Book 3, Chapter 124 - Hidden Aces

“You beat someone up and want to leave? Do you really think my Bai family is so easy to bully?”

Bai Xianfeng’s gaze was trained on Zhao Jiuge, only glancing past San Wu and Pei Su Su. The person who had destroyed his son’s spirit core was Zhao Jiuge, and he naturally had to focus on the culprit.

“He lacked the skill and chased me all the way from the auction house. Now that he has fallen, he can only blame himself. After committing so many injustices, karma was bound to catch up.”

Facing Bai Xianfeng’s pressure, Zhao Jiuge remained unyielding and pointed the spear back at Bai Zimo, giving him the moral advantage.

When the surrounding cultivators heard Zhao Jiuge’s words, they couldn’t help but exclaim. Zhao Jiuge had shocked them too many times today. They didn’t know if Zhao Jiuge was really stupid or really had the ability to be so arrogant before Bai Xianfeng, who was two realm above him.

Bai Xianfeng was also a bit surprised by Zhao Jiuge’s unyielding attitude. He slightly frowned as he stared at Zhao Jiuge, immersed in his thoughts.

“I have two sword imprints that are equal to a full power attack from a Dao Realm cultivator. If the talks don’t go well, the two of you have to help me hold him off while I use one.”

Zhao Jiuge saw that Bai Xianfeng was pondering and quickly wrapped his voice in spirit force to send a message to San Wu and Pei Su Su.

When Pei Su Su heard those words, she quickly said, “What a waste, you blockhead. That’s not worth it. Just wait, there is no need for you to do anything. Just watch.”

A mid-stage Soul Formation Realm cultivator was not worth using one of the sword imprints on; someone at that level wasn’t enough to scare Pei Su Su.

Then Pei Su Su glanced at San Wu and asked, “San Wu, you should be able to block an attack from this Bai Xianfeng. You’re like a tortoise that is good at taking a beating. Leave the rest to me.”

Bai Xianfeng was two realms above Zhao Jiuge and held the absolute advantage. However, Pei Su Su and San Wu were at the Nascent Soul Realm, so the pressure wasn't as strong.

San Wu couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile when he heard this. He could only nod and agree, as this aligned with his intentions. Originally, he thought he would have to reveal some of his hidden aces, but now it seemed unnecessary. He only had to defend, which was his speciality.

“Hehe, what a fierce boy. Not only do you have the strength, but your mouth is rather fierce as well. Since you admit it was you who did it, then stay, and don’t think about leaving.”

Bai Xianfeng looked at Zhao Jiuge with contempt as if he never considered him a threat. His words seemed calm on the surface, but telling Zhao Jiuge to stay obviously meant that there wasn’t anything good waiting for him.

A dog that bites won’t bark at all. A poisonous snake wouldn’t bite carelessly, but when it did, the target would die. If a normal person were faced with their son’s cultivation being broken, they would show some kind of emotion. Bai Xianfeng hadn’t revealed any, so it could only be assumed that his anger was buried deep inside his heart.

“What a big tone. You think we are going to stay just because you say so? Does a family from Qing Cang City really think they are so powerful? The truth of the matter is that your Bai family made the first move and continued to cause us trouble again and again. In the end, it created this mess, and he can only blame his own lack of skill for his fate. If you are going to be unreasonable, I really want to see if you have the ability to keep us here. I hope you don’t become a laughing stock in front of so many people when you can’t.”

Zhao Jiuge hadn’t even said anything when Pei Su Su’s face turned frosty. Her words were filled with ridicule. Although her spirit force was weaker than Bai Xianfeng’s, her temper was noble and elegant.

When Bai Yang and Bai Wei heard these arrogant words, they were shocked. A person must either have a powerful backing or have gone stupid to say something like this. From their performance earlier, it was clear they weren’t the latter.

Even the angry Bai Wei remained silent and quietly observed the situation. He knew that if the situation was not handled properly, it would greatly damage the Bai family’s reputation. Fortunately, his big brother Bai Xianfeng was here, so naturally his big brother would make the decisions.

