Book 3, Chapter 122 - Leaving While Victorious

Rays of silver sword energy covered the sky, and more flew out from Zhao Jiuge’s sword. Large amounts of spirit force were being consumed—even with a grade-8 spirit core, using Moon Dance and Star River consumed a rather large portion of Zhao Jiuge’s spirit force.

Zhao Jiuge aimed Star River down at the burly man and woman in purple. This spell’s power had increased greatly compared to before. The rays of sword energy quickly surrounded the burly man and woman in purple.

The purple light from the woman charged forward and collided with the sword energy, but it was crushed like the blazing sun melting ice.

The burly man and woman in purple didn’t dare look down on Zhao Jiuge’s attack. The blood mist around the burly man surged and he slashed down at the incoming sword energy. The woman in purple moved her hand, and a purple flower appeared. The flower wrapped around her to protect against the rays of sword energy that covered the sky.

Hearing Zhao Jiuge’s angry words, San Wu revealed a bitter smile and shook his head. He frowned and looked toward Qing Cang City with a look of concern.

Rays of sword energy landed on the burly man one after another. The blood mist around him was surging, but the color was obviously getting more faint.

Even wearing armor, the burly man could feel the pain from each ray of sword energy. His face was swollen red from enduring each attack.

A muffled sound echoed and the giant sword that the burly man was holding flew into the air. His arms were cut off, and even the armor he was wearing was torn apart. Moon Dance and Star River was really overbearing when combined with a top-quality spirit treasure like the Cold Underworld Sword.

But the burly was sturdy—even when his arms were cut off, he clenched his teeth without making a sound. He had a complicated gaze as he looked at his hands still twitching on the ground.

One’s physical body was naturally important. After losing his arms, the spirit force in the burly man’s body could not flow properly anymore, so he couldn't display any fighting power. His face twisted from the pain, and he could only stare at Zhao Jiuge with a hateful gaze.

Fortunately, no blood was bursting out of his wounds, as there were thin layers of ice coating them. This was created from the cold attribute inside Zhao Jiuge’s spirit force.

On the other side, the rain of sword energy fell on the purple flower around the woman in purple. The rays of sword energy fell down like raindrops on the purple flower.

The purple flower trembled, ripples spreading across it.

This was a competition of both sides’ spirit force and the power of their spells. The woman in purple was already pushing her spirit force usage to its peak, which caused her face to turn red.

A soft pop echoed, so soft that one could barely hear it. The purple flower was destroyed, but not much sword energy remained.

The burly man was not able to escape after losing his arms. His body was churned into a mess by the remaining sword energy, bloody pieces strewn everywhere.

The woman in purple wasn’t much better off, her eyes were filled with shock. Zhao Jiuge breaking the formation so quickly and killing the burly man was completely unexpected. And now her life was in danger.

However, with the purple flower breaking, she didn’t have time to think about this anymore, because she was about to end up like the burly man as well. She immediately used anything she could to defend herself.

The soft, purple light dispersed around the woman—it was body armor. Then she waved her hand and a golden mirror appeared in her grasp. The mirror exuded a golden light and a noble aura, but if you looked closely, it was only a mid-quality precious treasure.

The woman in purple raised the mirror, and a pillar of light shot out of it. She targeted the light at the sword energy flying toward her.

She still felt a bit uneasy after doing all of this, she clenched her teeth and revealed a determined look. Her aura suddenly surged, she had called out her power from her spirit core like Bai Zimo. After using these 2 methods she still felt that it wasn’t enough and she had to go all out to stay alive. However the sword energy was already too close for her to use a third method!


The sword energy arrived, and the light from the mirror disappeared instantly. The mirror had the effect of reflecting part of the damage, but the sword energy was too strong, so it instantly shattered the mirror, leaving only the frame. The treasure was damaged, but it had successfully weakened the sword energy. The burly man had reduced its power in half, and now the treasure had reduced it even more.

