Book 3, Chapter 116 - Bai Family Reinforcements

After Bai Yang released his spell and noticed that San Wu hadn’t moved at all, he was completely shocked. He knew that his spell wasn’t the best, and he had also suffered no small backlash from it, but it was still a powerful spell. But in the end, this little monk wasn’t affected at all.

Inside the light, golden lotuses floated down. Although there was no damage to Bai Yang when they landed on him, the killing intent inside his body faded. His mental state was surprisingly serene.

Bai Yang refuses to believe this. No matter what method he tried, San Wu wouldn't move. At most, there would be a few ripples around the buddha image surrounding San Wu.

Bai Yang had no choice but to helplessly give up on these futile attempts. After all, he was just trapped and not hurt. San Wu also just remained unmoving.

“I already told you before, but you didn’t listen and forced me to use this. Now that you have had enough, you can calm down and rest.”

San Wu raised his brow and looked at the depressed Bai Yang with a smile that wasn’t a smile. The light reflected off San Wu’s face, making him look a bit divine.

This formation was created by Buddhists because they were filled with compassion toward life. It could only be used to trap others, and the user was also trapped with them. To anyone else, it would be a useless spell, but it was of great use to buddhist monks.

San Wu and Bai Yang’s exchange was an amazing fight, but it ended very quickly. After San Wu used this formation, both of them were trapped and unable to move, so the amazing battle naturally ended.

After hearing San Wu’s words, Bai Yang was filled with anger and ignored San Wu. He unhappily looked at the light curtain around him and wanted to continue breaking it. After using his purple origin fire, he raised the cane in his hand and smashed down. This time, he was smart enough to not attack San Wu and instead attacked the outer edge. Even if he couldn’t hurt San Wu, it would be good to get out of this mysterious formation.

However, the purple origin fire only sizzled and did nothing against the golden light. Bai Yang waited for the collision to try to find a moment of weakness and smashed down. However, he didn’t get the result he wanted. There was a dull thud and then the golden light quickly returned to normal like nothing had happened.

This time, Bai Yang was filled with frustration and gave up on the idea of breaking out. He was very depressed, like he had all this strength but couldn’t use it. Every time he attacked, it was like he had hit cotton. He was even more confused that there was someone as strange as San Wu in this world, someone who didn’t seek to destroy his enemies, only trap them.

Although their exchange looked slow, everything had happened in a flash. After a moment, the situation had changed dramatically. San Wu and Bai Yang had reached a stalemate and couldn’t affect the other two fights. Pei Su Su and Li Changhao’s battle continued to rage on. Once Pei Su Su took out her ace, Li Changhao became fatigued and was at a disadvantage. He could only be on the defensive.

Zhao Jiuge looked at Bai Zimo and mockingly said, “What other methods do you have left? You better show them now, or else you won’t have another chance. It looks like there is no chance to get any help from your two helpers.”

Now that the situation was in his hands, he naturally didn’t panic. Once the Bai family’s reinforcements arrived, they would withdraw. After all, even a powerful dragon couldn’t defeat the local tyrant.

Bai Zimo’s expression was very ugly, and he looked back at Qing Cang City. The crowd covered the gate and the city was bright, but he didn’t see the reinforcements he wanted. This made him curse at the two idiots he had sent back to get help.

Zhao Jiuge naturally noticed Bai Zimo’s actions. He smiled and sarcastically said, “Have you reached the point where you can only wait for others? If that’s the case, then I’m going to attack. Someone was clamoring about teaching me a lesson, but now it looks like I’m the one teaching that guy a lesson.”

For some unknown reason, the more angry Bai Zimo became, the funnier Zhao Jiuge found all this to be, and he wanted to provoke him more. Zhao Jiuge was no longer at the same level as Bai Zimo, so it was completely wishful thinking on Bai Zimo’s part that he could teach Zhao Jiuge a lesson. Zhao Jiuge found all this to be child’s play, even though Bai Zimo wanted to kill him, Zhao Jiuge had no intention of killing Bai Zimo. He only killed evil people, and Bai Zimo could only be considered a spoiled brat.

