Book 3, Chapter 125 - Soul Shattering Needle

“The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Chief Head Disciple, Zhao Jiuge.” When those words echoed, every member of the Bai family reacted differently.

Bai Yang’s eyelid flickered and his eyes were filled with shock. He quickly calmed down on the surface, but he wasn’t able to calm his heart.

Then he felt some lingering fear.  It was fortunate that he hadn’t really exchanged blows with San Wu. Zhao Jiuge was the weakest among the three and had such a noble status. That meant that Pei Su Su and San Wu’s statuses were also very high.

Bai Wei became completely silent and sucked in a breath of cold air. This time, the Bai family had hit a metal plate and things had gotten out of hand. The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was not something their Bai family could compare to.

Among the people from the Bai family, Bai Xianfeng was the most shocked by this. He originally wanted to take this opportunity to let Pei Su Su and San Wu leave. He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to be someone so important. Now it was his turn to be stuck in a difficult spot. If he dealt with Zhao Jiuge with so many people watching, this information would spread to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. If anyone from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect came, especially Zhao Jiuge’s teacher, Jian Wuxian, then his Bai family would face a disaster.

If he let them go because of their identities, then the rumors that would spread would be damaging enough to drown their Bai family.

In a flash, Bai Xianfeng’s expression became gloomy, and no one knew what he was pondering. The moment Zhao Jiuge’s identity was exposed, the people watching all began to talk. This formed a big contrast compared to the silent Bai family.

“Haha, the Bai family is doomed now. Even when just catching birds, the bird can take out an eye. Bai Zimo has always acted so arrogantly, and now his retribution has finally arrived.”

“Whatever the outcome today, the Bai family will suffer a big blow. Now it’s up to Bai Xianfeng to figure out how to deal with this matter in a way that will minimize the loss.”

“That’s right, don’t you see the people of the Li family watching nearby? They were ready to move in to help, but the moment they heard ‘Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect,’ they backed off. And the Li and Bai families are normally really close.

“There is no eternal friendship in this world, only eternal benefits. In the face of powerful treasures and spells, friendship means nothing. Only your own strength matters.”

“The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect has created sword immortals. Back then, no one could compare to them. Even though now they are a bit worse than before, they are still a holy land. The status of the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is probably no worse than the status of an elder from a first-rate sect.”

“If I could enter the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, I would be happy just being an inner disciple. Even the status of an inner disciple in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect holds a lot of weight.”

“Hmph, don’t even dream about it. You’ve cultivated for a few decades and are still at the Foundation Realm. I fear you aren’t even good enough to guard the door of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.”

“Enough. Let’s see how Bai Xianfeng will deal with this matter. On the one hand, his son’s spirit core was destroyed, but on the other, his son was at fault, not to mention the other party is the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Bai Xianfeng must be furious with a son like this.”

Bai Yang was ready to leave with Bai Zimo. Bai Yang was not a member of the Bai family—he had earned his status because he had been with the family since he was young. He felt relieved now that Bai Wei and Bai Xianfeng had arrived. There was nothing for him to do here anymore, and it was better he take Bai Zimo back home now.

“Hmph, does merely saying you’re the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect make it true? Can any random person pick whatever identity they want?”

After pondering for a bit, Bai Xianfeng made a decision. His eyes shined and he inadvertently revealed a hint of killing intent.

Bai Xianfeng once again released the aura he had withdrawn, his mid stage Soul Formation Realm cultivation on full display.

The cultivators who watched this began to boo Bai Xianfeng. Once Zhao Jiuge revealed his identity, most of the people watching stood on his side. When they saw that Bai Xianfeng had given up any pretense and was clearly going to suppress Zhao Jiuge by force, the people watching couldn’t help but boo in disdain.

Bai Xianfeng was clearly afraid of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, but he was unwilling to let Zhao Jiuge go, especially since his own son had been beaten so badly. If the Bai family let this go, who would be willing to join them anymore? If a family backed down when attacked, and showed that they were afraid of other forces, they would lose all their prestige.

