Book 3, Chapter 129 - Five Colored Doll

Bai Xianfeng’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the incoming Soul Shattering Needle. The sense of danger he felt from the needle made him release his strongest defense without any hesitation.

Bai Xianfeng didn’t look down on Pei Su Su due to their gap in cultivation. The more powerful a cultivator became, the more they feared death, not to mention all the experience they had accrued. Bai Xianfeng was not the kind of fool who would make such a low-level mistake.

Bai Xianfeng still held the sword in his right hand, while his left hand formed a seal. Bursts of light appeared before him, then a crystal-clear doll appeared in his left hand.

It was a palm-sized treasure called the Five Colored Doll. It looked rather dull, but it gave off a spirit force that shouldn’t be underestimated. The doll was made of unknown materials, and its head and limbs had five different colors. There were many symbols carved on it, and it gave off a strange aura.

This doll was a defensive low-quality spirit treasure. Once activated, it could block one attack for its owner. This was the best choice against this strange needle.

After he took out the doll, he injected spirit force into it, and the dull-looking doll suddenly became lively. Its eyes moved and shined brightly.

The doll immediately hovered before Bai Xianfeng, releasing ripples of golden light that surrounded him.

The sound of the Soul Shattering Needle became even louder, and it immediately arrived before Bai Xianfeng. What shocked him was that this doll that he had always counted on had no effect. The needle directly pierced through the golden light, flying straight toward him.

Bai Xianfeng’s expression was filled with shock and his mouth was slightly open. Even he didn’t know what to do in such a strange situation. Whenever he released the doll, no matter what attacks were targeting him, they would be redirected at the doll instead. However, it clearly had no effect just now, and it didn’t look like the doll had even been damaged !

The Soul Shattering Needle had no spirit force fluctuations and was made of a special material. The Five Colored Doll only attracted spirit force attacks, meaning it was impossible to attract something like a punch. If it could, then this treasure would be heaven-defying.

Although Bai Xianfeng was shocked, he didn’t have too much time to think—he had to deal with it. There was less than two meters separating him and the needle, so he didn’t have time to do anything but release his powerful spirit force as a shield.

Waves of spirit force surged out of Bai Xianfeng’s body, and the night sky was lit up by various colors from the battle.

The dense spirit force he released was like a powerful wall shielding him from everything in front, but the needle still penetrated the spirit force wall like it wasn’t even there.

Bai Xianfeng was covered in cold sweat. This was the thing that brought him the most fear tonight. Neither the Five Colored Doll nor his spirit force had any effect on it. God knows what kind of effect this strange needle would have on him if it landed on his body.

No matter how powerful his cultivation was, he could only watch the needle charge toward his dantian.

A sharp shrill echoed as the Soul Shattering Needled entered Bai Xianfeng’s abdomen. Pei Su Su was certainly vicious—she had gone directly after Bai Xianfeng’s origin soul. The spirit core, nascent soul, and the origin soul were all nourished by the spirit force in the dantian.

Bai Xiafeng felt a numbness from his abdomen, but he didn’t feel any pain. He felt his heart chill, and the worst case scenario had happened: the needle that he felt danger from had entered his body. He didn’t know what would happen next, and he hated this feeling, but there was nothing he could do.


An invisible aura erupted, then Bai Xianfeng lost control and released his origin soul. Bright, golden light surrounded Bai Xianfeng, and a hazy origin soul appeared. Compared to the Soul Formation Realm cultivator Zhao Jiuge and company had killed before, this origin soul was much more corporeal.

Bai Xianfeng felt terror when he noticed that his origin soul was showing signs of melting. This gave him a sense of fear he couldn’t describe. Normally, the Soul Shattering Needle wouldn’t work this fast. However, due to his own sense of insecurity, he had released his origin soul. This allowed the needle to come into effect much sooner.

A chilling feeling spread out from Bai Xianfeng’s spine. This feeling quickly intensified to the point that it made him shudder. His golden origin soul trembled as if it was going to crumble.

The dazzling, red light was particularly eye-catching compared to the golden origin soul. After just a few moments, his origin soul was already showing signs of disappearing, and the Soul Shattering Needle also dimmed. 

Bai Xianfeng panicked. The origin soul was the core of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator, just like a spirit core was to a Spirit Core Realm cultivator. If his origin soul was destroyed, his fate would be even worse than a Spirit Core Realm Cultivator. His body would rapidly age and dissipate, causing his death.

Bai Xianfeng was really scared at this moment. Pei Su Su had caused such a big crisis with just one move. He couldn’t be blamed, because he had no experience with something like this. The Soul Shattering Needle was made of a special material that didn’t require spirit force, plus it wasn’t affected by spirit force. That was why the Five Colored Doll had no effect. The only way to defend against it was with a physical object, and its quality couldn’t be too low, or else the needle would just pierce through.

Seeing his origin soul showing signs of dissipating, he didn’t care about the damage—he tried to withdraw it. The Soul Shattering Needle only seemed to have an effect on his origin soul, so he felt safe withdrawing it back to his body.

Ripples spread all around him and the golden light slowly faded until it disappeared. After a few breaths of time, it reappeared next to Bai Xianfeng, while the red needle remained stuck where it was.

The Soul Shattering Needle had dimmed greatly—a lot of its power had been consumed. Under Pei Su Su’s control, the needle targeted Bai Xianfeng once more.

Even though its color had dimmed, Bai Xianfeng didn’t feel the sense of danger lessen. The needle shot toward Bai Xianfeng once more, but this time he had time to prepare. In just those few breaths of time, his origin soul had been damaged, which made him angry and embarrassed. Fortunately, he was experienced, and he had quickly retreated with his origin soul. If he had left it outside for a few breaths longer, he might have never been able to advance his cultivation anymore, if his origin soul wasn’t destroyed completely that is.

Bai Xianfeng put away the Five Colored Doll and instead took out a crystal-clear suit of soft armor. This armor was different from other armors in that it was worn by his origin soul instead.  Being able to figure out how to deal with this problem so quickly showed that he was worthy of being a Soul Formation Realm cultivator. Since it only affected his origin soul, he would protect his origin soul well, and the needle didn’t look like it had much power left. Once he fended off the needle, he would have control of the situation once more.

The crystal armor didn’t have many symbols on it, but it was clear that it was a spirit treasure that had been refined by his purple origin fire!

The cultivators watching were completely silent. Their eyes were wide open when they saw the needle force Bai Xianfeng into such a sorry state. They didn’t even dare to breathe as they waited for the result of this fierce battle!

After Bai Xianfeng’s armor was placed on his origin soul, the Soul Shattering Needle slammed into his origin soul once more.

Bai Xianfeng’s mouth twitched. The Soul Shattering Needle just stuck to his origin soul. It was not that he didn’t want to withdraw his origin soul, it was just that doing so had its disadvantages too. At least now the needle wouldn't do any harm to his body, as long as he could deal with it.

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