Book 3, Chapter 126 - Defending the first blow

Pei Su Su looked at the needle and revealed a unique expression.

She only had two of these Soul Shattering Needles. Although they were precious, they didn’t mean much to her. She had many things like this in her storage ring that she had taken from home or other elders.

She had even more precious treasures, but this was more than enough to deal with Bai Xianfeng.

The reason why this needle was especially good against Soul Formation Realm cultivators was because of the material it was made of.

The symbol of the Spirit Core Realm was the spirit core, the symbol of the Nascent Soul Realm was the nascent soul, and the symbol of the Soul Formation Realm was the origin soul!

The origin soul was not only a powerful soul created by the cultivator, it had many strange abilities and could be used to travel great distances.

Soul Shattering Needles were made out of the bones of a species of underworld spirit beast that liked to devour the souls of cultivators. This spirit beast’s body had had no use, and only one bone in its head had any use: to be refined into Soul Shattering Needles. If an ordinary Soul Formation Realm cultivator was hit by this, their origin soul would dissipate and their cultivation would disappear without a trace.

The Soul Shattering Needle had no spirit force fluctuations, but it required spirit force to activate, and activating it took a certain amount of time. This was why Pei Su Su needed San Wu to earn her some time!

Her Nascent Soul Realm spirit force spread out. It was not as powerful as Bai Xianfeng’s, but it couldn’t be underestimated.

Faint, cyan spirit force appeared around Pei Su Su. This cyan spirit force wrapped around the needle along with her purple origin fire. It needed to be refined for a bit before it could be used.

When the purple origin fire surrounded the needle, it emitted crackling sounds. The cyan spirit force waited outside for the purple origin fire to finish refining the needle to activate it.

On the other side, after San Wu threw the beads into the air and summoned the golden bell, his battle with Bai Xianfeng officially began.

San Wu didn’t like to fight; he mostly used defensive tactics, but he didn’t always have a choice!

Bai Xianfeng’s flying sword was flying toward Zhao Jiuge’s dantian. Dazzling, purple light fluttered along the sword.

The tip of the sword got closer and closer to Zhao Jiuge, but after San Wu threw out the beads, a crisp sound of metal colliding echoed.

No matter how sharp the flying sword was, the buddhist beads from San Wu weren't damaged at all, but they were knocked back into San Wu’s hands.

San Wu wasn’t able to do any damage to Bai Xianfeng, but he had stopped him for a moment. This allowed San Wu to successfully create the golden bell around Zhao Jiuge.

There were already a lot of people watching, and Bai Xianfeng felt humiliated. He felt like everyone was taunting the Bai family, like he couldn’t even protect his own soul. The entire Bai family was being reduced into a laughing stock for everyone.

This was why once he made the decision, he was going to do whatever it took to kill Zhao Jiuge. This was why he didn’t stop his attack. He didn’t care what Zhao Jiuge’s identity was, he was going to kill Zhao Jiuge first and deal with the consequences later. Otherwise, the Bai family’s reputation would take a big hit and he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to the old ancestor.

Bai Xianfeng kicked off with his right foot, eyes filled with killing intent. Zhao Jiuge’s figure grew larger in his eyes, and the sword in his hand slashed down. There was a cold smile on his face—it was as if he could already see Zhao Jiuge’s corpse.

No matter how powerful a Spirit Core Realm brat was, he wouldn't be able to do anything when caught off guard. While Pei Su Su and San Wu could cause him trouble, he had made the first move. After he killed Zhao Jiuge, what could they do to him?

When Bai Xianfeng saw Zhao Jiuge’s panicked gaze, he felt a sense of joy. Although he seemed calm this whole time, it was impossible for him not to be angry after he learned of everything that had happened. However, there were too many people watching, so he had to suppress his emotions. Now that he was about to succeed, he revealed a bit of his emotions.

Seeing the golden bell around Zhao Jiuge, Bai Xianfeng didn’t stop at all and wanted to cut both the bell and Zhao Jiuge together.

When the purple flying sword collided with the golden bell, an ear-splitting ringing echoed. It was as if someone was ringing a giant bell next to your ears.

Bai Xianfeng’s expression changed when his sword didn’t cut through the bell like tofu like he had expected. Instead, he felt a burst of resistance, as if he had hit someone extremely hard.

The golden bell dimmed greatly after receiving this blow. It didn’t break, but it looked like it was almost out of power.

Even the Buddhist scriptures around the golden bell stopped and disappeared. Bai Xianfeng was a bit shocked, but he didn’t stop. The spirit force inside his body surged once more and he slashed down on Zhao Jiuge again.

San Wu’s face turned pale. The golden bell was a buddhist spell of his, and he felt the backlash when it was attacked. No matter how talented he was, he was still only at the Nascent Soul Realm—he was no match for a Soul Formation Realm cultivator. Not to mention he had almost no time to prepare.

When San Wu saw that Bai Xianfeng was ready to attack again, his expression changed. It was obvious that his golden bell wasn’t strong enough to block another attack, plus Pei Su Su wasn’t ready yet. There was no time for him to use a defensive move, so he had to use his own ace! He didn’t have much time to think before he clenched his teeth and a surge of spirit force gathered inside his body.

Zhao Jiuge also had time to react after San Wu blocked the blow for him. Although his Spirit Core Realm aura was nothing compared to the people around him, it was not a weak aura.

The yellow monk robe around San Wu fluttered under the power of his spirit force, and his cultivation erupted completely. He didn’t like fighting, but he was being forced to make a move for his friend Zhao Jiuge.

He naturally had to use his most powerful move. If he didn’t completely block Bai Xianfeng, it wouldn't solve the issue at hand. Pei Su Su was still not ready, so San Wu felt rather helpless.

Dragon roars echoed—it was the golden dragons! Six golden dragons appeared, and they were even more life-like and powerful than Zhao Jiuge’s.

The moment the six golden dragons appeared, they lit up the sky and rushed toward Bai Xianfeng. The roars from the six dragons echoed in the night!

Zhao Jiuge didn’t lag behind—he was not someone who was willing to just sit back. Although Pei Su Su and San Wu would not watch him die, he would rather take the initiative into his own hands!

He withdrew his sword, and it shined brightly. His spirit force was somewhat exhausted, so he wouldn’t be able to use his golden dragons for a while. Normal attacks wouldn’t work, so he wanted to try using his life-linked sword. If this didn’t work, he had one more ace up his sleeve.

Pei Su Su was frowning deeply. Although she only needed a bit more time, she was taking too long, and this made her very anxious. She was watching everything from the corner of her eye and was worried about Zhao Jiuge’s safety. There was still a big gap in cultivation between their group and the enemy, and she feared some accident would happen. If Zhao Jiuge got hurt, she would blame herself.

The purple origin fire before her flickered faintly and swayed back and forth. Crackling sounds echoed, and the needle that had been refined by the fire underwent a shocking change!

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