However, Zhao Jiuge was not that kind of person. Even if he didn't kill Bai Zimo, he was going to teach him a lesson. Otherwise, he would have been cursed at all this time for nothing.

Hearing Zhao Jiuge’s mocking words, Bai Zimo lost his mind from anger. He stared at Zhao Jiuge and said through clenched teeth, “Zhao Jiuge, I swear that I’ll kill you today. You better pray you don’t fall into my hands!”

“Hmph, you would need skills to do that.”

Seeing Bai Zimo revealing monstrous killing intent again and again, Zhao Jiuge’s expression finally changed. A hint of killing intent finally appeared in his heart.

Bai Zimo frowned and looked back at Qing Cang City. There was a hint of determination in his heart. He wanted to tear Zhao Jiuge into thousands of pieces. Another idea came into his mind, he had to make Zhao Jiuge stay!

After making the decision, Bai Zimo put away his flying sword and then closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he released violent spirit force fluctuations. The surrounding cultivators immediately looked over when they felt this violent spirit force.

Bai Zimo opened his mouth and spat out a dark-green light that floated above his head. If one looked carefully, they would see that it was actually a spirit core, the essence of someone’s cultivation. Bai Zimo had gone mad and released it with no regard for the danger.

Although the spirit core allowed one to use spirit force to its full potential, once it was damaged or taken away, it would be no laughing matter. What’s more, once it was damaged, it would be very difficult to nourish it.

The spirit core above Bai Zimo was only the size of a thumb—it was clearly a grade five spirit core. From its size and quality, it was considered a medium-sized spirit core. It emitted a dark-green light that was accompanied by lightning. It was clearly a spirit core that had been refined inside a spirit vein.

Zhao Jiuge was surprised by Bai Zimo’s actions. Most cultivators would not do so unless it was their last resort, yet Bai Zimo had just released it. It seemed like the hatred Bai Zimo felt was not simple.

But this wasn’t the first time Zhao Jiuge had seen someone like this. Even if Bai Zimo released his spirit core, Zhao Jiuge was not scared. He had a grade 8 spirit core, he just wasn’t stupid enough to expose it. Not to mention when he formed his spirit core he created a phenomenon

Bai Zimo stared at Zhao Jiuge with a gloomy gaze and coldly said, “You’re dead!”

Cultivators rarely took the risk of releasing their spirit cores, as it was the essence of a cultivator. Once stolen, you wouldn’t even have a place to cry about it. Something that contained this much spirit force was a good elixir for people. Some evil cultivators specifically target people’s spirit cores to cultivate. However, a spirit core was only useful to other Spirit Core Realm cultivators, so there weren’t that many who did this.

What’s more, this was Qing Cang City, the territory of the Bai family. Reinforcements would soon arrive, so Bai Zimo was not worried. He was just thinking about how to defeat Zhao Jiuge so that he could vent his anger.

“Mo Er, mo!”

Just after Bai Zimo released his spirit core, a dozen figures could be seen rushing toward the gate of the city. This group was being led by a middle-aged man who was shouting anxiously. However, he couldn’t fly inside the city due to the formation. His only remaining option was to try to run faster.

A surge of spirit force rushed out and swept toward Zhao Jiuge. The dark green spirit force was a wave dozens of meters high, and there were flickers of lightning that disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

Bai Zimo looked at this fierce attack and revealed a proud smile. He looked at the calm Zhao Jiuge and thought he was done for! Bai Zimo wanted to see how Zhao Jiuge would deal with his violent attack. No matter how powerful Zhao Jiuge’ Sanskrit Divine Body was, Bai Zimo thought it wouldn't be able to deal with his lightning attribute attack.

Zhao Jiuge also put away his flying sword back into his quaint sword sheath.

His hands formed a seal and the spirit force inside his body surged like a wave as well. Even someone far away could feel the powerful spirit force inside his body.

Zhao Jiuge had already decided that no matter what Bai Zimo did, he would do the same to defeat him. Since Bai Zimo wanted to rely on his grade-five spirit core, he didn't mind using his spirit core to crush him. However, he wasn’t stupid enough to expose his grade-eight spirit core—just borrowing its power was more than enough.

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