That’s why Bai Xianfeng had decided to become shameless and deal with Zhao Jiuge. If the people of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect came, they could deal with that problem when the time came. If Zhao Jiuge died, they could say it was due to his lack of skills, and the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect wouldn’t take it out on the whole Bai family. If the worst case scenario came to bear, there was still the Bai family’s ancestor. While he couldn’t compare to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he still had some strength and was not someone that could easily be bullied.

“If the two of you want to leave now, you still can since you have nothing to do with this. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave either. Since you destroyed my son’s spirit core, I’ll definitely deal with you today, or else people will think my Bai family can be pushed around!”

Bai Xianfeng sneered, and his expression was gloomy. He looked coldly at Pei Su Su and San Wu.

Pei Su Su smiled, her face as bright as a flower. She had seen the dark side of people and was not naive enough to think Bai Xianfeng would let this go just because of Zhao Jiuge’s identity. Only San Wu was innocent enough to hold that kind of fantasy.

Pei Su Su was naturally already prepared and was already holding the thing she was preparing to use.

San Wu was filled with helplessness. He liked to eat and didn’t like to fight. It didn’t look like there would be a chance to escape. Zhao Jiuge’s expression was also a bit ugly. Unless it was his last resort, he didn’t want to use the sword imprint Elder Waning Moon  had given him.


A thunderous pressure rushed toward them from Bai Xianfeng. He was filled with killing intent, and he was staring at Zhao Jiuge. He rushed toward Zhao Jiuge with his sword in his hand—he had already made a decision and might as well make the first move. He was going to kill Zhao Jiuge here as a warning to the others.

Pei Su Su’s eyes became cold the moment Bai Xianfeng made his move. She anxiously said to San Wu, “San Wu, hold him off for the blockhead, and I’ll deal with him. This blockhead can’t stop Bai Xianfeng.”

Bai Xianfeng was a Soul Formation Realm cultivator, so Zhao Jiuge stood no chance. She still had to prepare her attack, so she could only rely on San Wu.

Bai Xianfeng was filled with killing intent and his sword was filled with sword energy. The sword moved so fast, it was almost invisible as it shot directly at Zhao Jiuge’s dantian.

Zhao Jiuge was completely caught off guard by Bai Xianfeng’s sudden attack.

Only when facing a Soul Formation Realm cultivator could one truly feel the danger—it was not as simple as it looked on the surface. It was like facing a vast mountain that seemed overwhelmingly powerful. Now that Zhao Jiuge was at the Spirit Core Realm, he understood that every realm was different. Each realm was more profound than the next, never ending.

Zhao Jiuge realized that it was a bit too late to protect himself. Even if he successfully released his defenses, it would be pointless, but he didn’t panic. He still had Pei Su Su and San Wu beside him. Pei Su Su had a special relationship with Zhao Jiuge, and San Wu also wouldn’t abandon him. With the two of them here, Zhao Jiuge knew he wouldn't die.

San Wu didn’t make a sound and simply nodded. He didn’t do anything complicated, he simply threw the buddhist beads at the incoming sword. He frowned slightly as his hands quickly formed seals.

A giant, golden bell silhouette appeared around Zhao Jiuge. It was around three meters wide, and the moment it appeared, ripples covered every part of it.

The moment this giant golden bell appeared, Pei Su Su felt peace of mind. Feeling that powerful aura, she knew that Zhao Jiuge would be safe and that she could focus on releasing her attack.

She opened her tender hand. A red needle that was barely visible to the naked eye was on her palm.

The blood-colored needle was only three or four centimeters long and gave off no spiritual fluctuations at all. However, even though it was merely laying in Pei Su Su’s hand, it made one's heart flutter.

The needle was called the Soul Shattering Needle, and it was a specialized tool for dealing with Soul Formation Realm cultivators. This needle was not a treasure, but it was extremely difficult to make—a consumable. Its effect was very good, but an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to get their hands on one, and sometimes it could unexpectedly fail.

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