Book 3, Chapter 119 - Bai Family Reinforcements

Seeing the rays of silver sword energy about to hit his spirit core, Bai Zimo’s face turned ashen.

After hearing Zhao Jiuge’s words, Bai Wei’s expression became gloomy. He knew that it was pointless to talk to a decisive person like this. He had made up his mind to kill Zhao Jiuge no matter what, and he wouldn't let those other two go either. He could not leave someone like Zhao Jiuge alive, because it was a terrifying thing to form a feud with someone this decisive. If Zhao Jiuge escaped, it would be like a poisonous snake constantly staring at the Bai family.

Bai Wei threw a signal bomb into the air and then charged at Zhao Jiuge, the sword in his hand shining. As far as he knew Zhao Jiuge was not his match at all. He wanted to kill Zhao Jiuge first, and once reinforcements from his family came, the beautiful woman and young monk wouldn't be able to get away either.

The signal bomb exploded in the air, creating a bright, red light and a deafening shrill that lingered for a long time.

These were custom-made for the Bai family, and the red light was only meant for the most urgent matters, like when the Bai family’s fate was on the line. However, Bai Wei didn’t care anymore—he was filled with killing intent and just wanted to kill the people before him. When he thought about how his big brother would look after learning about this, he was filled with self-blame. If he had come earlier, none of this would've happened.

The rays of sword energy shredded the grade-5 spirit core into dust.

The moment Bai Zimo’s spirit core was destroyed, his vision went black and he passed out. At that moment, he felt the connection to his spirit core disappear, then he was overcome with a sense of emptiness inside him. Without his spirit core, Bai Zimo’s body was even weaker than an ordinary person’s. He also didn’t have much longer to live, a few decades at most.

Bai Wei already knew the result, but when he heard that sound, his heart still sank. His gaze toward Zhao Jiuge became even more cold.

Bai Wei was less than 20 meters from Zhao Jiuge, and he was able to close that gap in a blink. He was so close that he could see himself in Zhao Jiuge’s eyes. He raised his sword, and it shined brightly before it came down. He planned to deal with Zhao Jiuge with one attack. His cultivation level was higher and he had the advantage, so he would definitely succeed.

Zhao Jiuge naturally felt Bai Wei’s aura, but since he had made a decision, he wouldn’t give up on destroying Bai Zimo’s spirit core so easily. Facing Bai Wei’s immense spirit force and killing intent, Zhao Jiuge was ready to defend. His body was much stronger than those of most Spirit Core Realm cultivators, not to mention he still had the Sanskrit Divine Body.

What shocked Zhao Jiuge was that Bai Wei was too fast. When he was about to release the Sanskrit Divine Body, Bai Wei’s sword was already in the air. Zhao Jiuge panicked—he didn’t expect to miscalculate!

The next moment, Zhao Jiuge smelled a familiar fragrance, and his nervous mood relaxed a bit.

Bai Wei’s sword fell, but the bloody scene he expected to see was nowhere to be found. Instead, he heard the sound of metal colliding.

Pei Su Su had appeared beside Zhao Jiuge. After dealing with Li Changhao, she had noticed the people coming from the city and rushed over to Zhao Jiuge. She had her sword in her hand and helped Zhao Jiuge block that powerful attack.

Seeing the beautiful woman suddenly appear beside Zhao Jiuge, Bai Wei was filled with anger. He was looking for a place to vent his anger, and he didn’t care who it was, so he raised his sword to strike again. Bai Wei looked like he wouldn't stop until he tore Zhao Jiuge and company into pieces.

More and more people were arriving on the scene to watch. From the looks of things, half the city had come out. Some had been here from the start, while others had rushed here after hearing the news. There were still many people rushing over, all filled with excitement to watch the battle. The most important things were watching the destruction of Bai Zimo’s spirit core and many powerful spells. They were very satisfied with what they had witnessed.

Seeing the people of the Bai family arrive, Pei Su Su turned to Zhao Jiuge and softly said, “You go get rid of those people, leave him to me.”

Zhao Jiuge nodded and looked behind Bai Wei. There were about a dozen figures coming, two at the Spirit Core Realm and the rest at the Foundation Realm. Zhao Jiuge didn’t consider this kind of line-up a threat.

