Book 3, Chapter 123 - Critical Situation

Pei Su Su and Bai Wei were in a fierce battle full of flashes of light, collisions of purple origin fire, and the sound of swords colliding.

Just after Pei Su Su blocked several strikes from Bai Wei, she saw Zhao Jiuge’s attacks arrive. She immediately retreated and was prepared to disengage.

Zhao Jiuge held the Cold Underworld Sword in his hand as he coldly looked at Bai Wei. A familiar fragrance drifted into his nose.

Zhao Jiuge had one arm around Pei Su Su and asked with a look of concern on his face, “Are you alright? Let’s withdraw.”

“Let’s go.”

Pei Su Su’s aura was a bit messy, and she only gave Zhao Jiuge a short reply. As for Zhao Jiuge taking advantage of the moment, she was angry but also found it funny. After going through two battles, she only had the energy to roll her eyes at him.

On the other side, San Wu withdrew the formation when he heard Zhao Jiuge’s words. The golden formation melted and then he quickly rushed over to Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su. He didn’t head over to escape with them, but because he felt that that powerful aura had already arrived at the city gate.

Since San Wu could feel it, Bai Yang could feel it as well. That’s why after San Wu withdrew the formation, he didn’t give chase. Instead, he rushed over to Bai Zimo and picked him up from the ground.


When Bai Wei saw Pei Su Su trying to leave, he tried to catch up. However, the silver moon sword energy from Zhao Jiuge caught up and blocked his path.

Bai Wei let out a cold snort. No matter how powerful a Spirit Core Realm cultivator was, they would only cause him some trouble. “Does this Zhao Jiuge really think he can stop me?”

A flash of blue spirit force shot toward the sword energy, creating a thunderous roar. This naturally didn’t destroy it, but Bai Wei didn’t expect it to. It was merely a buffer to weaken the attack.

Then Bai Wei waved his sword, sending sword energy flying out toward the silver moon.

The moment the two collided, there was a bright flash and Bai Wei’s right hand trembled. Although it looked easy on the surface, Bai Wei had spent a lot of effort to block this attack. He was shocked—this Zhao Jiuge indeed had some skill. No wonder Bai Zimo was no match.

At this moment, San Wu had gathered with Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge. Zhao Jiuge had achieved his goal; the silver moon hadn’t caused Bai Wei any damage, but it had allowed Pei Su Su to disengage.

“We’re leaving.

Zhao Jiuge’s voice was a bit anxious as the situation has gotten a bit out of control. If they didn’t leave now, it would only become more troublesome.

After Zhao Jiuge finished speaking, he was ready to leave; however, he saw Pei Su Su and San Wu both looking toward the city. He frowned and couldn’t help but look over as well. What he saw brought chills to his heart.

An elegant middle-aged man was slowly walking out of the city. He looked slow, but in just a few breaths of time, he arrived beside Bai Zimo and Bai Yang.

This elegant middle-aged man was wearing a blue robe and held a jade fan in his hand. He had a striking similarity to Bai Zimo and Bai Wei. He was calm, but when he saw his son’s injuries and felt the emptiness inside his body, his expression became gloomy.

Bai Wei stopped chasing after Pei Su Su and went next to the middle-aged man. With a voice filled with sadness and anger, he cried, “Big Brother, I was too late. Zimo’s spirit core was destroyed by that boy.”

The elegant middle-aged man was Bai Wei’s big brother, Bai Xianfeng. Among the three brothers, the oldest brother cultivated in peace and had the most powerful cultivation. The second brother lacked talent in cultivation and thus focused on managing the family. As for Bai Wei, he was in charge of the family’s armed forces and would often deal with unsavory matters. The division of responsibilities was very clear among the three brothers. As for the older generation, they basically never came outside, always remaining in closed door cultivation. They were the main fighting force of the Bai family.

“Hmmm, I got a general idea of the situation with my divine sense earlier.” The elegant middle-aged man only nodded at Bai Wei. Even though his own son’s cultivation had been abolished, there was no emotion in his voice.

The crowd was silent due to the arrival of Bai Xianfeng, and now they became rowdy again. However, due to his abnormal aura, they all watched with cold gazes and were not as lively as before. Bai Xianfeng’s expression wasn’t looking good, and his son’s spirit core had just been destroyed. If something they said angered him, the trouble would fall on them.

“This matter has gotten so big that now even Bai Xianfeng has come out. Seeing his son like this, I think both sides have reached a point of no return.”

“That’s right. No matter how extraordinary their backgrounds are, they won’t have a good time. The Bai family simply holds the advantage in terms of combat power right now.”

