Book 3, Chapter 117 - Competition of Spirit Cores

Zhao Jiuge’s hands moved very fast to form the seals, so it only took a few breaths of time.

He did this in the amount of time it took Bai Zimo to release the attack from his spirit core, so both of them finished at around the same time.

After Zhao Jiuge finished forming his seals, the golden light around his body withdrew back inside him. He put away his Sanskrit Divine Body, and it was replaced by the smiling buddha in his dantian. The Buddha had a kind smile and was similar to the one around San Wu.

The law body surrounded Zhao Jiuge, and golden lotuses appeared around him. Golden spirit force appeared before him while pleasant Sanskrit Chants echoed.

Golden Lotus, Sanskrit Chant!

The phenomenon from when he formed his spirit core appeared once more. The spirit force before him came from his spirit core. As a result of releasing this, his face had turned a bit pale, and the dense spirit force inside him weakened.

Looking at the golden lotuses and Sanskrit Chant, Zhao Jiuge was a bit shocked. He didn’t expect to trigger this when he used the spirit force from his spirit core. The golden spirit force rushed toward the incoming dark-green spirit force. Naturally, he wasn’t going to use his grade-8 spirit core, in fear of revealing it or risking it. This was more than enough to deal with Bai Zimo.

The golden spirit force swept forward like the wind, and the grade-8 spirit core inside Zhao Jiuge rotated rapidly. Every spin caused the spirit force around the spirit core to become a bit stronger.

The strange scenes around Zhao Jiuge caused the cultivators who didn’t know anying to gasp in shock, but San Wu and Pei Su Su knew what this was. It was the phenomenon that appeared when forming one’s spirit core. Not even the two of them were lucky enough to have this treatment. Pei Su Su’s seductive mouth opened slightly in shock, and San Wu went into a trance for a moment.

“Thief, you dare!”

The dozen figures that were rushing out from the city gate started pushing forward even harder. The middle-aged man leading them  was extremely anxious because he couldn't stop his nephew, and now the young man in black was launching a powerful attack. He was so anxious that he let out another roar. However, both Bai Zimo and Zhao Jiuge ignored the middle-aged man. Seeing the two attacks about to collide, the middle-aged man’s eyes widened!

The dozen figures that had suddenly appeared drew many gazes from the crowd. When they saw who they were, the crowd erupted once more. The Bai family’s reinforcements were here!

The middle-aged man who had shouted twice was wearing white, formal clothes and gave off a powerful sense of pressure. At this moment, he was holding up a slender, blood-red sword while staring intently at Bai Zimo and Zhao Jiuge’s battle.

People who had lived at Qing Cang City for a while knew that he was called Bai Wei and that he was Bai Zimo’s uncle. Bai Zimo’s father had two brothers, and the youngest one was Bai Wei. He was not too handsome, but at this moment, he attracted everyone's attention. The aura he released showed that he was at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. Another Nascent Soul Realm cultivator had arrived to shift the situation once more!

It was rare to see a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, and today several had appeared. They had even battled, and battle at this level was rare to see.

Bai Wei had just finished dealing with some family matters before rushing here. He had just come out, so he was in no rush to reenter closed door cultivation. Normally, his eldest brother dealt with family affairs, so he had planned to visit his second brother. Just as he was about to leave, the two guards Bai Zimo had sent back arrived and reported the matter at the auction house.

Bai Wei had always spoiled his nephew, so when he heard that his nephew was in trouble, he quickly went out to help. As far as he and his brother knew, Bai Zimo had just gotten frustrated at the auction, and Bai Wei would be more than enough to smoothen the situation. No one in this city would dare not give the Bai family some face. Bai Zimo also had two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with him, so he wasn’t too worried. He casually grabbed some people and rushed over.

After arriving here, the situation was different from what he had thought. Even with Li Changhao and Bai Yang here, they hadn’t been able to stabilize the situation. Bai Zimo had been forced to use his spirit core. If Bai Zimo’s spirit core were destroyed, his cultivation would be gone. Bai Wei would find it difficult to explain this to the family.

