Book 3, Chapter 118 - Complete Sweep

The onlookers from Qing Cang City all let out cries of shock. It turned out that the victor between Pei Su Su and Li Changhao had been decided.

Pei Su Su took out her purple hairpin, allowing her hair to scatter down her shoulders. She gently waved the hairpin, and a bright, purple light appeared. It made the area look like a vast, purple lake.

Li Changhao used his blood-colored sword to slash down on the light created by Pei Su Su’s purple hairpin. It was like rain falling down on a lake.

Both side’s spirit forces were rapidly being drained. They were competing in spirit force density and the strength of their treasures. One mistake could mean a terrible loss.

Normally, this deadlock would continue—Li Changhao would continue to brandish his sword and Pei Su Su would continue to defend with the hairpin. However, in truth, Pei Su Su was secretly preparing her black flame spell.

An invisible and strange fluctuation created a strange sound, then a strange, black light appeared before Pei Su Su. At first it was the size of a bean, but it soon grew until it was the size of her palm. It quickly got bigger, and the black flame was more dazzling than anything else. It seemed to be able to devour all the light in the world.

The black light that suddenly appeared was noticed by Li Changhao. It made him feel a sense of dread, but he could no longer do much more since he had already used his ace. He could only clench his teeth and continue. He knew that whatever she was doing was not simple, and he could only hurry up and try to injure her before she finished the attack.

Li Changhao wasn’t the only one who felt that something was wrong. Even Bai Wei, who was rushing over, felt it; he knew Li Changhao was finished. But Li Changhao was only an outsider invited to serve the Bai family, so it didn’t matter if something happened to him. He only cared about his nephew, Bai Zimo.

After the black light expanded to a certain extent, it flew toward Li Changhao exactly at the moment that he was taking a breath for the next attack.

Pei Su Su didn’t remain idle—the purple jade hairpin slashed down once more, and another ray shot toward Li Changhao. It looked like she hadn’t used the full power of the hairpin earlier—she had purposely done this to trick Li Changhao!

Li Changhao’s clothes fluttered under this powerful offensive. His eyes trembled and his feet kicked off from the ground. Instead of retreating, he charged forward like before, trying to defeat it with force!


The resulting noise was not as deafening as expected; there was only a faint sound. Li Changhao’s blood-colored blade cut down into the black light before him, but he felt like he had just smashed into a bunch of cotton.

The light around Li Changhao immediately turned dim. The black light before him seemed like it could devour everything in its path.


A miserable scream came from Li Changhao before he passed out. His chest was a bloody mess after being hit by the black light. His clothes seemed to have fused with the edges of his wound, making for a gruesome sight. 

The previously powerful Li Changhao was instantly knocked out. The blood-colored blade in his hand fell to the ground, and he was like an empty lamp.

Pei Su Su didn’t take advantage of the situation to kill Li Changhao. She glanced at him and found that his body was as good as destroyed. Fortunately, his Nascent Soul was fine, so his life was not in danger, but it would take a long time for his cultivation to recover. As for whether or not he would have another breakthrough, that was up to fate. Now that he had lost his body, he would have to cultivate another one or take someone else’s. Both methods would result in some backlash, and the result wouldn’t be as good as his original body.

Seeing a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator being destroyed like this, the crowd was in shock. They looked at the defeated Li Changhao and then at the beautiful woman. They couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe.

When San Wu saw Pei Su Su using the black flame, there was a hint of hatred in his eyes. However, when he saw Pei Su Su not going in for the kill, his eyes returned to normal. On the other hand, Bai Yang was shocked. While Li Changhao’s cultivation level was lower, he knew how strong Li Changhao was. He didn’t expect Li Changhao to lose to that woman so easily, and he felt that this little monk was not simple either. He felt somewhat fortunate that this little monk only wanted to stalemate him this whole time. If they had actually fought, he feared that his fate wouldn't be much better than Li Changhao’s.

Seeing Li Changhao’s bleak fate, Bai Wei became even more worried about Bai Zimo’s situation. Even though they were less than 100 meters apart and it would only take two or three breaths of time to cross that gap, the collision had begun. At this point, he could not affect the outcome of this exchange. All he could do was rush over at full speed.

The dark-green spirit force and golden spirit force devoured each other for a while. Then the golden spirit force erupted and quickly devoured the dark-green spirit force. The only thing that remained was a dark-green spirit core the size of a thumb struggling to release dark-green spirit force. Ultimately, it couldn’t escape the fate of being surrounded by the golden spirit force.

Under the night wind, the echo of the Sanskrit Chant had become faint, as if it had disappeared, and the rotating golden lotuses were almost invisible.


