Book 3, Chapter 120 - Second Battle Begins

The person in front was the burly man. His treasure was different from the ones the other dozen guards carried. He had a large sword, and even his soft armor was different from the others.

The burly man’s sword was almost ⅓ of a meter wide and was covered in silver light. Given the aura the sword gave off, it was a low-quality spirit treasure.

The other guards only wore soft armor that protected the body but not the arms. The burly man, however, was wearing an actual suit of armor with spirit force fluctuations flowing through it. It only had a simple protection spell carved on it, but it was still very valuable.

The burly man carried the large sword with one hand as he rushed toward Zhao Jiuge.

Zhao Jiuge was never afraid of fighting against a sword. Not to mention these guards were only at the Foundation Realm, he wouldn’t have been worried even if they were stronger.

He swung the Cold Underworld Sword in his hand and rays of silver sword energy flew out.

This attack landed directly on the burly man charging in front. Facing this sudden attack, he was shocked and changed to holding the sword with two hands instead. The spirit force inside his body surged, and the moment the silver sword energy arrived, he smashed his sword down.


A thunderous rumble echoed from the collision, and the burly man staggered back. He managed to stop the attack, but the fierce sword energy still made him feel pain.

The beard on his chin had been destroyed by the sword energy, and even his armor had taken a hit, dimming greatly as a result.

After blocking this blow, the burly man looked seriously at Zhao Jiuge, and his hands trembled. Both were at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, yet the gap was undoubtedly huge. The quality of their swords, their sword arts, and their spirit cores determined the gap in strength.

The burly man immediately knew the difference between them, and it made him feel bitter. He didn’t charge in anymore—he was not a fool. He knew he couldn’t win by himself, so why would he charge in just to be beaten? He had the advantage in numbers, so he decided to wait for the woman in purple to attack together. He was not confident in facing Zhao Jiuge alone.

Zhao Jiuge wouldn’t let them stall it out. He just wanted to deal with this quickly so Pei Su Su wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. This caused his actions to be much more fierce than normal. He didn’t hold back anymore—he already hated the Bai family to the core.

When he didn’t move, he was stable like a mountain, but when he did, he moved as fast as lightning.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were cold. After knocking back the burly man back, he continued his onslaught.

He released the second layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art. The sword energy contained a hint of sorrow, and it swept down like the autumn wind, desolate and spectacular.

The burly man’s eyes trembled in shock. He had been awarded a sword art by the Bai family, but how could it compare to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art? He was already shocked by the magnificence of the sword art before him.

The exchange earlier had allowed the dozen guards from the Bai family to catch up. The dozen Foundation Realm cultivators all raised swords that looked the same and wore the same armor; their actions were uniform!

Their actions were so in sync that it looked like it was just one person moving.

A dozen of the exact same flying swords were thrown by the dozen guards toward Zhao Jiuge.

Those swords closed in on him in an instant, but he was not worried at all. The attack from the second layer of the sword art flew toward those dozen swords.

The burly man’s eyes were filled with anxiety as he looked back at the beautiful woman in purple. He wondered why her move hadn't finished yet.

The woman in purple had her eyes closed, and the light around her was becoming stronger and even more dazzling as her spirit force surged.

The burly man turned around after a quick glance at the beautiful woman in purple. Then the spirit force inside his body began to surge like boiling water. Zhao Jiuge wasn’t the only one with an ace—he did as well.

The spirit force around the burly man became a bit messy, and blood-colored light appeared. He raised his right hand and bit down, releasing a drop of essence blood. With this drop of essence blood as the guide, he sacrificed a portion of the essence blood in his body to increase his strength.

To put it simply, it was a spell that burned one’s essence blood to gain a quick boost in strength. Although this method was very powerful, it was very harmful to the body. Recovering from loss of essence blood would take years. However, since he had already sold his life to the Bai family, there was nothing more he could do. As long as he could kill Zhao Jiuge, the reward would be worth it.

After the burly man released his spell, blood mist continued to surge around him, and he stared at Zhao Jiuge with a vicious gaze. He had decided to go all out in killing Zhao Jiuge. After this battle, win or lose, his cultivation would not be able to improve for at least two years. However, the trade-off would be worth it. If he could kill Zhao Jiuge, not only would he receive the reward, his status in the Bai family would increase a lot.

The sound of metal colliding echoed, and the 12 flying swords were swept away by Zhao Jiuge’s sword energy. Some cracked when they fell to the ground, while others became dull. Even though Zhao Jiuge’s sword hadn’t been tempered by purple origin fire, the power of a top-quality spirit treasure was still overbearing.

His Cold Underworld Sword continued to move, and several more rays of sword energy flew out.

Those that had suffered light injuries had only trembled a bit and then returned to normal. Those that had been more seriously injured had turned pale and coughed out blood.

Then the remaining rays of sword energy landed on the guards of the Bai family, creating dull sounds.

The Bai family guards turned into a bloody mess after being hit by the rays of sword energy. Their white clothes were dyed red and their bodies were covered in sword wounds.

These several rays of sword energy killed five of the guards due to hitting them in fatal spots. The others weren’t much better off and were all lying on the ground.

Those that were seriously injured were a breath from dying. They wouldn’t be able to do anything for a period of time. Zhao Jiuge’s combat power had reached another level!

Seeing the brothers that he lived with die, the burly man’s eyes cracked and anger filled his heart. His gaze toward Zhao Jiuge was filled with killing intent.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t go in for the kill on the rest of the guards. He noticed the strange appearance of the burly man, but he didn’t care. In the end, it was just a method to improve his strength, and it was nothing he couldn’t stop with pure strength.

Just this moment, another powerful surge of spirit force erupted. It came from the woman in purple. She had opened her eyes, and she was looking at Zhao Jiuge with frosty eyes. She was surrounded by purple light that gave off strange fluctuations.

The two Spirit Core Realm cultivators were going to reveal their fangs and were ready to attack Zhao Jiuge. They wanted to prove that they were useful, but even with so many people present, Zhao Jiuge had managed to kill five people. The woman in purple’s expression was ugly, and she had to get some face back.

“Attack together and get rid of him.” A cold voice came from the woman in purple. Her beautiful appearance formed a stark contrast with those vicious words.

The burly man didn’t reply, but he used his actions to show his intentions. The blood mist around him shined and he waved his giant sword at Zhao Jiuge. This time he didn’t use any other method—he intended to face Zhao Jiuge head on.

The strange woman in purple finally revealed her strength. Her slender arms moved, and the dense spirit force erupted. Purple light instantly spread out and surrounded Zhao Jiuge and the burly man.

In the next moment, the purple light turned into a purple cage covered in spirit runes. One could feel its powerful aura coming from the cage.

Zhao Jiuge was shocked to find that this beautiful woman was a formation master!

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