Book 3, Chapter 127 - Bravado

The dim Soul Shattering Needle began to glow after being refined by the purple origin fire. Its scarlet light was a bit harsh to look at.

That terrifying sense of danger that appeared after it was refined felt like a fierce beast had opened its mouth.

As time passed, the red light became stronger and stronger—it seemed like it was finally ready.

Pei Su Su’s eyes became cold and aggressive. The purple origin fire before her was showing signs of extinguishing, and when it disappeared, the refining would be complete.

The cyan spirit force shined brightly and was ready to move. The moment the refining was complete, Bai Xianfeng would suffer a fierce attack.

Bai Xianfeng also became impatient—he had attacked again and again but couldn’t deal with a brat at the Spirit Core Realm. Not to mention there were many people watching them.

Looking at the six dragons coming at him, Bai Xianfeng laughed in anger. He hadn’t launched another attack yet; San Wu and Zhao Jiuge had attacked him instead.

Looking at the life-like golden dragons, Bai Xianfeng’s gaze became serious, and he released the Bai family’s secret sword art. He was shocked by the pressure from the golden dragons, and as an experienced fighter, he naturally wouldn’t let his guard down. He began using much more powerful attacks.

With the purple sword as the center, golden light bloomed forth.

When the six golden dragons closed in, Bai Xianfeng became serious because that sense of unease became stronger. Even though San Wu was only at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, his attack was very troublesome to deal with!

The purple sword in his hand swung, and rays of sword energy flew out. They started out small but quickly turned into large blades.

After doing all of this, Bai Xianfeng opened his left hand. Spirit force fluctuations flooded out and then a silver ruler two palms long appeared in his hand.

The smooth surface of the silver ruler was covered in dense spirit symbols, and it gave off a mysterious aura. When he surged his spirit force into it, dazzling, silver light poured out of the ruler.

When the silver light was unleashed, it brought along a sense of danger that only a high-quality spirit treasure would have. Bai Xianfeng was indeed the head of the Bai family, taking out two high-quality spirit treasures at once. Both their quality and power were extraordinary, and very eye-catching.

Bai Xianfeng swung his sword and released a storm of sword energy. He then gently waved his left hand with the long, silver ruler. A ray of silver light suddenly shot out at the six golden dragons. Then he turned the ruler around and waved it once more. This time, a curtain of light surrounded his body.

All of his actions were done in one smooth motion—he was indeed worthy of being a Soul Formation Realm cultivator. His strength and control over his treasures were high above what a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator could reach.


The storm of sword energy collided with the six golden dragons. All the sword energy dissipated, and the six golden dragons were dimmer than before, and less life-like. All of this happened in a flash.

The six golden dragons were damaged, but they still charged toward Bai Xianfeng, undeterred.

Bai Xianfeng knew that even though he had taken the lead, he had been stopped by San Wu twice and lost the element of surprise. That’s why he was no longer in a rush and instead started taking his time, to ensure nothing went wrong.

The light from the silver ruler was only a dot at first. After a few breaths of time, it became brighter and several times larger. After the storm of sword energy, the silver light was going to face the weakened but still powerful six golden dragons.

This long, silver ruler was called the Galaxy Ruler, and Bai Xianfeng loved it more than his life-linked flying sword. This was why he had refined this treasure with his purple origin fire more than his life-linked sword.

The Galaxy Ruler was made of a special material that was defense-oriented, but it could also attack. In the cultivation world, if one could choose between a defensive treasure and something else, they would almost always choose the defensive treasure. In the end, one’s life was the most important treasure. If one were unable to survive, there was no need to talk about anything else.

The silver light became more and more dense as it moved and expanded like a giant spider net. It seemed to want to capture all six golden dragons at once.

Dragon roars echoing, the six dragons continued to move like they were dancing. Soon, all six of them collided with the silver spider web!


The violent roar was so deafening that even the people inside the city and the surrounding areas could hear it clearly. The collision of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator and a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was truly alarming.

Cultivators at the Dao Origin or Mahayana Realms could easily topple mountains and reverse a river’s flow with a wave of their hands.

The wind, the shaking of the trees, the flashes of light, and the ground shaking all combined to create this extraordinary sight.

Four out of the six golden dragons instantly disappeared after the collision. While the silver spider web had disappeared as well, the two remaining golden dragons looked like they were almost out of power.

The two remaining golden dragons were dim and no longer let out any roars. Bai Xianfeng had neutralized the six golden dragons San Wu was so proud of so easily.

Bang, bang!

The remaining two golden dragons continued to charge toward Bai Xianfeng. San Wu knew that the remaining two golden dragons couldn’t do any damage to Bai Xianfeng, but he had to buy time for Pei Su Su. 

It was like two stones had been thrown into the ocean and caused two small ripples. The sounds of the two remaining dragons being taken down was barely noticeable.

The silver light around Bai Xianfeng only rippled after being hit by the two golden dragons.

San Wu couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile when he saw this. It turned out that what his teacher had said was correct. He shouldn’t be proud because he was stronger than his peers. The world was vast, and you never know what you might encounter.

San Wu had thought that he would be able to stall Bai Xianfeng for a while longer, but it was obvious he was wrong now. While he still had other methods, they would either take too long or be useless against Bai Xianfeng.

Although they were only separated by one realm, the difference in strength was like heaven and earth. San Wu wanted to protect Zhao Jiuge, but he didn’t have any other methods left. The power of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator was extraordinary. Being able to survive against one was difficult enough, much less protecting another person as well. At this moment, the accident that Pei Su Su was worried about finally happened!

After Bai Xianfeng and San Wu exchanged blows, Zhao Jiuge held his sword up as if he wanted to deal with Bai Xianfeng on his own.

When Bai Xianfeng saw what Zhao Jiuge was doing, he couldn’t help but smile. His eyes were filled with disdain. “This brat is too naive. Does he really think he can do anything at the Spirit Core Realm just because he is the Chief Head Disciple?”

Bai Xianfeng was happy to see this, as it would save him the trouble of chasing after Zhao Jiuge. He was going to kill Zhao Jiuge here today. Not only would the reputation of the Bai family not suffer, it would increase after stepping on the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. He would also be able to get revenge for his son. However, this was all under the assumption that the Bai family could withstand the anger of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

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