At this moment, Bai Wei was almost within reach of Bai Zimo, but not even a god could do anything. Bai Wei couldn’t help but let out a sad cry. His face turned pale, as if he had already seen Bai Zimo’s fate.

Bai Zimo’s face became even more pale when the situation suddenly changed. However, he saw his uncle at this point. With a spark of hope, he tried his best to control his grade-5 spirit core, intending to last long enough for his uncle to arrive and save him.

Bai Zimo’s mind was completely blank, and he controlled his spirit core based on instinct. He had no power to waste thinking about how much he hated Zhao Jiuge. At this moment, he was filled with endless regret. Why had Zhao Jiuge become so strong? Even when he went all out, he was still not Zhao Jiuge’s match.

Thinking about what would happen if his spirit core were destroyed, his legs went soft. If he couldn’t cultivate anymore, not only would his lifespan decrease greatly, he would lose all his status in the Bai family. It would be like falling from heaven, from the young master to a wastrel who couldn’t cultivate. He would no longer be able to enjoy the beautiful girl or the lavious lifestyle he used to. If he could no longer cultivate, everything would be futile.


A faint crackle echoed through the silent night. It was particularly piercing in this intense situation. The golden spirit force didn’t have much power left and was unable to destroy the grade-5 spirit core. Only a few cracks had appeared on it, and it still remained whole when the golden spirit force dissipated.

Bai Zimo coughed out a mouthful of essence blood and his body turned completely pale. His spirit core had been damaged and he was suffering the backlash. The injury was quite serious; however, he didn’t care about any of this—he was just happy that his grade-5 spirit core had remained intact.

Bai Wei arrived beside his nephew and supported him. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Bai Zimo’s spirit core was cracked and the damage was not light, which was a fortune in disguise. Generally, damage to the spirit core was difficult to heal, not to mention such a big crack. However, at least Bai Zimo was able to keep it. It could be slowly healed and maybe even recover. Even if he couldn’t recover, with the power of the Bai family and his current cultivation, Bai Zimo could live a good life for a few hundred years. If he had lost his spirit core, he would’ve been lower than a dog and would’ve only lived for a few more decades.

Bai Wei secretly felt glad that there was no damage to Bai Zimo’s spirit core. He now had to deal with Zhao Jiuge in a way that he wouldn't lose face for the Bai family while not taking things too far. Just at this moment, let out an angry roar. “You dare?! If you continue, my Bai family will fight you to the death with no regard for who you are!”

He had seen Zhao Jiuge move, a burst of silver light erupting from his sword. Rays of sword energy shot toward the grade-5 green spirit core.

When Bai Wei was thinking about how to deal with Zhao Jiuge, Zhao Jiuge had noticed that Bai Zimo’s spirit core was still intact. He made the decision and didn’t hesitate to attack the spirit core, intending to destroy it. After all, Bai Zimo had repeatedly tried to kill him, and no matter how good-tempered Zhao Jiuge was, he would not stand for it. He wouldn't kill Bai Zimo, but he wouldn’t let him off easy.

“I want to see what your Bai family can do. If you want to fight with me to the death, come! Today, I’m going to destroy Bai Zimo’s spirit core since he loves to bully the weak with his little strength. Once he loses his strength, he naturally won’t have these thoughts.”

Zhao Jiuge remained unwavered in the face of Bai Wei’s threat. He didn’t plan on destroying Bai Zimo’s spirit core at first, but Bai Zimo had stupidly released it in an attempt to kill Zhao Jiuge. Since Zhao Jiuge had the opportunity, he seized it. It would be a good lesson for Bai Zimo without killing him, and it would make it so he couldn’t harm others in the future.

The surrounding cultivators went into an uproar. They thought that these three youths were really something. Forget the beautiful woman at the mid stage of the Nascent Soul Realm and the mysterious young monk at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, even the young man in black, who had the worst cultivation, didn’t fear the Bai family’s threats. And he clearly intended to destroy Bai Zimo’s spirit core.

He was simply too bold. The Bai family was no ordinary family, and not even an ordinary sect would dare to mess with them. All long-standing families had very powerful foundations; ordinary powers could not compete with them. Even though Zhao Jiuge had some strength, it was too much to slap the Bai family in the face like this by destroying the cultivation of the Bai family’s young master. The Bai family would certainly attempt to kill him without fear of any consequence. After all, if they didn’t do anything, the Bai family would become a joke, and no one would fear them.

However, after some people heard Zhao Jiuge’s words, they couldn’t help but feel joy. In particular, the people who had been bullied by Bai Zimo were very happy to see him like this. They hoped all the people in the Bai family would just die.

At this moment, the rays of sword energy from Zhao Jiuge landed on the grade-5 spirit core that was covered in cracks.

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