The woman in purple couldn’t afford to care about her treasure being broken right now. She wished she had more defensive treasures to protect her from this final attack.

Her face turned from red to white; it was uncertain if it was because she had spent too much spirit force or because she was scared. At this moment, her mind was blank, and all she wanted to do was survive this terrifying youth.

“Brat, I’m going to skin you alive and refine your soul with my purple origin fire!”

When Bai Wei saw the burly man die and the spirit formation master in danger, anger erupted from within him.


A muffled sound echoed, and the woman in purple was knocked away dozens of meters by the residual power of the sword energy. She was in a sorry state, but she was still alive.

The woman in purple desperately gathered spirit force around her body. Although the protection had been destroyed in one blow, she had survived, suffering no small injuries. The meridians across her body suffered varying degrees of damage.

She laid on the ground, struggling a bit to breathe, and her internal aura was a mess. Her dress had numerous cuts from the sword energy.

Zhao Jiue had gotten trapped in the spirit formation, broken it, defeated a dozen Foundation Realm guards, killed one Spirit Core Realm cultivator, and seriously injured another. All of this happened in a flash, and all the cultivators watching couldn’t help but respect him.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about Bai Wei’s threat at all. Instead, he sneered and replied in disdain, “You only know how to yell. Is it funny to talk so much? If you have the skill, then do something instead of wasting time yelling.”

Bai Wei was so angry that his teeth itched, but he was helpless. If Pei Su Su hadn’t been keeping him at bay, he would have already torn Zhao Jiuge apart. However, when he thought about the reinforcements the Bai family would send, he sneered.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t have time to worry about what thoughts Bai Wei had. He looked at the injured woman in purple, who had already lost her ability to fight, and he didn’t go in for the kill.

“Su Su, come here, we are going to withdraw.”

After breaking free from the spirit formation and dealing with the people of the Bai family, Zhao Jiuge had regained his cool. He thought about the signal sent earlier and had a bad feeling in his heart. He just wanted to get Pei Su Su out of danger so the three of them could escape.

When San Wu heard this, he didn’t relax, because he could feel a powerful aura closing in on this location.

After Pei Su Su saw that Zhao Jiuge was safe, she relaxed and carefully observed her surroundings.

With one thought, the sword energy in the sky trembled. When Zhao Jiuge used Moon Dance and Star River before, he had only used the in Star River against the burly man and beautiful woman. The single attack Moon Dance remained unused.

Zhao Jiuge stared at Bai Wei, and Moon Dance flew directly at Bai Wei.

Although there was an entire realm of cultivation difference, Moon Dance’s power was very concentrated. If you compared the force between a point and a surface, the point would have more force behind it.

Even Bai Wei frowned when he noticed this attack. This attack wasn’t strong enough to be a problem for him, but it would still take some effort to deal with.

Zhao Jiuge wanted to use this to give Pei Su Su the opportunity to break free from the engagement and cause some problems for Bai Wei.

The fierce battle outside Qing Cang City was still going on.

The gate of Qing Cang City was equally as lively as the area outside the city, where the battle was happening.

“I fear we don’t have such devilish talents in Qing Cang City. He was able to sweep all those people in one breath and even break the spirit formation. Is that something a Spirit Core Realm cultivator can do?”

“Hmph, so what if you’re powerful? All you can do is bully people at the Spirit Core Realm. Once you encounter a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator you’re not worth a fart.”

“That’s not true. After all, he is still very young. Given enough time, it's not impossible for him to reach the Nascent Soul Realm. Don’t you see how young the other two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators are? I think you’re just jealous—you’ve cultivated for a few decades and are still stuck at the Spirit Transformation Realm.”

The people watching would be very satisfied with this good show. As the battle raged, the people watching split into two sides.

One side admired Zhao Jiuge and praised his actions. The other side supported the Bai family, or they just didn’t like him or were jealous of Zhao Jiuge.

However, the next instant, the crowd suddenly turned silent because someone had arrived!

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