burst and a flying boat appeared. San Wu looked at the two needles and the wink from Pei Su Su, and he suddenly understood everything.

The spirit force scattered and a cyan-colored flying boat appeared before them. The boat was exquisite. It was a bit smaller than the one Ling Bo Re had, but it was still more than large enough for the three of them.

Just as Pei Su Su’s voice echoed, San Wu picked Zhao Jiuge up and threw him into the boat. Then Pei Su Su and San Wu got on the boat as well. The cyan boat was a low-quality spirit treasure. Just any random treasure Pei Su Su took out revealed her powerful background.

Bai Xianfeng was shocked by Pei Su Su’s words, and when he saw those long needles, his heart trembled. He didn’t expect Pei Su Su to still have two more of these strange needles, and one of them was targeted at his son! Although his son had lost his spirit core, he could still live comfortably for several decades. If that needle landed on Bai Zimo, he would certainly die.

When Bai Xianfeng saw the two long needles, he was shocked, but he felt like something was wrong. Only when he saw the boat did he realized that Pei Su Su was trying to escape. He looked at the two silver needles that seemed slightly different from before. He thought they might be fake, but he wasn’t certain. The Soul Shattering Needle was such a heaven-defying item that even Pei Su Su shouldn’t be able to take out three at once. He wondered if they were different because they haven’t been refined by Pei Su Su’s purple origin fire.

All of this went through his mind in a flash, but the needle didn’t give him time to think for too long. In the end, he clenched his teeth and decided to play it safe. After all, he could get his revenge later, while his son only had one life. If he wanted to, he could risk injuring himself and stop that boat from leaving.

When Bai Xianfeng made his decision, Pei Su Su steered the boat and left Qing Cang City. There was a violent fluctuation of spirit force, and the boat flew away like an arrow.

The surrounding cultivators stared at the flying boat in shock. This kind of treasure couldn’t be obtained just with money. Flying treasures were best for escaping and therefore were very expensive. Most lower realm cultivators have never even seen one before. Tonight’s events had unfolded very quickly, but for most of them, it was an eye-opening experience.

Bai Xianfeng was very angry as he looked at the boat flying away, but his concern outweighed his anger. He quickly rushed forward and protected Bai Zimo and Bai Yang.

Bai Xianfeng stood before the two of them. The silver needle stopped tracking Bai Xianfeng and fell to the ground now that Pei Su Su was no longer controlling them.

When Bai Xianfeng saw this, his heart went cold. This confirmed his thoughts. These two needles were not Soul Shattering Needles—Pei Su Su had just swindled him.

The needle flying toward Bai Zimo dissipated the moment it came into contact with Bai Xianfeng’s spirit force. It was just an ordinary needle.

One of the needles turned to dust and the other stabbed into the dirt on the ground. The needle gently swayed in the wind as if it was mocking Bai Xianfeng for being stupid.

The surrounding cultivators watching all wanted to laugh. They didn’t expect to see Bai Xianfeng make the wrong decision. However, looking at the silent Bai Xianfeng, none of them dared to make a sound. They were afraid of being the subject of his anger.

Bai Xianfeng looked at Bai Yang and softly said, “You guys take Zimo back home first.”

There was no emotion in his voice.

Bai Wei moved his slips. He couldn’t endure it and asked, “Big Brother, are we just going to let this matter go like this?”

Bai Xianfeng calmly said, “I have my own plans.” 

Bai Wei was still reluctant, and just as he was about to say something, Bai Xianfeng said, “Go back!”

Hearing a hint of anger in Bai Xianfeng’s voice, Bai Wei didn’t dare to object anymore and left with Bai Zimo. Today’s events had undoubtedly damaged the Bai family’s reputation. After all they had done, the three of them had still managed to get away. This was tantamount to slapping the Bai family’s face.

After Bai We’s group left, there was silence as the night wind blew. None of the people watching left—they wanted to know what Bai Xianfeng planned to do.

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