Book 3, Chapter 121 - If You’re Going to Cause a Mess, Make It Big

The strange fluctuations that suddenly appeared attracted the attention of everyone around. When the woman in purple released the spirit formation, everyone exclaimed.

Formation masters were special because they could set formations without materials and didn’t have to worry about external factors. They only needed two things to place a formation: spirit force and time.

Spirit formations were powerful, but they couldn’t be prepared in advance. If it were arranged on the spot, the time it would take was dependent on the size and its power.

The reason the woman in purple hadn’t moved at all was because she had been preparing a spirit formation. There were very few spirit formation specialists because it required a certain talent and had very strict requirements. The strong spirit formation masters were not only strong themselves, they could also arrange formations that increased their power a dozen fold.

Zhao Jiuge could have never imagined that Qing Cang City would have a formation master at the Spirit Core Realm. This reminded him of that sissy Zhou Hongyong back at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Although they had formed a grudge, Zhao Jiuge had to admit that Zhou Hongyong was indeed a talented formation master. He wondered who was more powerful. He remembered that when he left the sect, Zhou Hongyong was also at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm.

“Wow, it’s actually a formation master. That’s rare. There are those that are proficient in formations, treasures refining, and other skills. However, they are rare and never disclose their identities. The few you do encounter are part of some big faction.”

“It was not wrong to come here today. I have seen a lot of new things, and now even a formation master has appeared.”

“I think the Bai family has been developing relatively fast in the past few years; they seem to be leaving the other three families behind. Now even more people will join the Bai family, most of them coming due to their fame.”

The people watching could only wish things would get more heated. Whenever they saw something exciting, they would loudly talk about it.

The situation changed in a flash. Zhao Jiuge was trapped in the spirit formation and was one versus two. Pei Su Su could only bitterly watch. She was able to stall Bai Wei, but she was at a disadvantage here.

San Wu watched the situation with a complicated expression. He didn’t like fighting; if not for Zhao Jiuge, he would have already left. He had stayed due to their friendship, but the most he could do was trap Bai Yang here. He could not kill so easily, which was why he had used this method to deal with Bai Yang. If they actually started fighting, it would be difficult to control the situation.

Looking at Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge, he felt shame in his heart. If he made a move, he could easily turn the situation around, but for his own selfish reasons, he remained watching from the sidelines.

In the end, the compassion in his heart won and his face became calm once more. He thought that he should wait until the situation was critical or life-threatening, then he would make his move.

Pei Su Su was anxious when Zhao Jiuge got trapped, but she had to focus on Bai Wei. Although anxious, she couldn’t help.

Compared to San Wu and Pei Su Su, Zhao Jiuge was not as anxious. Soldiers could be cut down, water could be blocked, anything could be resolved.

Breaking through by force was an eternal truth. Zhao Jiuge’s eyes shined and spirit force surged out from his body. The benefits of a grade-8 spirit core became apparent here. No matter how much spirit force he used, he still had a lot.

The burly man had a smirk on his face when he rushed toward Zhao Jiuge. He looked at Zhao Jiuge like he was a rabbit waiting to be slaughtered. Even the woman in purple sneered. Being trapped inside a spirit formation meant being suppressed by it, not to mention there were still her and the burly man inside. Although she was a formation master, she was not weak.

Dragon roars suddenly echoed through the night, and four life-like golden dragons flew out from Zhao Jiuge’s body, clawing at the sky.

As Zhao Jiuge’s strength increased, these golden dragons were undergoing subtle changes too. Not only were they more solid now, their auras were much stronger than before.

Hearing the dragon roars and seeing the four life-like golden dragons, the burly man and woman in purple were shocked along with everyone else watching.

Under Zhao Jiuge’s control, they rushed forward. The burly man that was rushing toward Zhao Jiuge stopped and secretly put up his guard. These four golden dragons looked extraordinary, and being hit by them would not end well.


A thunderous rumble echoed as the four golden dragons collided with the purple cage.

When the first golden dragon collided, everyone inside could feel the cage shaking violently. The first golden dragon exhausted all its spirit force and disappeared.

The second dragon followed immediately after, and a cracking sound came from the cage. The second dragon also dissipated, but it had loosened up this cage.

“Not good. Stop him now, or else he will break free from the formation.”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge’s actions, the woman in purple’s expression changed and she shouted at the burly man. Zhao Jiuge had released the golden dragons to attack the cage instead of them, which made his intention obvious. She didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to be so strong; it was shocking that just two golden dragons were enough to almost destroy the formation she was so proud of.

Aftering being at the sect for so long, Zhao Jiuge had gained a lot of fighting experience. He had no intention of dealing with them inside the formation. The shackles of the formation were not good for him, and even if he won, it would delay him too much. This was why he didn’t hesitate to release the golden dragons to break the formation quickly.

The burly man was also shocked. At first he thought the dragons were meant to deal with them, which caused him to be on guard. This delayed him, and it was too late, even though the woman in purple had realized what was going on.

The third golden dragon collided with the cage, and the crackling sounds were even louder this time. Countless cracks spread across the cage, and now everyone could clearly see that this spirit formation was about to be broken.

The burly man exuding the blood mist rushed toward Zhao Jiuge, and the woman in purple gave up on the formation. She decided to launch an attack on him instead, both of them deciding to use this opportunity to land a fatal blow on Zhao Jiuge.


When the fourth golden dragon collided with the cage, the resulting sound was thunderous. The cage scattered into specks of light and collapsed. The spirit formation was easily broken by Zhao Jiuge.

Zhao Jiuge revealed a cold snort filled with disdain. The remains of the fourth golden dragon turned around and rushed toward the burly man.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t remain idle—the sword in his hand moved. The spirit force inside him was being consumed rapidly.

Just when the golden dragon was about to come into contact with the burly man, he raised the giant sword in his hand and slashed down. The powerful sword energy caused the golden dragon to dissipate, and Zhao Jiuge felt his heart ache. Now it was going to take a few months to recover them again. However, the fourth golden dragon had dealt significant damage to the burly man, and the blood mist around him had become a lot more thin.

Just when the two of them were about to close in on Zhao Jiuge, San Wu suddenly looked toward Qing Cang City, and his expression changed a bit.

San Wu frowned and shouted at Zhao Jiuge, “Jiuge, hurry up. The people from the Bai family are coming. If we don’t leave now, it will become troublesome.” He had detected a dangerous aura rushing over from Qing Cang City, and they should be here soon.

The three of them could still control the situation, but once the old fellows from the Bai family arrived, it would be very troublesome. While all three of them had powerful aces hidden, it wouldn’t be easy to resolve the situation.

San Wu was ready to help Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su retreat. Once Zhao Jiuge agreed, he would remove this formation and help Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su so they could retreat together. However, what shocked him was that Zhao Jiuge was not as calm as before and had become a bit reckless.

“What is there to be afraid of? I really want to see what’s so great about their Bai family. Since things have reached this point, let’s continue this. If we are going to cause a mess, we should make it big.”

Looking at the burly man and the woman in purple, Zhao Jiuge had become angry. It was not that he didn’t want to leave, but the two of them wouldn’t let him leave. Pei Su Su was also being suppressed by Bai Wei, and he wasn’t going to abandon her. Zhao Jiuge didn’t know what San Wu had on him, nor that San Wu could get them both out.

The moment Zhao Jiuge’s voice echoed, the attacks from the woman and the burly man closed in. Zhao Jiuge finished his attack as well.

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