At this point,the Bai family was in a difficult situation. At the start, Bai Zimo was the one who made the first move and lost. Then the Bai family’s reinforcements came and weren't able to do anything either. Bai Zimo ended up suffering serious injuries, and his spirit core had been destroyed. The most important point was that there were many people watching. Bai Wei understood that the matter here would quickly spread to all nearby areas before the night was over. The Bai family’s reaction was very important because so many people were watching.

“Talk big? You really don’t know anything. Don’t blame my Bai family for bullying the weak. You youngsters merely rely on your background or some powerful elder. The two of you better tell me where you’re from and I'll let you go. As for that boy, he isn’t so lucky. Since he disabled my son, I’m going to personally take his spirit core out myself. Don’t doubt my words.”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su getting more arrogant by the minute would make even a person made of mud angry, and Bai Xianfeng’s expression turned ugly.

He understood that this was a difficult matter and knew that these three youths had some backing. If it were anyone else, he would have already captured them and brought them back to the Bai family’s home. This would also be a good show of might in front of all these people. However, someone at his position understood how powerful the real powerful houses were, and he didn’t want to offend too many people. On the surface, it seemed like he was sparing the two of them, but in reality, he didn’t want to cause too much trouble.

However, he couldn't let the culprit, Zhao Jiuge, go, since he had beaten up a member of the Bai family, and his own son no less. If he let Zhao Jiuge go, then the Bai family would lose all face. How would they be able to remain in Qing Cang City anymore? In the blink of an eye, Bai Xianfeng had gotten a general idea of what to do.

Pei Su Su smiled after she heard this, but she didn’t speak. Although she had a noble status, she was not stupid enough to reveal herself. From the looks of things, Bai Xianfeng was a smart person who didn’t act carelessly. Anyway, this situation was for the best. While she did have methods to use to fight him, there was no guarantee there wouldn't be any accidents.

San Wu spoke instead. “The person beside me is the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, Zhao Jiuge, a disciple of the Head Teacher, Jian Wuxian. Do you still want to bully us with your Bai family’s standing and be unreasonable?”

There was no fear in San Wu’s words and had a playful smile on his face. Both he and Pei Su Su also had powerful statuses, but it was not worth revealing them for this small matter. Instead, he had decided to pull out Zhao Jiuge’s status instead.

San Wu didn’t like to fight or kill. Even though he had a powerful cultivation, he never used it unless it was his last resort. Today, he had revealed some of his power for Zhao Jiuge’s sake, but now it was obvious that the situation was getting worse. Plus, Pei Su Su was also here. She wasn’t afraid of anything, and he feared the situation would spiral out of control. This was why San Wu revealed Zhao Jiuge’s identity, to resolve this matter. Pei Su Su had said that she had something prepared as a last resort, and San Wu knew it would be something absolutely shocking.

Zhao Jiuge’s mouth twitched slightly. Since San Wu had already spoken, he didn’t say anything. However, because San Wu had pulled out his identity, he felt a bit embarrassed.

Sure enough, after San Wu finished speaking, the crowd went into an uproar and many voices echoed. The people who lived in Qing Cang City and the traveling rogue cultivators all knew about the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. The Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had a high enough status to do as he wished across the 13 provinces.

Some of them already knew that the three of them had extraordinary statuses from their strength, but they didn’t expect the young man in black to have such a noble status. Thinking about it now, this explained his shocking strength.

The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Chief Head Disciple—these seven words were enough to explain everything. A heavenly genius like him was not someone ordinary cultivators could compare themselves to. Even a powerful family like the Bai family, with their deep heritage, could not compare to a holy land.

The people watching suddenly became lively once more. The show was back on! They thought that the fun would end when Bai Xianfeng appeared, but they didn’t know this young man had such a prominent identity. Now they wondered how Bai Xianfeng would deal with this matter.

Many people felt happy about the misfortune the Bai family was faced with. The Bai family suppressed many people, and now they had finally kicked an iron plate themselves! Not only was Bai Zimo’s spirit core destroyed, they couldn’t even complain about it, and they would likely have to suffer in silence.

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