“That’s not necessarily the case. They have all displayed shocking power; perhaps another reversal will happen.”

The people watching would not complain if things got even more heated. In short, now that Bai Zimo’s spirit core had been destroyed, there was no possibility of reconciliation.

Zhao Jiuge’s group of three were slightly shocked. The worst-case scenario had happened. They hadn’t expected the Bai family to arrive so soon, nor for it to be someone with such powerful cultivation. From the aura around him, he was probably at the mid stage of the Soul Formation Realm.

Zhao Jiuge had already experienced the power of a Soul Formation Realm Cultivator before, and his heart became heavy.

Back at the seven holy land exchange, he had encountered an evil cultivator who had just broken through to the Soul Formation Realm. It had taken him and three genius Nascent Soul Realm cultivators going all out to finally defeat someone who had just reached the Soul Formation Realm. In the end, he came out injured. No matter how talented and amazing their aces were, Zhao Jiuge felt like the three of them stood no chance against this middle-aged man.

“San Wu, this matter has nothing to do with you. This is my personal grudge with the Bai family, and you haven’t really made a move against them. Leave now. This is not a joke. Perhaps all our lives are in danger.”

As Zhao Jiuge stared at Bai Xianfeng, he quickly thought everything through. At this moment, all methods were useless because the gap in strength was too big. This was the worst case scenario he was worried about. He could use one of the sword imprints Elder Waning Moon had given him, but it would take him a while to activate one, and he wasn’t confident he could use it in time.

He had given one of the three sword imprints to the Mo family, so he only had two left. If they could not escape after he used both, then death was the only path remaining. That was why he wanted San Wu to leave first.

After talking to San Wu, he turned to Pei Su Su. “The same for you as well, Su Su. Get out of here now. I’ll find you later, I have my methods.” Once things got chaotic, there wouldn’t be time to escape at all.

“If we were to change positions and I asked you to leave first, would you?”

Facing Zhao Jiuge’s anxious voice, Pei Su Su was rather calm. If you have to face something, then there was no point in being anxious—it was better to face it calmly.

“Of course not.” Zhao Jiuge was shocked, and his voice got softer.

“Then there is no point in saying more. Since you’re my man, how can I abandon you in the face of danger? I have seen far greater dangers; why should I care for something as small as this?”

Pei Su Su grabbed Zhao Jiuge’s hand to calm his somewhat nervous mood and gave him a charming smile.

It would be false to say that Zhao Jiuge was not moved. After being together for so long, he was filled with love toward Pei Su Su.

“When we first met at the broken temple, I knew we were fated. You have accepted me as your friend, and since I’m your friend, how can I leave you? Today, you advised me to leave again and again, and now I’m very angry.”

Zhao Jiuge originally thought that if they encountered life-threatening danger, San Wu would leave. After all, they had just met; who would throw their life away for someone else? He didn’t expect San Wu to be like this. He had both love and friendship—what more could he want? Even though the situation was not optimistic, he felt very happy.

“Hahaha, scram! I have no interest in men.” Although Zhao Jiuge was laughing, he remembered this in his heart. Sometimes, a small favor deserved to be repaid in folds.

Not far from the three of them, Bai Wei stood with his head slightly facing away from his big brother. He was feeling guilty. Bai Yang squatted down and held the unconscious Bai Zimo. as Bai Xianfeng looked at his son, his mouth moved slightly. He still hadn't said anything to his third brother.

Around them were the dead and barely-alive Bai family guards. Even further away was the woman in purple, who had suffered serious injuries but was still better off than the burly man, who had been torn into pieces. She had managed to last until reinforcements from the Bai family arrived.

Right now there was no other sound besides the sound of the night wind. Everyone watching was afraid to make a sound, all eyes on Bai Xianfeng. They wanted to see how he would deal with this matter.

After a long time, Bai Xianfeng looked at Bai Yang and asked, “How is he?”

His words were simple and his voice seemed very faint in the night wind.

The moment Bai Yang heard this, his expression became ugly. The look on his face was rather complicated—it contained both guilt and anger.

“Although the Young Master has suffered major injuries, there is no threat to his life. After being nourished by the family elixir for a period of time, he can be active again, but… I fear he won’t be able to cultivate again. His spirit core is too damaged.”

Bai Xianfeng’s expression didn't change at all after hearing everything from Bai Yang. He only asked one thing with a gloomy tone. “Is there no hope?”

Bai Yang didn’t know how to answer Bai Xianfeng. He let out a sigh and shook his head.

Seeing Bai Yang’s response, Bai Xianfeng withdrew his gaze and finally looked toward Zhao Jiuge!

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