Seeing Pei Su Su rush toward Bai Wei and Zhao Jiuge rushing toward the dozen people, San Wu couldn’t help but look worried. He looked at the signal that had been sent off and then at Qing Cang City. More people from the Bai family had to be coming, and this time the people that came wouldn’t be easy to deal with!

While worried, he didn’t say anything because there was still time for them to mess around. As long as they retreated before the Bai family arrived, it would be fine. Even if they couldn’t retreat, he would still stick with Zhao Jiuge. After all, even in the worst case scenario, they wouldn’t lose their lives.

“Now there is a good show to watch. If those three youths don’t escape immediately, they might not be able to leave. Some old fellows from the Bai family might appear soon.”

“Yes, Bai Wei even used the Bai family’s red flare. I fear even some of the old monsters that normally never come out will appear. Who told that young man to destroy the spirit core of the Bai family’s young master?”

“I really want to know the identity of the young man in black that allows him to be so bold. Given how aggressive he is, I don't think his backing is ordinary. I don’t think the Bai family can do anything against the three of them.”

“Who cares? Let us just watch the show. Qing Cang City hasn’t been this lively in a while.”

Pei Su Su finally felt a bit tired when facing off against Bai Wei, an opponent with a higher cultivation level. She had used a lot of her spirit force in order to end the battle with Li Changhao quickly, so it was clear that she was at a disadvantage against Bai Wei.

Bai Wei had a gloomy expression as he said to the people behind him, “All of you, attack now and kill him. If you can seriously injure him, I’ll reward you with 10,000 spirit stones. If someone kills him, I'll give that person a high-quality spirit treasure.

“The same goes for all of you—if any of you can do it, there will be no lack of rewards.” This sentence was for the cultivators watching.

Hearing Bai Wei’s words, the burly man and the beautiful woman started burning with passion. Whether it was a high-quality spirit treasure or 10,000 spirit stones, either was a vast fortune for Spirit Core Realm cultivators like them.

The dozen guards from the Bai family felt the urge to rush forward, but none of the cultivators watching were moved by this. They were not fools—not only was Zhao Jiuge strong, he had to have an extraordinary backing.

It was simply too uneconomical to risk their lives just for a high-grade spirit treasure. The burly man in white and the woman in purple were not afraid. They were only working for the Bai family, and if anything happened to Zhao Jiuge, the Bai family would be taking responsibility.

There would certainly be brave men under the temptation of a great reward.

The burly man and the woman in purple looked at each other before rushing toward Zhao Jiuge. Following them were about a dozen Bai family guards.

Zhao Jiuge was filled with anger. He looked at Pei Su Su’s sorry figure and felt pain in his heart. He also blamed himself—he had vowed to take care of Pei Su Su so that she wasn’t the one sheltering him.

Looking at the people charging at him, Zhao Jiuge was filled with killing intent. In order to make sure Pei Su Su didn’t suffer any longer, he was going to end this battle quickly. Anyone who got in his way would be killed.

So what if he had to kill a few people for Pei Su Su?”

The burly man and the young woman were at the mid and late stage of the Spirit Core Realm respectively. They thought that with their strength and a dozen heavily armored guards, defeating a late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivator who was not in peak condition was an easy task. They looked at Zhao Jiuge like they could already see the spirit stones and treasure.

The burly man was also a guard of the Bai family. However, due to his superior talent and powerful cultivation, he was leading a group of guards. The beautiful woman in purple had joined the Bai family. While she was only at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm, due to her special identity, she got a lot of attention.

Pei Su Su and Bai Wei were already in a fierce battle with each other. Zhao Jiuge stood there with his sword pointed forward and coldly looked at the dozen figures rushing toward him.

A breeze caused Zhao Jiuge’s clothes to flutter. He quietly waited for them to close in a bit more.

20 meters, 10 meters, five meters, but Zhao Jiuge still didn’t move. The spirit force inside his body surged, and he could erupt it at any moment.

The beautiful woman stopped about 10 meters away from him, unlike everyone else, who kept charging forward.

Zhao Jiuge frowned slightly at this, but he didn’t have time to think about this, because at the next moment, he made his!

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