However, after seeing that the opposing party only consisted of three people, and with those three being so young, Bai Wei became worried. Being at such cultivation levels at this young age meant that they had a strong power behind them. He had made up his mind: as long as his nephew didn’t suffer any serious injuries, he wouldn’t go too far. As long as the Bai family didn’t lose face here, all would be fine.

After all, many people had gathered, and if he didn't handle this well, the might of the Bai family would drop a lot. If three people could provoke the Bai family like this and they couldn’t do anything about it, that would mean that the Bai family was useless. Yet at the same time, Bai Wei was worried about their background.

Fortunately, there were only three people; this made Bai Wei relax a bit. As long as Bai Zimo could withstand this attack, the situation would be in the Bai family’s control again.

Among the dozen people behind Bai Wei, there were two people whose auras were more prominent than the rest—both of them were at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm. One of them was a beautiful woman who seemed to be around 30 years old. She had her hair coiled up and wore a purple dress. It was impossible to see any emotion in her eyes, and she held no treasure nor wore any ornaments.

The other was a burly man who was wearing white like the rest. The only difference was that while everyone else carried a slender sword, he had a giant blade that was almost two meters long. The blade was longer than him, and it emitted the aura of a low-quality spirit treasure.

As for the rest of the people around them, they were guards from the Bai family. They all wore white and had the symbol of the Bai family on their clothes. They were all equipped with the same type of flying sword and wore soft armor. Their armor couldn’t compare to most other armor treasures, but they were still magic treasures. Therefore, they were still very valuable, and being able to equip everyone with them showed how powerful the Bai family was.

Whether it was the reinforcements from the Bai family or the other cultivators, everyone was staring at Bai Zimo, who was going all out. Even Bai Yang and San Wu looked over—it looked like the victor was about to be decided.

The only two exceptions here were Pei Su Su and Li Changhao, who were still engaged in their fierce battle. Pei Su Su had great confidence in Zhao Jiuge, as a late stage Spirit Core Realm opponent was nothing to him. Also, even if she looked over, she wouldn’t be able to do anything, so she might as well defeat Li Changhao quickly so she could go help.


There was a deafening rumble so loud that even the ground shook. This rumble echoed far and wide.

When the dark-green light collided with the golden spirit light, a bright light shone outside Qing Cang City, making it look like it was daytime.

Aside from the deafening sound and dazzling light, there wasn’t much other movement. The dark-green and golden lights seemed to have fused together. The cold and lightning attributes had collided, and there was a faint image of golden lotuses rotating all around, accompanied by the faint sound of Sanskrit Chants.

Everyone held their breath and stared at this scene. Even Bai Zimo was staring at the collision, hoping in his heart to kill and maim Zhao Jiuge.

As for Zhao Jiuge, he was not tense at all. This was the first time he had used the spirit force from his grade-8 spirit core. He didn’t know how much power he had, but he was confident that even if he didn’t beat Bai Zimo, he wouldn't lose too badly. He hadn’t gone all-out like Bai Zimo had, and Bai Zimo no longer had spirit force to support him and couldn’t mobilize any strength.

Inside the dark-green light, the grade-5 spirit core exuded a dazzling light, but when Zhao Jiuge saw this, he sneered. He knew that this grade-8 spirit core was the strongest in the world and that there were only a handful of people that could match him. The difference between a grade-8 and grade-5 spirit core was simply too large. A cultivator with a low-grade spirit core could only stare dumbfoundedly at the spirit force density of a grade-8 spirit core.

This was also why Zhao Jiuge still couldn’t reach the Nascent Soul Realm. A higher grade spirit core meant that he could sweep anyone at the same realm, but the drawback was the difficulty of breaking through. In the record of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, there was even a disciple who had a grade-9 spirit core. He had swept everyone at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, and during the Battle Competition, he had even defeated Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. However, he was unable to reach the Nascent Soul Realm in the end and died once his lifespan ran out. He was filled with regret.

Zhao Jiuge felt some regret and anxiety because he hadn’t reached the Nascent Soul Realm yet. However, he felt very confident against Bai Zimo—he was confident that he could defeat anyone below the Nascent Soul Realm.

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